Pictured above is a local woman casting her ballot in the primary last August. Moffat County residents only have six days left to register to vote in the Nov. 4 general election.

Photo by Jennifer L. Grubbs

Pictured above is a local woman casting her ballot in the primary last August. Moffat County residents only have six days left to register to vote in the Nov. 4 general election.

Would-be voters on the clock

One week left to register for 2008 general election


Voter registration

Oct. 6 is the last day to register to vote in the Nov. 4 general election. Residents may register at the:

• Moffat County Clerk and Recorder's Office

- the Moffat County Courthouse, 221 W. Victory Way

- 824-9120

• Craig Driver's License Office

- 555 Breeze St.

- 824-5447

• Moffat County Social Services

- 595 Breeze St.

- 824-8282

• Dinosaur Town Clerk

- 333 S. Stegosaurus

Residents also may register through the mail by printing a registration form off the Clerk and Recorder's Web site at www.co.moffat.co.... and mailing to the address above.

Note that photo identification is not required to register, but all voters must present identification when they vote. Mail-in ballots must be accompanied with a photocopy of a valid photo identification card with the ballot if the voter has not provided identification before.

Residents have until Oct. 6 - six days from today - to register to vote in the Nov. 4 general election, which is shaping up to be one of the busiest elections for local officials in recent history.

The ballot will be one of the largest in memory, with 10 political races, nine judgeships and 18 ballot questions.

With all the names and issues - 18 ballot questions is a record for Colorado - Lila Herod hopes voters begin studying up on their politics soon.

"It could take people 30 minutes just to read the ballot," said Herod, Moffat County chief deputy clerk and recorder. "If people start going in there without knowing the issues, there could be some really long lines."

There also are 16 different presidential candidates, including those from such little known parties as HeartQuake '08 and the Objectivists, whose platform is based on the philosophy of author Ayn Rand.

This year marks a record number of presidential candidates for Moffat County voters since 1960, up from the previous record of 12 set in 2004.

The 2008 presidential candidates as listed on the Moffat County ballot are:

• John McCain/Sarah Palin, Republican

• Barack Obama/Joe Biden, Democrat

• Chuck Baldwin/Darrell L. Castle, Constitution

• Bob Barr/Wayne A. Root, Libertarian

• Cynthia McKinney/Rosa A. Clemente, Green

• Jonathan E. Allen/Jeffrey D. Stath, HeartQuake '08

• Gene C. Amondson/Leroy J. Pletten, Prohibition

• James Harris/Alyson Kennedy, Socialist Workers

• Charles Jay/Dan Sallis, Jr., Boston Tea

• Alan Keyes/Brian Rohrbough, America's Independent

• Gloria La Riva/Robert Moses, Socialism and Liberation

• Bradford Lyttle/Abraham Bassford, U.S. Pacifist

• Frank Edward McEnulty/David Mangan, Unaffiliated

• Brian Moore/Stewart A. Alexander, Socialist, USA

• Ralph Nadar/Matt Gonzalez, Unaffiliated

• Thomas Robert Stevens/Alden Link, Objectivist

(Editor's Note: In coming weeks, the Craig Daily Press will take a closer look at third-party candidates for president.)

For all the options, however, Moffat County has a history of supporting the Republican Party, no matter how many candidates were represented.

Only twice in the last 48 years have local voters turned in a majority for a presidential candidate other than a Republican: once, in 1964 when Democrat Lyndon Johnson earned 249 votes more than Republican Barry Goldwater, and again in 1992, when they gave the nod to Ross Perot, who ran as an independent and received 66 more votes than Republican incumbent George H.W. Bush.

This year's U.S. Senate race also has multiple candidates beyond Democrat Mark Udall and Republican Bob Schaffer, including Douglas "Dayhorse" Campbell of the American Constitution ticket, and Bob Kinsey of the Green Party.

If residents want to know what they're getting into, Herod said, sample ballots are available through the Clerk and Recorder's Office or on its Web site at www.co.moffat.co.us/ClerkandRecorder/elections.htm or through www.craigdailypress.com/news/election_2008.

What might ease congestion at the polls, however, is that the number of mail-in ballots requested this year - 900 - is by far the most the county has ever processed, Herod said.

For the 2008 Colorado Primary in August, she processed about 200 mail-in ballots. Herod's office already has exceeded its postage budget because of the interest in mailed ballots, she added.

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