Patrick Wayne Germond: Please vote yes on amendment 47


Amendment 47 is a right-to-choose amendment, conservative-style.

It deals with unions and whether or not you should be forced to join one if you want to work somewhere that has a union, like at a school as a teacher. It doesn't prohibit people from joining a union, it does not shut any union down. It prohibits the union leaders from mandating membership and money from employees. It puts the power of the union in the hands of its members directly.

If it passes, it will put union leaders on the defense. Leaders will be back in competition for the hearts and minds of the employees.

Some leaders have helped their members right out of jobs and futures. The autoworkers union in Detroit has put the pension and health benefit packages at such a high rate, that the price of a new car is in large part just to cover these expenses. It seems Detroit has lost its edge and global competitiveness. Other countries don't load up their product with social benefits from unreasonable demands. A little more reality, and some choice in this system may have left the autoworkers with at least something more reasonable along with a competitive product. Instead, their desired grasp exceeds their reach.

Many companies and towns have been shut down by union leaders playing brinkmanship with labor contracts. Some of these may have turned out different if the leaders who were demanding too much, turned around and found two-thirds of their members had quit.

Teachers unions in some areas have made it next-to-impossible to fire bad educators.

It has become a juggernaut, with its own members having little internal control. Our school's test scores remain low, and now we have presidential candidates pandering to us, saying they support rewards for good teachers. It shouldn't even be in that arena. We the people, on our local level, should have total control over county employees. Right now, union leaders have that control and not our local school boards. Good teachers would love to see the bad ones fired so they wouldn't have to play catch up the following year. Our children need their teachers to have a choice whether they want to be a member of a union or not.

Union dues go in large part to lobbying and Democratic Party donations. They force money away from their masses, then remove their freedom of speech by using the money to represent only one political side. It's coerced speech by using dues to misrepresent the individual views of many of their members. It's very heteromorphic, meaning it's deviated from the norm - that norm being freedom to choose and freedom of speech in America.

This is your chance, Colorado, to micromanage your own government and even your unions. Union leaders should lose the support of Colorado's people to back forced membership and coerced speech. Please vote yes for freedom and yes on amendment 47.

Patrick Wayne Germond



misterkindbuds 8 years, 7 months ago

Patrick, Patrick, Patrick ... where to start.

Choice is not a Republican principle. Ask Sarah Palin, who is against abortion, even in the cases of incest and rape.

On your blame of unions ... please name the companies and cities that were "shut down" by unions.

You are starting to think that Detroit has lost it's edge??

I hope you are kidding.

See Patrick, your generation has bankrupted the major industry players in this country (Detroit included), not unions. With some of the most top-heavy pensions in any industry, Detroit will soon be a thing of the past. The younger generation doesn't have the job security that the Germond generation had, due in part to all the retirees and their generous pensions.

See Patrick, it's not about trying to blame someone else. You should blame your own generation for not being forward-thinking enough to look to the future of transportation. Hybrids, solar, wind, turbine power could have all been implimented over the past 50 years, but your generation elected to sit back and collect.

Should I blame the unions when I have no social security left?

Greatest generation my arse.

It's not about unions, it's about anyone over 55 who is collecting a pension and s.s. without looking to the future.

I got mine, you get yours ... that philosphy doesn't fly anymore.

However, that's the spin Patrick has learned from Fox News, so we can't blame him.


lonelyone 8 years, 7 months ago

WOW, Patrick, you use some pretty big words there. You make some good points, but since I have no clue as to some of those words and their meaning, you lost me in there. Unions do good work too and they can also keep good people from being fired because they stand up to their bosses and maybe inform others of their rights on the job. And yes, they can keep bad people on a job too. We're not Detroit either, so don't bring their problems into something that Colorado is voting on. I don't think I've ever heard of a union in Colorado doing what you suggest has happened in Detroit and other areas of the country. I think many people in this country want to buy American made or Union made products, but many times they are too expensive. It is not always the unions fault that prices are high. The people who make those products want better wages and better benefits. They see the amount of money the company is trying to sell those products for and they want a piece of the pie too and in many cases the only way to get it is through a strike and the union allows them to do that without getting fired. And yes, because they possibly won that strike and received higher wages or benefits, the company then raises the price of the product again. High prices don't always come from a company being involved with a union, high prices can come about because of the bottom dollar and profit margin. The higher the profits the more a CEO can get in bonuses because he did a good job! Maybe in some of these companies you should be looking at not just what the union has helped to get the employees but also what the CEO is getting and maybe even the board of directors. How many millions in profit does a company have to make in order to statisfy those people? BUT, there again those are companies in other states and not as far as I know, in Colorado. Amendment 47 has nothing to do with those states, ONLY Colorado.......... I urge you to vote NO on 47,


Ray Cartwright 8 years, 7 months ago

Unions aren't just about a fair working wage they are also about making sure that the workers are safe and go home to their families and the end of the day. Unions are about making sure that a decient standard of living is provided for their memberships along with raising the standard throughout the community and I quote Mr. Cook: "However, the local coal mines and power plant aren't always the best friends of local businesses" Cook, who is the EDP board president and owner of Cook Chevrolet, acknowledged that much of his customer base living in Moffat County is here because of those energy operations, but he can't find a decent employee because the mines and power plant hire most of the good ones. (Daily Press Sat. Sept. 28, 2008) I certainly hope that the people in Ludlow Colorado don't turn over in their grave after sacrificing their lives for the right to Unionize and force the Big Conglomerate to bargain in good faith. In closing amendment 47 is not about your right to choose, the leaders cannot mandate membership, it is about your right to bargain in good faith, negotiating a fair and workable wage, and making sure that you have a safe work environment to work in.


Ray Cartwright 8 years, 7 months ago

Sorry about that I had more to say but didn't get it copied to my first letter Right to work has never been about being forced to join a union, it still takes a vote and 75% of the membership of the shop to make it a closed shop and the members are still not forced to join but they are required to pay "Support". State law does say that in a right to work state that even though the employee isn't a member of the union that they are still covered under the collective bargaining agreement and the union has an obligation to represent them even though they do not pay any kind of dues or support money. A right to work state allows for freeloaders to take advantage of Negotiated Contracts without have to pay any money for it. I worked in a right to work state prior to moving to Colorado and watched people take advantage of the benefits of their union contract and not have to pay a red cent for it.


bigrred1576 8 years, 7 months ago

I belong to a Union, I dont think I would want to work for the company I do without one. That being said, There are plenty of P A C Dollars that My union dues go to, that I would not support, and the Democratic Party is one of the bigger ones. If the current Demoratic Presidential Candidate gets in office, we will need alot more than any union to protect us from his taxation and good luck keeping ahold of your guns. The story has been written (see Revelations, in the Bible), he may not be the main character, but is leading us that way.


Ray Cartwright 8 years, 7 months ago

bigred, you have the right to opt out of your union dues going to PAC Dues.


lonelyone 8 years, 7 months ago

has anyone gotten their little blue books yet that talks about everything that is on the ballots?? these amendments should be in there with pros and cons. There is also a 49 and 50 something that deals with the unions and I believe trying to break them.


cantstandtexans 8 years, 7 months ago

Vote "NO" ON 47. Here's the bottom line. I've worked for companies with union...and those without. I have to tell you this....with the benefits were far greater and the pay far better than those companies without union representation. Now...the companies I've worked for without union wasn't as though the owners or corporations were hurting for money. Just the opposite! I haven't much time to comment...but to my point. With unions....we as American workers had a far better life style. Without? Things were/are not so good. With the demise of the unionized went the stability of this country. Just look at the Trade deficit for starters! I work for a company at present that we maintenance workers are not unionized. However.....the parent company workers are and we get what they get. And I'd gladly pay union dues for an aggressive union to help see that we has the ones making this company "Very Profittable"......share in the nice bottom line profit this company enjoys. And I shall point out, that one of the worlds most unionized country....Germany.....boosts a 60 billion dollar per year trade Germany's favor! Could it be that Germany's average salary for company CEO's make an averge of 10 times lower than a comporable U.S. CEO?! Yes...this is true! As is the average pay for CEO's in Japan. I dare say that these two countries have secure economies....maybe not perfect...but secure. Unions....YES!! for change this election year. McBush offers nothing for you and I. Yes...I know what McBush believes in...REAGANOMICS!! Trickle down my ass! And don't get me started on Palin.....a dimwit of dimwits she is!! Did any of you commenters catch Ms. Courics interivew with Sara Palin?!! Palin showed her utter dimwit in a very embarrassing way! And the GOP boosts she is ready to assume the office of President of the U.S???!!!!! O.K.....O.K....Back to unions.....Vote no on 47....VOTE FOR....HOPEFULLY...A BETTER FUTURE THAN WHAT'S TAKING PALCE AS WE COMMENT!!


Ray Cartwright 8 years, 7 months ago

Patrick you asked who was backing Amendment 47, I can tell you that one of the top backers is one of the biggest anti-union people in the US. Jake Jabs of American Furniture. I also believe that the Coors family is also connected in some way. The thing that gets me is they back it with their money but hired out the process of collecting signatures to get it on the ballot in the first place. The Food and Commercial Workers file a lawsuit saying that the law wasn't followed and the judge ruled that "yes the names were collected illegally" but he also ruled that he didn't have the authority to removed any of them. (what's wrong with that system). Yes 47 is a freedom issue; it is the freedom for representation and the right to form unions and the membership the right to close the shop so that all members have to support that representation. There is a reason that they call it "RIGHT TO WORK FOR LESS" Surveys show that states that have right to work have an average wage that is considerably less than the non-right to work states. I don't know how much research that you have done on this issue but a web site put out by the AFL-CIO explains a lot of things. Now I know that you could say that it is biased towards unions but if you don't research all sides then you can't claim that you are an informed voter.


oldgezzer 8 years, 7 months ago

while we're on the subject of amendments. vote no on 59 it's a tax increase in disguise. another tabor bill tactic. no more rebates to colorado citizens if the state over collects. the extra tax will go into a fund for p-12 education, but doesnt stop the gov from taking from the fund already there. what ever the overage is can be used to make up the differance taken from the original taxes already collected. the tabor bill is part of the reason our school district is in the shape its in now. the big city schools get the majority of the money collect by the tabor bill already. while they have underwater basket weaving, our school has to keep dropping programs right and left due to the lack of funds allocated to this district by the tabor bill. vote no on 59. vote yes to anything that abolishes the tabor bill so we can keep education money in this district.


slipknot 8 years, 6 months ago

Dentedfender: Just read your comment re: Mr. Cook not having any decent employees, I wonder how his employees feel about that. I think whether I liked my job or not if I knew he felt like that towards me I'd walk and find work somewhere else, anywhere else, just because of that jerks attitude. Union or not, he has indicated he has no respect for his employees and would pay as little as he can get away with. What a scuzwad.


grizl 8 years, 6 months ago

The Union has been a pain in my ass for years. I work for a great non U company, family owned. they union is fighting Hard to shut it Down. Good people own it. good company.


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