Jason Wilensky: Increased tax rate is understandable


To the editor:

The concern over an increased tax rate on retail goods to fund a recreation center for Craig is understandable during these troubling economic times.

However, a small increase of 1-cent per dollar can go a long way in returns for our community. By providing activities for youth, especially in those long winter months, it will help to keep them out of trouble and help to curb meth abuse, thereby decreasing jail and police use, legal fees and rehab costs, most of which fall on the taxpayer.

The facility will promote healthy lifestyles, thereby cutting down on medical costs for entire families and businesses. In bringing Craig up to date as a modern town and enhancing our sense of community, Craig will attract more families and businesses that add to our economy.

Not to mention all of the jobs it will create in building and staffing the facility.

No, it will not solve all of our communityËs problems and it will not solve them overnight, but it is a step in the right direction in creating a healthier and more prosperous Craig, which eventually pays back to all of us in dollars and in other ways.

If there are private donors who wish to aid the project, that's great, but we should not be afraid to invest in this town that we live and raise our children in.

I do, however, have to praise the concerned residents as being truly fiscally conservative, unlike vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who, as mayor of Wasilla, asked for $15 million dollars in earmarks from the federal government to build a sports center for a town of 5,000. We, the taxpayers, already paid the bill on their recreation center.

Jason Wilensky


taxslave 8 years, 7 months ago

This taxslave isn't paying to build this one.

Where are the hospital bonds?


Globe 8 years, 7 months ago

We've gone over this with you people time and time again, my 7th grader undersands it why don't you? It isn't about 1 cent, it's about a new "it's just one cent (or 1%)" every time you turn around. Put 10 of these "cents" together and $100 of every $1,000 you spend goes toward a tax. Between our Federal income tax, state income tax, sales tax, property tax, fuel tax, tire tax, lodging tax, utility tax, tire tax, tv tax, liquor tax, tobaco tax, state use fees to just drive around in the woods, permits to hang a picure fees, parking fees, licensing, etc. we are T A X E D roughly 35% of every dollar we bring in. So lets just add another 1 cent and call it 36% and then we can add just two new mills to our property tax and call it 37%. Why not its "just" two mills. It's called being nickeled & dimed to death. At some point you have say enough is enough.

A rec center isn't going to do anything to curb meth use. It isn't going to do anything to cut medical costs. Drug users and overweight people are not going to be influenced to make lifestyle changes because a rec center is at the end of town. They wouldn't make changes at gun point so I don't see how a rec center is going to help. If you think a rec center will make all the difference then you are very naive.

On Gov. Palin. If you think what she did was wrong in requesting federal funds to build their rec center then you are a space case and don't understand how the system works. In our very own community dozens of organizations along with the city and county request and receive millions of dollars each year from the federal government for pet projects. The hospital has done it, boys and girls club has done it, and the city and county does it for roads every year. Tax payer dollars from all over the state and US are being used to widen our highway going north. Tax payers who will never drive that road pay out major dollars in the form of our Federal Income Tax just so you can have an additional 18" of highway and keep you safe. That's the way the system works. We can't controll federal spending except in who we vote into office. A local sales tax IS something we can controll and is something we should seriously consider when the cost of everything we buy goes up every day. On that note, just remember that even though it is "only" 1 cent, when the price of what we are buying double, so does the impact of a 1% tax. Don't vote for something because it makes you feel good inside and will look nice, vote for it because it makes good sense economincally and from a practicality stand point. Go back and read some of the previous posts on this subject matter. If none of those arguments get through to you I would sugest contacting you doctor and getting your meds changed.


oldsage 8 years, 7 months ago

The nasty attitude of "what are you going to do, Go to Grand Junction?" is showing it's ugly head. Craig has over 7 cents per dollar tax on food and even Denver doesn't screw it's residents (Or Visitors) like that! The answer to the crappy little always buy Craig attitude (while we shop in Grand Junction) is yes, Rifle, GJ and any where else but Craig and don't be surprised how many business owners from Craig you see at Mesa Mall in Junction! Always buy Craig my fanny!


cforevereyez 8 years, 7 months ago

This is not "just" a penny of every dollar spent in Craig, it is a 45% increase in the Craig sales tax. A 45% sales tax increase to support ONE BUILDING in Craig. A 45% tax increase for a place to play, in these economic times, is unthinkable.

Exell Energy is warning consumers that their home heating costs will be up at least 12% more than last year. Qwest is asking the PUC for a hike in basic phone rates. When will it stop?

Nice try at making this a political issue, Jason. It shows me where your head REALLY is, and it ain't gettin much sunshine these days. You don't need a rec center, you need some fresh air.


xrsareus 8 years, 7 months ago

Tell you what, have all those kids that want to live a healthy life style go out and shovel snow for some elderly person this long lonely winter. Maybe besides getting health they can have a feel gool feeling for helping someone besides themselves. Summer also has lots of weed's and trash. They won't have time for meth....


oldgezzer 8 years, 7 months ago

wow now i've heard it all. industry and business are not going to move here just because we have a rec center. there are other factors: a good work force, transportation, and maybe most importantly A COMMUNITY THAT WELCOMES THEM. nor will people majically become healthier, they have to want to be healthier. there is plenty of recreation in this town that is barely surviving by the skin of its teeth, because of the lack of users. how can this community support a rec center when the ones we have are having trouble. perhaps we should look at communities like rock springs that have a beautiful rec center that was built without a sales tax. but by proper management of federal funds and the support of the mining and energy industry. its too bad it's always the masses that have to pay for the wants of the few.


WakeUpCraig 8 years, 7 months ago

Yes, Globe, I do think it's wrong to claim you are the champion of earmark reform while you ask for federal tax money to build a sports center. So it's O.K. that we don't want to pay for it, but we can make the rest of America pay for it. That's good judgment coming from someone who is so angry about taxes, no wonder we pay so much, while our country is 10 trillion dollars in debt! IT sounds like you have some anger issues, you might want to consider getting YOUR meds changed, or better yet, get some exercise.


taxslave 8 years, 7 months ago

stone sober here. I've been watching the financial hearings for two days with bernake and paulson.

This bail out gives them authority to tap the social security funds......this is amazing....we are a casino.

Paulson, "With all due respect sir, the American people are already on the hook". They've already tapped the Money Market Funds.

This article will clarify everything....

This should scare the heck out of everyone. I've been calling senators all day.

This is financial terrorism.


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