Democrats fund Wymore's campaign


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Residents can contribute to the campaign of Lois Wymore, Democratic candidate for Moffat County Commission, by sending funds to:

Lois Wymore for Commissioner

In care of Brian Baxter, treasurer

885 School St.

Craig,CO 81625

To find out more about Wymore's campaign or to volunteer, contact Wymore at 629-5243 or loiswymore@yahoo....

To find out more about Moffat County Democrats or to make a donation, contact County Democrats Chairman Ted Crook at 824-2089 or

Moffat County Democrats voted unanimously Thursday to support Lois Wymore's bid for the District 1 seat on the Moffat County Commission and will donate up to $500 for campaign expenses.

The group held its monthly meeting at the Boys & Girls Club of Craig, and local Democrats said they were excited to get involved with the upcoming election season. Brian Baxter, County Democrats treasurer, said this will be his first year with a hands-on role inside a campaign. He agreed to be Wymore's campaign treasurer, as well.

"This is interesting, hitting the active level," he said.

Baxter, a life-long political junkie, said he never tires of the theatrics and other numbing aspects in politics that can drive other people away.

After studying the political history of the United States, Baxter said he knows too much to be fazed by today's antics.

"No matter how upset I am about the half-truths and the distortions we have today, they are nowhere near as bad as what they used to be," Baxter said.

County Democrats Chairman Ted Crook is excited for the fall."We will definitely get something going," he said about his organization's commitment to local candidates, including Todd Hagenbuch, Democratic candidate for state House District 57, and Ken Brenner, Democratic candidate for state Senate District 8, both of Steamboat Springs.

Wymore said she plans to get the ball rolling soon, and she does not expect to lose.

"We're also a bunch of independents, too," she said after comments that Moffat County is a traditional Republican stronghold. Other County Democrats members agreed.

"I have never ever heard so much unhappiness from people who are such staunch Republicans," Laurie Hammel said. "I talk to people at work - people that never vote Democratic - but they sure hate what's going on."

Hammel said it wasn't just the national picture, but the economy and local current events, too.

Jo Ann Baxter, who is married to Brian, said she just wished the group had more to give to Wymore's campaign. Crook agreed, but had a mission for the group anyway.

"I would very, very much like to see Lois have 100 yard signs," he said, adding that making a decision to fund Wymore's campaign was, in his opinion, the most important thing the County Democrats did Thursday night.

Wymore began going door-to-door and speaking with residents last weekend. On her upcoming campaign slate, she expects to have a fundraiser and bake sale Sept. 27 at Alice Pleasant Park, where the community can come out and meet her.


timgelvin 8 years, 7 months ago

Lois Wymore would be a fair and strong County Commissioner. If I was still living in Craig or within the county, I would vote for my mom.


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