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At its Tuesday meeting, the Moffat County Commission:

• Signed a letter endorsing the Colorado Headwaters Invasives Project, which aims to control non-native plant species, including tamarisk and Russian olive. The county supports projects to dig up the plants, spray them with poisons and introduce nonnative beetles to control growth. In addition to those practices currently supported by the plan, the Commission said it would like project plans to push for using motorized equipment in designated wilderness areas in Moffat County. Modern machinery is prohibited in areas designated as wilderness by law.

• Waived the bid process for repairs to the Moffat County Ice Arena. The Commission decided the arena's compressors need work before winter to ensure a usable ice rink, and there was no time to go through a normal bid process. Tammy Seela, county Parks and Recreation Department director, said she had known there were problems last year.

• Approved a $7,895 bid from Pace Industrial, based in Canada, to work on ice rink equipment and fluid lines. The Commission also approved a one-year maintenance contract for $4,495 that will cover two site visits from the company to check the rink for other issues.

The Moffat County Commission does not want to abandon the idea of having a Dinosaur resident staff a Moffat County Social Services office in Dinosaur.

The last Dinosaur resident to work inside the office was Carla Roloff.

Roloff, 57, was arrested in June after an All Crimes Enforcement Team investigation of illegal drug sales in Dinosaur. She is charged in Moffat County Court with two counts of distributing a Schedule 2 controlled substance, a Class 3 felony.

Law enforcement believes Roloff sold methamphetamine, according to court documents.

Officials from ACET, the Yampa Valley's drug taskforce, allege at least one meth sale occurred inside the Social Services office.

Commissioner Tom Gray said the most important step going forward is not to disregard the option of hiring another Dinosaur resident, but to make sure the town has access to the highest quality services.

The commission approved a measure Tuesday that will allow Dinosaur residents to apply for a part-time position to run the office there in the next month or so.

Dinosaur Mayor Freda Powell had said she would want a Dinosaur resident hired for the office to ensure it stays open. She said other community services, such as a local judge, dissolved once Dinosaur residents moved on from their positions and Craig officials said they would drive there.

If no one in Dinosaur wants the position, or the Commission feels residents would be better served by Social Services technicians from Craig driving in once a week, then so be it, Gray said, but he would like to explore the local option first.

"My sense is: Dinosaur is a small place, and there may be people who are interested and there might not," Gray said. "We may not find anyone that is qualified, but then again, we might. We should at least let people apply."

Social Services Director Marie Peer said she supported the idea, and offered to continue to send specialized technicians from the Craig office to Dinosaur once a month.

"We could post who was coming when, so that people (in Dinosaur) would know when someone was coming for food stamps, for example, or for childcare," she said.

One problem the Commission sees with hiring a new staff person for the Dinosaur office is that there are fewer needs in Dinosaur than once believed, according to Social Services records.

Laura Willems, Social Services self-sufficiency manager, reported her agency has 20 clients in Dinosaur, and each time a Social Services employee from Craig visits the office once a week, they see about two to three visitors.

Roloff used to report about 30 visitors each month, Peer said.

There may be a way to give a Dinosaur staff person more to do, however, and at the same time provide more services to residents.

Lila Herod, chief deputy clerk and recorder, suggested Social Services and the Clerk and Recorder's Officer could split one person to offer both services in Dinosaur.

Moffat County Clerk and Recorder "Elaine (Sullivan) has been wanting to put a Department of Motor Vehicles office there forever," Herod said.

Sullivan was happy to hear that might now be possible.

"Oh, we have wanted to do this forever," she said. "It would be so much easier for the people there."

Roloff's case is currently ongoing. She is scheduled to appear for a status conference at 2:30 p.m. Sept. 18 in County Court.

According to court records, Roloff is represented by Public Defender Sheryl Uhlmann.

Jeremy Snow, deputy district attorney for the 14th Judicial District, has said Roloff is considering a plea agreement.

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