Councilor curious about recent robberies


Craig City Councilor Joe Herod wants to know more about two armed robberies that happened during the last few weeks in Craig.

At about midnight Aug. 28, a suspect thought to be male and wearing a mask and hooded sweatshirt robbed the Loaf 'N Jug at 2441 W. Victory Way. The suspect threatened the night clerk at gunpoint and left with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Price Mine Service, at 1665 E. U.S. Highway 40, also was robbed recently, but by knifepoint. No other information was available before press time.

Herod said he was worried about the community, and wanted to know why there wasn't more information available to the public.

"We've never had this problem," he said, adding he was alarmed that two robberies could happen and seem to fly under the radar.

"It should be front-page news," he said. "The community does need to be aware this is happening."

Leonard, who has spent 24 years with the Police Department, said armed robbery used to be unheard of.

"Up to five or six years ago, it was very rare," he said. "We just didn't have armed robberies. Then, we started seeing them. We are working with those businesses that are open 24 hours to prepare them for what they need to do in the event of a robbery."

Leonard added that both recent robberies are priority investigations for the Police Department.

Anyone with information that leads to the apprehension and prosecution of those involved in the crimes is to call CrimeStoppers at 824-3535. Callers may remain anonymous and be eligible for a cash reward.

Collin Smith can be reached at 875-1794 or


notmpoppins 8 years, 7 months ago

Joe - - Thank you for questioning this. How prepared is our police force to handle our changing community , for that matter to handle anything other than minor violations? Their response time in the past has been extremely slow, (1 hour to respond to an auto theft case), and usually ends with them telling the victim there is not much they can do, but they will take a report. Are we as a community really being "protected and served" or just "responded to and pacified"?


slipknot 8 years, 7 months ago

I'm going to try and restrain myself a little on this for awhile and see what else is said. Although we moved from Craig twelve years ago we remained in MoCo for three years before leaving the county completely. We still live in a neighboring county and we still love the western slope, we are far better served by our locals than we ever were by the MoCo Mafia. I recently had the opportunity to drive to Craig to make a sizable purchase from an equipment dealer there, and while waiting for 'dealer prep' I drove around Craig to see how much Craig had changed. . .not so much. The number of non-english speaking people in your Walmart and City Market seemed rather high not just hispanic, but middle European too. I guess I'd best get to the point. Has your local law enforcement grown in quality as well as in size? I know that most of those of you who respond to these blogs are dissatisfied with your DA. Now is the time to let your commissioners know how you feel, I know a couple of your county guys and they're good people. Vote and tell the lawmakers how you feel don't let this election be the same as the years gone past where everybody stays at home and complains.


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