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Collecting more ribbons

Moffat County 4-H members enter projects at 2008 Colorado State Fair


— Ribbons galore. That's what Moffat County 4-H members received on their general category projects after judging at the 2008 Colorado State Fair.

Each year, during judging at Moffat County Completion Day, some general 4-H projects are selected to go to the state fair where they're judged and displayed with other projects from around the state. Having a project selected to go to the state fair is an honor, indeed.

This year, four 4-H members received Grand Champion honors. Katryna Snowden won Grand Champion in Pickles, Relishes, Jams and Jellies, Unit 3, Senior Division. Her entry was pickled asparagus.

"My leader, Mrs. Debbie Wellman, takes her pickled asparagus to many 4-H events, including the 4-H Michigan Exchange trip," said Katryna. "Most 4-H members attest to the delicious pickled asparagus," she said.

"It's amazing - nothing better - so I joined Mrs. Wellman's canning group to learn how to make pickled asparagus," she said.

Emily Wellman didn't make pickled asparagus because she was enrolled in Unit 2, Canning and Food Safety. Her Grand Champion entry was canned blackberries and green beans.

Both Katryna and Emily belong to the "Can Can Girls" canning club.

Rachael Jones won Grand Champion in Senior Unit 2 Beginning Leather Carving. Her entry was a pegboard with samples of leathercraft, using various tools, and two finished projects using eight or nine tools and lacing techniques. A pocket knife scabbard featured a single flower design, and a checkbook cover had an elaborate flower design.

For Garrett Buckley, his Grand Champion winner was a saddle made from scratch. His project was entered in Intermediate Unit 7 Leathercraft, Making and Rebuilding Saddles.

With the supervision of his grandpa, Doug Meacham, Garrett built the saddle. He spent each weekend with his grandparents and worked all day Saturdays on the project. According to Garrett's mom, Wendy, it was an extra benefit that he got to spend quality time with Grandpa and Grandma Meacham.

And these four Grand Champions aren't all the awards received at the state fair. Other 4-H members and their honors are as follows.

• Intermediate Unit Artistic Clothing - Katelyn Peroulis, qualifying ribbon

• Junior Unit 2, Batter Breads-Hannah Beckett, sixth place

• Junior Unit 1, Cake Decorating - Brooke Krause, qualifying ribbon

• Junior Unit 2, Cake Decorating - Allie Dilldine, qualifying ribbon

• Junior Unit 3, Cake Decorating - Shayna Allen, 10th place

• Junior Unit 1, Entomology (Let's Learn about Insects) - Issac Chacon, third place

• Intermediate Unit 1, Entomology (Let's Learn about Insects) - Marlee Chacon, third place

• Junior Unit 2, Entomology (Learn More about Insects) -Mark Nava, eighth place

• Senior Unit 4, Advanced Food Preservation - Lyndi Wellman, sixth place

• Intermediate Knitting - Abigail Gonzales, sixth place

• Unit 2, Beginning Leather Carving - Natasha Sloan, fifth place

• Intermediate Unit 3, Leather Carving - Justin Hogue, 10th place

• Senior Unit 6, Pictorial Carving - Lindsey Yoast, sixth place

• Junior Unit 1, Woodworking (Measuring Up) - Jaycee Prather, qualifying ribbon

• Unit 1, Sport Fishing (Take the Bait) - Riley Allen, third place

• Senior Unit 2, Baking (Four Biscuits) - Ashleigh Santistevan, Fourth Place

• Senior Archery - Ciara Hickman, qualifying ribbon

• Intermediate Shotgun - Wyatt Oberwitte, sixth place

• Junior .22 - John T. Peroulis, qualifying ribbon

• Intermediate .22 - Natasha Sloan, 10th place

• Senior .22 - Miranda Blomquist, fifth place

• Dog Showmanship - Britni Harrington, blue and 10th place

• Dog Showmanship - Faith Santisteven, blue

• Dog Obedience, Sub-Novice B - Danielle Guinn, participant

• Dog Obedience, Novice A - Britni Harrington, blue

Hats off to Moffat County 4-H members who exhibited at the state fair!


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