Steering committee to continue seeking support, funding


Residents in favor of a Craig recreation center sent a clear message Wednesday night.

Although they will temporarily hold off on asking for tax dollars to fund the facility, they are still committed to making sure it gets built.

"The rec center will benefit the community," said Tony St. John, who sits on the steering committee.

At the Community Recreation Center Steering Committee's regular meeting Wednesday night, residents discussed what they could do to keep the project moving forward while waiting for more favorable economic conditions.

Finding funding sources other than tax dollars was one suggestion.

"I think it's really crucial that we do go out there and try to get some corporate backing, because that's going to show the community that we don't want to strictly depend on tax revenue," said Erin Miller, who is part of the steering committee.

Finding funds from the Department of Local Affairs was another suggestion.

Patty Hebert, 41, supported recommendations to hand out flyers about the center to get potential voters interested in the project.

Recent plans called for a 1-cent sales tax increase to fund a new recreation center.

However, asking residents who may already be feeling the impacts of a credit crisis didn't seem like a good idea to Dave Pike, Craig Parks and Recreation director.

"If we were on the ballot right now in November, it would be a joke," he said. "And nobody knows what it's going to be like in April."

Pike added that, at this point, he didn't know when the committee should put a tax increase before local voters.

Still, he said, "I'm not suggesting that we quit."


George Robertson 8 years, 5 months ago

"Pike added that, at this point, he didn't know when the committee should put a tax increase before local voters." How about NEVER!!!! What part of NO don't they understand???


grannyrett 8 years, 5 months ago

Dave, if you won't suggest they quit, I will. Please, all you guys, QUIT!


taxslave 8 years, 5 months ago

Dear Tony,

You can expect an additional 15% loss to your 401K for the month of October. The joke on Wallstreet is the 201K, soon to be the 101K. Expect these funds to be "nationalized". ....(taking real wealth and replacing it with paper IOU's), get it? the Social Security Trust Fund, Transportation Trust Fund.....all paper IOU's. Now they've taken your retirement money.

Do you still feel like raising taxes?

Btw, look at the city budget listed in the paper.....approximately 65% of revenue (off top of my head), goes to wages and benefits.

Now they want a pay raise and a tax increase.

Have any of you been following the pension funds for Colorado State workers...dum de dum dum..gone. They, meaning the "borg" will push to tax us to make up the difference. Some states mandate it.

Are you aware that Ritter has put a "freeze" on all new spending and projects. Home values in some states down 47%. Colorado is not exempt from this problem and neither is Moffat County. As soon as the market hits bottom and homes start selling (at a 30 to 40% loss), property taxes will be re-evaluated. And this is the good news.

Has anyone seen Ski Time Square? It's a disaster and SBS has been blackballed by the travel industry. Take a drive up there this weekend, go to the Tug Boat and look around. What a flippin' nightmare.

I was just wondering if you knew any of this.


Tax Slave


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