Lynne Herring: Obama a socialist


— To the editor:

I would like to tell you about a dirty little secret. I would like to introduce you and your readers to my husband and I. We are the "dirty little secret" because we have a "small" business.

According to Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, a business that sells more than $250,000 is part of the filthy rich unpatriotic (because they do not pay enough taxes). According to Obama, 95 percent of small businesses make below that magic $250,000. That is a lie. Go to the Small Business Web site and check for yourself.

Yes, our business does fall into that "magic number." However, Obama neglects to look at the whole picture in running a small business. All he is looking at is what the business takes in, not what the business puts out. By the time the small business owner pays his employees, pays his utilities, pays his overhead, buys supplies, pays taxes (and business taxes are 30 percent to 50 percent higher than that for the normal person), pays his property insurance and his workers' compensation insurance, pays his fees and his inspections, pays his gas for all business vehicles, what the small business owner takes home is probably many times less than you take home.

My husband and I have owned a mom-and-pop business in the community for 25 years. Our four children grew up working in the business. Today, my oldest son and my husband run the business. We have four employees and my 75-year-old mother is our officer manager/bookkeeper (her choice) because we cannot afford a regular bookkeeper.

My filthy rich husband and I worked very hard for many years before we actually went on a real vacation on our 25th wedding anniversary. But, according to Obama, we are again the filthy rich business owner who, under his plan, will be required to spread the wealth around.

The small business owner, by the way, is truly the only group of Americans who have a real health insurance problem. The small business owner has to provide his or her own health insurance. Owner-owned health insurance is big bucks. I mean b-i-g bucks. When you go to the hospital, things are up front. And we pay through the nose for everything.

So, when you pull that lever for Obama, remember: You will not be hurting the "Evil Oil Barron" or "Greedy CEOs" of this country; you will be hurting the small business owner who really is the backbone of this country.

Look around our community. Many, many people in this community own small businesses. We support this community and this country. These are not the people you will really be hurting when you vote for Obama.

If Obama is elected, when you drive around the community a year or so from now and see many "going out of business" signs in windows, I wonder if you will feel a tinge of guilt or remorse for voting for a socialist. Or does anybody really care anymore?

Lynne Herring



nikobesti 8 years, 6 months ago

Lynne, I can't believe you actually wrote: "The small business owner, by the way, is truly the only group of Americans who have a real health insurance problem." Are you that detached from your fellow Americans? Have you ever even talked to one of the millions of Americans WITHOUT health insurance at all? Jeez, it seems a bit insulting to me when you claim you're the worst off when many people can't even get treatment.

Let's stay on that subject, shall we? Do you know that John McCain wants to tax your insurance premiums? Right now, the health care premiums an employer pays are tax deductible. For example: Let's say a company employs 10 people, and all of them are insured. The average health insurance for a family is $12,000 a year, so the employer pays $120,000 for their health insurance. Since the McCain camp claims that all small business have profits of more than $250K because they would be hurt by the Obama tax plan, let's assume the company marginal tax rate is 35%, so the employer pays $120,000, but gets a $42,000 tax break.

Fast forward to a McCain presidency: The employer tax deduction disappears (i.e., the premiums are now taxed). This small employer suddenly pays $42,000 a year more for the employee health insurance. To counteract, the employees get a $5,000 tax credit. What is going to happen? The employer (with some justification) says: No, they get $5,000 from the government, and I have to pay more? That's BS. No more health insurance for my employees.

Next thing you see is 10 people trying to find health insurance on their own with $5,000 in their pockets. What do you think will happen if they find out that it costs them $12,000 to buy health insurance. meantime the employer enjoys an additional profit of $70,000 or so because he does not have to pay for health insurance anymore.

John McCain's health care policy is not only worse for employees, it will also hurt employers. Before McCain, Employer pays $120K for premiums and a tax deduction of $42K. Net cost to employer $78K. Net cost to employee: 0.

After McCain: the $120K are considered income for the employees and the employer must withhold employment taxes, 15.3%. Half of that will be paid by employer, half by the employee. 15.3% of $120K is about $18,360. Since the employer pays half of that, the McCain plan makes health insurance about $9K more expensive for the employer.

Conclusion: If health care costs are indeed a problem for your small business, Lynne, the problem will be exacerbated by McCain's health care plan.


cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

Oh brother!!! My HEART IS BLEEDING FOR THE POOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNER WHO WROTE THIS OPINION! Sounds to me you should have changed your type of business "YOU" choose to make an endeavor in. I have been in business several times and I can tell you....ask my ex wife and see if she's complaining about being a small business. She's a millionaire by the way...thanks to my foresight!! I'm not complaining you see...but if you aren't making any money...then why are you still doing what you're doing?! CHANGE!!

Further...are you saying that you do not deduct business expenditures/deductions? You say that Obama will tax the hell out of your business by selling $250,000+ in goods or services? What will be taxed is profits, not gross sells! So...after all the deductions you speak of, and if your business is a simple net profit taxable income or a simple corporation entity...then what are you complaining about? Do you clear after all business deductions over $250,000 a year?!!!!! Hell, tell me what business you're into! Even working 7 days per week if you do...that would be 4 to 5 times what the average American makes!!! Sounds very clear that you simply have a political mindset that anything outside of a Republican point of view is a venomous viper injecting it's death potion without regard to race...gender...age or religious viewpoints!

Your opinion Lynne Herring, is bigoted, extremely biased, warped and frankly, pretty obvious! You do understand that theres been only one democratic president in the last what?! 28 years??!!! ONE!!! And it seems to me that the Republicans were in total power for 6 of the last 8 years!! So whose to blame for your business ills...if there is any ills.

And Patrick.....get off it!! You are telling false information and perspectives. Ever since Reaganomics were introduced....and it happened...have you seen the money trail and where the money trickles? TRICKLES??!!!! Trickle down economics...and John McBush over the years has boasted that he wants Reaganomics to return?!!

Reaganomics ushered in a 3 trillion dollar federal deficit...Bush #1 spent another 1+ trillion in deficit spending....and Bush #2?! Need I say?! Now over 5 trillion...well...6 trillion because of the Republicans wanting less regulations for investment banks and you know the rest of the story. Yeah...Republican Presidents have been really great for us peeons of Americans!!

Get off the Obama crap! The same people that screamed for Dufus Bush for President with a helluva lot of help from Kathleen Harris in Florida in 2000 and Diebold in 2008...yes Patrick....there was a bloodless coup in the year 2000 using the elections instead of the same people are now SCREAMING for a McBush presidency. And now you and others are trying your damn best to convince others that Obama is gonna kill us all???!!! So to speak.

Stop....just stop these fabrications or repeating talking points gathered from Fake News or Rush's not working.


cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

And are correct with your figures. Just as the Medicare Prescription Plan past by a Republican dominated Congress....which by the way was a repayment to the Pharmaceutical companies that contributed to Idiot Bush's re-election campaign funds....and actually designed to help Medicare collapse since most Republicans want money and cannot see beyond their own self interests....but of course...most Republicans claim to be Christians and using Jesus as a focal point in political B.S. OH!! Wasn't Jesus the "Ultimate Socialists"?! OH HELL YES HE WAS! And to be a Christian is that you' Like?! there's a perplexing delima!!

As Republicans scream for no abortion no matter what....dis-regarding the health of mother or was there incest involve or rape etc....the Right chats...NO ABORTION!!!! But hell....we really don't care for the kid after it's born. JUST DON'T ABORT THAT BASTARD CHILD!!! Sounds pretty loopsided doesn't it!

Before any of you go off on me as if I'm anti-religion or such...I am not anti-religion...I'm anti hypocracy!!! But back to my point.

Karl Rove is back at his usual tactics....but thanks to him...we have Dufus Bush. And a majority of Americans have seen the light. That is why just about every poll shows a staggering loop sided advantage for Obama.

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! THIS COUNTRY IS ABOUT TO DUMP INTO A DEPRESSION MANY TIMES WORSE THAN THAT OF THE 1930'S!!! AND YOU WANT TO TRUST ANOTHER REAGANOMICS REPUBLICAN FOR PRESIDENT???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lynne Herring is bitching that Obama is a radical socialists?????????!!!!!!!!!!!! JESUS A. CHRIST!!! Even is Obama was a radical socialist....and he is would welcome a socialists government if it would repair our economy.....AND DON'T SAY YOU WOULDN'T!!!

You would.

Have you watched today's evening news? Yeah....let's have more Reaganomics!!


cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

Oh yeah...the McBush campaign worker claiming someone craved the letter "B" on her cheek after this attacker saw a McBush sticker on her car?

BOGUS!!!! And the McBush campaign gave suggestions that the "B" was for Barack.......liars...just complete liars!!


cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

Here's food for thought.

Of course the people don't want war. But after all, it's the leaders of the countries that determine policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denouce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing them to a greater danger.

Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trails

Again.......doesn't this have a samiliar overtone to it?!


huh 8 years, 6 months ago

patrick, i've been seeing you on here for a while and what you wrote first on here is pretty ignorant. even for you.

hoover was a laissez fair economist, kind of the exact opposite of what you think obama is. which is wrong too.

a tax increae for those that make $250K in profit is a lot different than a $250K tax increase.

then that stupid remark about his mother. i guess you didn't know that she has a PhD and spent time overseas working with the poor. you embarrass me.


huh 8 years, 6 months ago

jeez, you're ignorant.

what flaw did you point out, besides an incorrect comparison to herbert hoover, then a false characterization of his tax plan, and then an attack on single mothers?

you're so quick to accuse someone of blindly following obama, but maybe you have never taken the time to listen to him.

he's far from perfect, and it saddens me that i even have to make it clear to you i understand that. now, maybe you can take the same amount of pride and admit you don't know everything about obama.

where did the welfare comment even come from? you assume that because he's a democrat?


cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

Obama doesn't pal around with Ayers Patrick. That is a solid fact. Contrary to what the McBush campaign is trying to paint...contrary to signs I see saying...Obama is a terrorist....that is pure fabrication. By the way...check the fact...Sarah Palin rants and raves that she is a Maverick!! But do know that after she became Gov of Alaska....she practiced politics as usual. She appointed over 100 friends and friends friends for return of favors for support in her bid for the governorship of Alaska. BUT BY GOD....IT'S COUNTRY FIRST!!! Or is it the Country of Alaska first?!

And would not that make Sarah Palin an enemy of the United States? SHE IS ANTI-AMERICA!!! NOT OBAMA!! Read these facts.....this is the truth of the matter. SARAH PALIN IS A HOME GROWN TERRORIST PATRICK!!! FACT! But she does believe in a totalitarian style government.


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