Charlie Brown: Vote 'yes' on 58


— To the editor:

After reading and watching the ads on how to vote on Amendment 58 - the tax on energy companies - I find the ads wanting us to vote against this are very disturbing.

They say if we vote for this they will raise prices on everything, and hurt all of us - young, old and poor, all of us.

If they really care for us the way they say they do, why would they do this? I think it's just plain old greed.

They say they will pass through this tax. I have not noticed them passing through their big profits the past few years. These ads are supposedly sponsored by Coloradoans for a Brighter Future. They are actually paid for by oil and energy companies, most with headquarters outside Colorado, some even outside the United States. A major company in this area is owned by Canadians.

I am voting "yes" on 58.

Charlie Brown



nikobesti 8 years, 6 months ago

I agree with CB. Costs will not be passed on. First of all, Amendment 58 would pull the severance tax in Colorado in line with the other energy states (Wyoming and New Mexico currently have higher severance tax rates than CO). If a Colorado company wants to raise their prices like Amendment 58 opposition contends, they could not compete with other companies in the west. The fact is prices on oil are set by OPEC and prices on natural gas are set on the national commodities market. This was proven when Wyoming increased it severance tax. Oil and gas companies most definitely did not flee the state.

Time for the oil and gas industry to play on a level playing field. Yes on 58.


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