Brianna Myre-Wilensky: Country needs balance


— To the editor:

We are so caught up in words like ... gasp ... "socialism" that I think we are losing our common sense. The new charge of the Republican Party is that Obama's tax cuts for the middle class are "typical class warfare and socialist." The Bush tax cuts were also a redistribution of wealth, if that's how you choose to look at the tax system; they just favored the rich and redistributed wealth upwards.

An examination of the past eight years shows that the top 1 percent has become 15 percent richer and owns 90 percent of the nation's wealth, while the rest of the nation has become poorer. The average CEO makes 250 times the average worker, that's way more than in any other country (and I certainly wouldn't say they work 250 times as hard or are 250 times smarter). We also have the highest rate for childhood poverty out of all of the developing nations, yet we also have the most billionaires.

But here's the biggest problem: Capitalism doesn't appear to work when there is such imbalance. When consumers don't have the money to buy products, businesses can't make profits (hence, corporations from GM to Yahoo have had horrible quarters).

This quote from Roosevelt's fed chairman, Marriner S. Eccles, is a perfect analogy of capitalism losing when the people do, "As in a poker game when the chips are concentrated in fewer and fewer hands, the other fellows could stay in the game only by borrowing. When their credit ran out, the game stopped."

Because the economy is driven by consumer spending, we have been encouraged to stay in the "game" by using credit. As a result, credit markets are frozen because they are over extended and people can't pay back loans, which is collapsing banks and the stock market. Ironically, this imbalance has caused the loss of trillions of dollars and the most socialistic move in our country's history: the $700 billion bailout.

Also, how is the American dream, which is the right of all Americans, possible for those of us who can never get ahead because of high health care costs, energy costs, food costs, college expenses, etc., no matter how hard we work? I am not for socialism, nor am I for capitalism without regulation; but I am for "common sensilism." A healthy country and economy requires balance.

Brianna Myre-Wilensky



cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

Yes are correct. I would point out that Dwight D. Eisenhower the 34th president, warned America about defense contractors and the huge military industrial complex spending. This countries military spending is out of control. For what?! Intelligence departments are far more beneficial for defense purposes than supporting Raytheon or McDonald/Douglas or General Dynamics. When the doctrine of "The Project of the New American Century" was ratified by the inner group of the Fascist Right Wing or better known as the "Far Right"....the same political attitude as the Third Reich was created here in the United States.

Now...Herman Gehring was documented saying this...that the general populace of Germany was easy to fool...without the space to elaborate...just remember the general attitude of most Americans when you spoke out against this current corrupt administration after 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq. Back in the 1930's...The Nazi Party was viewed as patriotic...RELIGIOUS...and anti-socialists. Sound familiar? Looking at the unilateral military actions undertaken by Nazi Germany under the disguise as a just action for the preservation of the Father Land from outside threats (BOGUS!) and national security.....just examine this doctrine of the New American Century and see if this doesn't raise your eyebrows.

This country was lied to about the reasons America went into was bogus...COMPLETELY!! And McBush wants to continue this war until victory??!!! I have news for Johnny McBush.....the American people have already lost!! Most of Americans were dooped into believing in this war and McBush still insists that it was necessary??!! 4,186 U.S. military deaths since military actions began. FOR WHAT?! For a political ideology that is twisted and criminal beyond any of our wildest imagination!

Wake up the facts and the truth. More and more Republicans are waking up and swinging over their support for Obama. They see McBush as senile and not up to the task of president. And then what would you have? Sarah Palin??!!! This is what is sending a shiver down the spines of many Republicans.....they see Obama has having the right plan and foresight needed for these troubled times. And Obama didn't just have the answers sitting there...he asks the right people and has surrounded himself with people of sound judgement and understanding...both Democrat and Republican party members.

Things MUST take a different direction for this country....McBush just doesn't get it!!! Sarah Palin?! She doesn't even have a clue.....she doesn't even understand the Constitution!!!! And she believes in a Independent Alaska to boot???!!! Time for them to go! AWAY!!



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