Marcus Nielsen: Mine jobs dangerous


— To the editor:

I just wanted to state a few facts and opinions for the readers.

Mr. Cook states he can't compete with wages at the mines or plants, which is very misleading. I know of two individuals in the valley who are paid just as good, and one is paid more than the highest-paying job at the plants. I have been at the Fair and have seen this employee's boss bid on the employee's kids' animal and pay a very high bid to show his support and respect for this individual's hard work.

These jobs at the mines and plants are dangerous. People who do shift work take time off their lives, and women increase their chance of breast cancer. We have had an individual die in an explosion at a coal mine. These individuals should be paid higher wages.

So, yes, you can compete. It all depends on if you want the best or if you just want to fill your pockets.

Yes, I have bought a vehicle in the valley. I paid $4,200 more than in the city. I have purchased four new vehicles, which would cost an extra $16,800 in the valley. Our dealerships are getting better - my last vehicle purchased in the big city was very comparable in price to here, however I was paid an extra $3,000 for my trade-in, instead of the $500 they wanted to give me here.

As the old saying goes, shame on you for the first time I get ripped off, shame on me if I let it happen again.

Marcus Nielsen



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