Trish Snyder: Adults inappropriate


— To the editor:

After reading Kerry Alonso's editorial in Thursday's paper, I felt the need to expound on a few details.

I was in attendance at the game and witnessed first hand the "polite" manner in which the kids were asked to sit down. Profanity was used and pop bottles were shaken and sprayed at the kids. These were the actions of the adults (I use this term loosely), not the kids.

At every sporting event I have attended at Moffat County High School, the students have their own section and they normally stand through the game. The argument, "We paid for these seats" is not applicable.

You do not pay for a seat; you pay for admittance. Where you sit is your choice.

Hats off to the high school administration and staff that took the initiative and roped off the area for students at this past Friday's night game. This will be the same course of action for sporting events taking place in the gym.

While you ponder the reason kids act with disrespect toward adults, Ms. Alonso, take a good look at the fine example of maturity and courtesy extended to these kids at the homecoming football game. As Paul Harvey would say, "Now, you have the rest of the story."

Trish Snyder



kerrya 8 years, 6 months ago

Yes Ms Snyder, you were in attendance at that game. Unfortunately you only chose to get involved when the adults became angry at the kids' behavior and language. Where were you when we asked them several times to please sit down or at least step down? Where were you when they started the yelling and cussing? You weren't around then so you have no idea how it all started. We never argued that "we paid for these seats" we argued that we paid to watch the game. Big difference there. I realize that the students stand there, but in case you didn't notice it was a full house that night with a lot more people there than usual. And no, Ms Snyder, I do not have to ponder why kids act the way they do. It's because their parents act with just as much pettiness and disrespect and okay their behaviors. And those same parents are the ones who make snide and rude comments and give me filthy looks simply because my name was in the paper expressing an opinion. It seems as though I have been singled out for simply making an observation about the attitudes of our young people today. I have to wonder if Mr Mann is getting the same treatment as I? Probably not. In case you forgot or need to get your story straight, I was not involved with the pop incident or the cussing. I did yell at the kids to knock it off because it was getting out of hand. I also told some adults to chill out as well. But you wouldn't know that because you see what you choose to see. Do you know who was involved or do you even care? I doubt it. You, and others, have obviously found a target and I guess I am it!


eieio 8 years, 6 months ago

I was one of the high school students at the game. Yes it was a full house and yes some of the kids were cussing but it was only because the parents were egging it on. Normally we stand down there and do our own thing. This is OUR homecoming by the way. I was one of the students also who got some pop sprayed on them. Not all of us were cussing lady and some of us were asking our fellow students to stop cussing because there were children up there. So why don't instead of thinking that everyone is attacking you grow up and find your "Friends" that you were sitting with and hold them accountable also. No one was singling anyone out they were also making a point. Plus aren't parents supposed to act like role models? I do not beleive I heard any of the kids in the student section be mean to our principal. I know that the people around me (and I was the in the middle of the student section) did say "this is our home coming and we are not moving. Tell them to move." I do not consider this to be rude or disresectful.


buck523 8 years, 6 months ago

"This is our homecoming and we are not moving. Tell them to move" is not rude or disrespectful? You gotta be kidding me. True, this is your homecoming, but it is also the town's homecoming. There are many parents there of players on the field and I can guarantee you that this is also their homecoming. Moffat County kids are awesome, for the most part. But, the kids also have a sense of "self-entitlement" that is amazing. I don't know where this comes from, but it is irritating. The days of respecting adults/elders is over as most kids live in a "me" world that is entwined with an ever increasing sense of "instant gratification". So, to make my point....."EIEIO", that is considered rude and disrespectful. Someday you will have kids playing the sports and you may want to see the game......then think back if your attitude is rude and disrepectful or not.


lonelyone 8 years, 6 months ago

eieio, I don't think you realize that this is not just YOUR homecoming game. Anyone who graduates from Moffat County High School likes to go and support the team and sometimes they put alot of money into the athletic least they use to. I remember one of the first homecoming games we attended here and that was at the Jr.Hi field because the new one wasn't done yet. One of our local business men and some of his buddies got into a bidding war, if you want to call it that, for the football from the big game. This guy finally won it and it cost him several hundred dollars which went into the athletic department.
Yes this game is mostly for you, but the alumni play a very big part in it too. Which means they like to watch the game and do so without a bunch of kids standing in the way. Altho I see your point of standing up too. it should be a fun time for all and it appears that it didn't turn out that way at all.


grannyrett 8 years, 6 months ago

I didn't want to butt in, because I wasn't there, but homecoming is just that. It is called homecoming because many of the alumni "come home" to watch the "big game" It is Moffat County's "homecoming", not just for students, but for all of the past Moffat County students as well. That is why the stands are more crowded for this game than any other.


kerrya 8 years, 6 months ago

Okay eieio's daughter you are not rude and disrespectful huh? I guess it is okay to call someone you don't know "lady"? At least you didn't cuss right? You say you were in the middle of the student section so then you have no idea what was going on. Maybe you should have come to the back and heard your "Friends" use the f word to your principal and then you could have held them accountable. You may not have been involved that night but you are no better than they are by telling me to "grow up lady"? You have just proved my point.


citizensforgrowth 8 years, 6 months ago

Way to go Trish. Nice to see a school board member out there making us proud of our school with daily tastless commentary and behavior. Maybe next year we can have team condom tossing at the homecoming day parade. The winners get to sit in the "special section" at the game with you. Will you supply the pop?


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