Claudia Peters: Obama vote risky


— (Editor's note: This is the second part of a two-part letter to the editor. The first part appeared in Tuesday's Daily Press.)

To the editor:

For those who haven't been keeping up with Sen. Obama's rare appearances at his day job in the Senate, he proposed the Global Poverty Act, which would cost the American taxpayer $845 billion during the next 10 years. After which, I assume American taxpayers will need a Poverty Act to bail us out of the poor house after paying for all of this. But wait. He claims he'll only tax those nasty rich people for all of this. Folks, there aren't enough wealthy people in the entire Western Hemisphere to pay for all of this. Bill Clinton promised a middle class tax cut in 1992. The confetti hadn't been swept up yet from the inaugural balls when Clinton declared that things were much worse than he thought and the middle class would have to pony up for his spending increases. Can you spell dejà vu?

Obama was asked at a recent debate if would cut back on any of his proposed spending in light of the current economic situation. He couldn't come up with a single thing. I can tell you one area he plans on deep cuts, but I think he'd rather the public didn't know about it. He plans on deep cuts in our military and defense system. The world has never been as dangerous as it is right now, with America-hating lunatics in charge of countries possessing nuclear weapons. And he wants to cut defense spending? If you don't believe me, you can go to and enter Barack Obama/defense spending and hear him say this himself.

And I haven't even gotten started on his wealth redistribution plan, or the $800,000 his campaign has given to voter fraud group, Acorn, or his wife saying the souls of Americans are sick, but Obama will heal our souls. Perhaps that is why Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has called Obama "the Messiah." Yeah, that's not scary at all, is it? My soul is just fine, thanks.

I'd appreciate him keeping his hands off my soul, as well as out of my wallet.

Change? Oh, he'll change America all right. Vote for Sen. Obama at your own risk.

Claudia Peters



misterkindbuds 8 years, 6 months ago

Claudia, Claudia, Claudia ... where to start?

Just like John McCain claims to not be another W., Obama is not Bill Clinton. But I would take Clinton over Bush any day.

Michelle never said the souls of Americans are sick. That's a lie.

Our defense budget is insane, and the government has a "use it or lose it" attitude to the money they receive. Ask my buddy in Abu Dabi about how many jet skis and boats they bought with the $500k they received.

Defense money should be allocated to intelligence. Drones and unmanned bombers can save countless American lives.

This is 2008 and we need to prepare for the future instead of relying on the past.

Farrakhan is entitled to his opinion - even if it is of a Christian presidential candidate.

Even if Obama was a Muslim ... so what?

This is America, and it was founded on freedom from persecution of religion. Not Christianity.

If you don't agree with that basic American value, perhaps you are more like Farrakhan than you realize.


WakeUpCraig 8 years, 6 months ago

Misterkindbuds is right on! The saddest thing about the Republican party is that it has used people's patriotism against them. They have instilled fear so that they won't pay attention to Republican economic policy ,which has hurt the country and certainly doesn't benefit people like them. It's funny, if patriotism is such an issue than they should look into Sarah Palin's address to the secessionist's party earlier this year, or the fact that Todd Palin was recently a member. Remember this is a party that wanted to secede from the Untied States and whose founder said that , "hell is frozen compared to my hate for the U.S. government". But more so if you love this country so much you should keep an active interest in what's going on. Not just tune in at election time to be fed lies and distortions of fact, and certainly you should ignore e-mails that come from people as educated as you about the issues.


Wapitipoker 8 years, 6 months ago

Talk about risky. There's a 25% chance that McCain will kick the bucket while president. You want to leave Sarah in charge? Oh, wait she's white and her name is Sarah so it's okay!


cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

Oh hell yes!! Lets hear bobble head Palin repeat what a V.P.'s job is....she has gotten the job description wrong on four other occasions.....let's have a 5th she gets it wrong....AGAIN!!

I heard of some rather disgusting occurrences that took place the other day when Bobble Head Palin appeared in Grand Junction the other day. People walking up to protesters and threatening them with physical violence for supporting a black man. A old woman walking up to another protester and attempting to hit a protester with her cain and calling them a _ _ _ _ lover. Oh...but wait!!! When Obama came to the Grand Junction area...the Righties were out there protesting his arrival and to my knowledge....non of these Right wing protesters were threatened with physical harm!!

Point is....go ahead and show your intelligence and act like complete idiots just because someone is exersising their Constitutional Rights!! And so many of you Right wing believers rant about your Christian beliefs and call yourselves so damned patriotic!! As if you're some kind of Duper PATRIOTS!! Well...if you're so damned patriotic...then why do you want to take away the rights of others....EH??!! You profess to be a born again you act like Jesus lives in your living temple? I know some true Christians....and uh...they surely do not conduct themselves as most of the Evangelical movement.

McBush hs lost his mind....Palin is a contemptable hypocritical wantabe....after 8 years of you're Good Ol' GOP leadership in the Oval Office......McBush is a bitter old man....thinking "How can this relative new comer Obama be beating his ass...ROYALLY??!! Well Mr. John's because you sold yourself to the Old Guard of the GOP just to try and become the net president. Then you were told to select Sarah Palin just to get the women's failed again there as well. You are damned fed up with what the GOP represents....GREED IN THE HIGHEST FORM AND NO PROSPECTS OF ANYTHING DIFFERENT THAN WHAT'S HAPPENED THESE LAST EIGHT YEARS!!! Go home John've pulled out of other you have pulled out the money given to you by Coloradans and spending it for advertisments in other states and slashing you're spending here in Colorado!! GO AWAY!! And tell that ridiculous Palin to slither back to Alaska and take her belief in a independent Alaska crap with her!! I'll say this to Palin just as she did to the Alaska Independence Party......KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! shows alright!!


AltitudeAdjustment 8 years, 6 months ago

I've heard a lot about peole saying they won't vote for McCain because Palin doesn't have enough experience to be president if he dies. Well does Obama have eough experience either? I think Obama's only experience, and stop me if I am wrong, is that he has been a junior senator for two years. Before that he was a single term state senator (think Udall), and before that he organized community block parties and did fund raisers to buy pool tables for inner city clubs. A lot of people say Gov. Palin is unqualified to take the Presidency if McCain dies, eventough she has held an executive position for two years where she has delt with a cabinet, budgets, policy, etc. Senator Obama, while a nice guy, has spent over half of his two years as a Senator, campaigning to be president.

Does anyone remember the kid in highschool who got really good grades and was in debate club, etc. You always had one who thought they were smarter than the teacher and should be teaching the class. They often impressed some people because they knew the really big words, but they didn't have the wizdom, experience, or true knowledge to run the class. You see similar things in Obama. He speaks well, thinks he has the answers, but I don't think he really knows what it takes to be president, because all he has to draw from is his prespective of being outside looking in. When you boil it down, Palin has way more experience than Obama. She has a track record of getting things done (can anyone name a single thing Obama has accomplished as a Senator? Want the list of what Palin did in two years?) Maybe she doesn't have the Harvard degree, but few presidents in our past have had a Harvard degree.

Just some things to think about. I also believe that either candidate will do better than Bush has done. I think we have two decent candidates to choose from this year.


cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

The difference is...Obama is intelligent...Palin mimics. And don't overlook the fact that Palin was the mayor of a town smaller in population than Craig. Would the mayor of Craig, Colorado be qualified to step into the Oval Office if (AND WHEN) McBush kicks the bucket? Of course that would be a ridiculous scenario (Not that the mayor of Craig is unintelligent you see!) that won't happen. But what is the population of Alaska? Estimated around 655,000 or about 1 person per square mile of Alaska land mass. Population of the state of Illinois? 12,831,970. Chicago alone has over 2,833,000 people not counting the surrounding cities! So...think about this. Senator of Illinois vs a governor of a state that needs very little management. Hmmmmmm.....I wonder whose job is more demanding and requires an individual to keep sensitive and preveledged information to themselves?

Point is...Palin is a person who doesn't care for this country...she supports Alaska's total independence from the United States.....that is a fact. And to be fair....I wouldn't give a damn if the Union would dissolve. It's an out of control behemoth and divided so completely socially and politically, it disgusts me. But don't thump the podium and chat country first and God loves Republicans only, while don't truly believe is a United America!! Palin would be impeached if she would become president by default....McBush dying.

McBush sold out to the Old Guard of the GOP establishment.....Obama perfect? NOT! Intelligent and has common sense and a cool head? HELL YES!! McBush is ill tempered and completely set in his ways. Out of touch wouldn't begin to describe McBush's insight......he's a millionaire!! (Now how did a not so great of a fighter pilot get so much money???...!!!!) And his scare crow wife doesn't give a damn about you or I.....spending how much in one month on clothes and goodies? $750,000?! Oh yeah....the McBush's and Palin are just a couple of Good Ol' Joe Plumbers. NOT!!!


cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

And besides...Palin doesn't even understand nor does she read the Constitution of the United know....whose smarter than a third grader? Again...intelligence vs mimicking.


cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

I'll be in a week long partying mood after Dufus Bush gets out of the Oval Office and then placed on trail for criminal actions and the deaths of almost 4,200 Americans and the billions wasted on the Iraq war!! Dick Cheney? I bet he kicks the bucket before his trail...just as Kenneth Lay did. OH! THAT'S RIGHT!! There was some very suspicious circumstances surrounding Kenneth Lay's death. Just read the time delays and such. Yeah....Cheney won't go to see?


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