Our View: Flood of orange welcomed


Craig Editorial Board

  • Bryce Jacobson, newspaper representative
  • Jennifer L. Grubbs, newspaper representative
  • Bridget Manley, newspaper representative
  • Allan Reishus, community representative
  • Chris Runyan, community representative
  • Ken Wergin, community representative

On Wednesday night, parking lots at local motels might have looked a little more full than usual. "No Vacancy" signs were lit up. The grocery stores' lots featured more RVs than average. Local fashion suddenly trended toward camouflage, brown and bright orange.

These are familiar sights in Craig each October, as hunters flock to town for the start of rifle elk season.

There's a reason Craig is known as the Elk Hunting Capital of the World, and these sportsmen (and some sportswomen) are in the know.

Signs have been popping up around town welcoming the hunters, and we want to join that bandwagon.

So, welcome, hunters. Welcome to Craig. We hope you enjoy your hunt, get your elk, and later make plans to come back next year.

We also hope that the residents of Craig are nice and courteous to you and everyone in your camp or group. Our economy depends on your business, and we know that you expect nothing less than fast, friendly service as you grab breakfast, buy supplies and shop for souvenirs for loved ones back home, wherever that may be.

Around town, we hear hunters talking about how nice Craig is, how everyone is so nice, and we know that's why people do come back. Craig has a small-town feel and home-y atmosphere, but we also have the bountiful resources hunters need to get through the season. Whether it's spare or replacement hunting supplies, a place to process the meat, a grocery store to buy a frozen meal or can of beans to heat up back at the motel, a shipping business to send supplies or meat home, a ranch to rent a horse for the hunt, or shops to buy gifts for non-hunters, we have it here - and so much more, too.

With the economy headed downhill and gas prices headed even further uphill, there has been some worry and concern around town that this year's hunting season may not draw as many people to Craig and Moffat County. But the thing about hunters is that they may give up something because of the economy, but they're not going to give up getting their prize elk.

Most hunters plan for their hunt up to a year in advance. After all, they have to secure their animal tags, place to stay, equipment, travel and plenty of other details.

And we're glad they do put in the time, effort and money to get here.

Where else but Craig can you expect to see animal carcasses hanging from racks or trees in front of the local motels?

Not many places.

And we're proud of it.

We're happy to see the stream of hunters into Craig, and we welcome each and every one of them. Good luck this season.


cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

I'm not so sure that there is overwhelming support for out of state or even out of town hunters running rampant thru Craig. Case in point....illegally shooting game from roads onto private property and dragging the animal across the fence and on to the game processor. Yes, I have already heard from eye witnesses that confirm this. And it's just the start of the 2nd rifle season! Last year, a lady that works at the Maybell store related a phone call she received last season...the caller wanted to know why he and his hunting pals couldn't hunt a parcel of land. Questioning the caller because of a complete lack of intelligence from the caller...this lady further inquired this caller as to what the hell was he talking about. The caller said that a sign on a fence gave warning about trespassing and the phone number was on this sign. This lady insisted to this out of state hunter (HIS SPEECH BETRAYED HIM) that probably, the land belonged to the owners of the store and indeed it was private property. The caller insisted back that "By God, we paid our money for out of state tags and the deer were there for their personal taking, private property or not"!! And this is what the vat majority of Craig residence want?! Law breakers? Yes, they tolerate these people for money sake, and I'm not so sure that the economy of Moffat County depends on hunters alone. Yes, tourism brings in big bucks. I watch the tourists passing thru Craig every year and I'd bet that you have more over all tourists throughout the year....hunters are here for about 4 weeks...for the given archery, black powder, and the rifle seasons...but four weeks is the realy big rush. Think back to all the motorcyclists and there's a hell of a lot of those people, and all those camper trailers and such. What I'm saying here is this. It's evident to me and many others I talk to about this. We can sure as hell do without the many cheating hunters that watch far too much of hunting channels. It's all about the kill to a big percentage of hunters (And I believe most hunters will cheat just to fill a tag....but not all hunters, so don't say I'm saying that!!) And let's not forget the drunkards hitting the highway during hunting season. Did you notice the amount of state troopers and local law enforcement out on the streets Friday Night? We did. I'd say that the law wasn't after the locals. Would I want hunters to stay away from Moffat County? I'd say the DOW "SHOULD" restrict further the numbers of out of state hunters. I'm sure that Colorado residents would be glad to buy leftover tags...at least I woud hope....there should be more law enforcement out and about...looking for cheaters. Or at least let local residents take up the torch and have many of us out there...looking for cheaters, and call in to the real law. I'd volunteer.....there needs to be a cleanup of the hunting sport. You know this...and I know this. And I hunt folks.....but I do not cheat just to please my ego.


whispering_rain 8 years, 6 months ago

Oh yes to some point I do agree with you. I was just thinking yesterday who would bring this subject up on here. I am glad someone has. I live 15 miles out of town and I swear that EVERY out of state hunter hunts out this way! They not only take up the whole road on blind curves but they STOP in the middle of the road without no notice, trying to scope out a "big one" out of a small herd of nothing but does and babies, and several times have almost caused accidents. I am SO sick of them coming on a private road because they think that they can get to something from here. They don't care about No Hunting signs and they could care less that homes and/or a road are less then 500 yds away. I have had it with them, and I am not talking about every hunter so dont get me wrong. But I HUGE handful of them, and they all seem to be out of state, thet think that just because they "paid for a hunt in Colorado" that they are entitled to preferred treatment. Well they dont get it from me! Next time one stops in front of me without notice or takes up the whole road on a blind curve or even not on a blind curve, I will get their license number and turn them in. Do I sound to harsh? L


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