Scott Cook: Union statement wrong


To the editor:

I wanted to question/clarify Mr. Cartwright's letter. As far as I know, nobody at Cook Chevrolet has ever said that they "Love to Hate Unions." Maybe it was a typo on his part and he meant love/hate feeling about high-paying jobs?

During an economic development/State of Colorado seminar, I said that the high-paying jobs at the mines and plants were a "two-edged sword" for local businesses. We all have to compete for employees against these high-paying jobs at the mines and plants, but without those same high-paying jobs, none of us would sell anything! There was never any mention of unions. Mr. Cartwright is right in that every business in Craig depends on the people working in these high-paying jobs spending their money locally.

Scott Cook



lonelyone 7 years, 4 months ago

OH Cindylou, how little you know about unions. To you it may seem like greed. but how about the fact that they are increasing many other things that the union person is trying to pay for, just like the rest of are around here and the wage is not covering those costs. You may think it is only about health benefits, but many times it involves much more. AND there is no reason that McDonalds can't be unionized, if enough people voted to bring in a union, McDonalds could do nothing about it!! You may think it is the greed of the unions, but what about the greed of the CEO's??? How many millions are they suppose to get each year with stock options and all kinds of benefits, while the working man struggles to get by??? HMMM? What about that? Why don't you go to and check out what the CEO of Boeing is or was getting. If you don't care to go there let me help you out. These figures are for 2007: CEO's base salary.....1.8 million stock......4.8 millon options....3.7 million non-equity incentives.....4.3 million If he walks away from the company tomorrow, fired or leaves on his own, he recieves about 43 million dollars.!!!!!! If fired without good cause, that can be upped by another 5 million! NOW who do we feel sorry for????


als362 7 years, 4 months ago

Maybe if Mr. Cook would pay his employees a comparable wage as he is competing with, he could keep his employees on the payroll. But don't tell me that someone I know is very knowledgeable about union activities, is wrong when chances are he was never a union member.


CindyLou 7 years, 4 months ago

Did you know Boeing Corporation Employees are striking because they wanted a 15% wage increase and not the 11% that Boeing was offering? Employee benefits package was going to cost them an additional 15% and they told Boeing they would tolerate 0% increase, even as the cost of medical services is going up by a bizillion percent. They have been on strike for two months. The company has lost billions the employees have lost billions and all because they wanted to be paid $35 per hour and not $34.25 per hour. Time after time union greed drives the cost of labor beyond a sensible amount. Ten years from now Boeing will be building their planes in China because our unions and politicians hae made it impossible to work in this country. Tax them out of their minds because the big bad corporation is taking advantage of the little man. The nice thing is is that these union members will have nothing to strike about since McDonalds isn't unionized and that's the only job they will be able to find when Boeing pulls out. Good luck!


CindyLou 7 years, 4 months ago

I agree completely with lonelyone - CEOs who are getting paid bazillions of dollars to run companies into the ground need to be hung up and beat with a stick. But at the same time the masses feel that Yankee ball players and NFL quarterbacks are worth a 100 Million. We have tons of overpaid people in this country, none of which could teach your child algebra or take out your tonsils, so how much are any of us really worth? I believe in liveable wages and that dangerous jobs should be compensated, but at what cost to everyone else? If we paid everyone at McD's 25 bucks an hour, your Big Mac would cost you 10 bucks. Are you willing to pay that much? Most say we aren't and that is why Wal-Mart does so well, because they buy all their stuff from China where it is made by people who are happy to have a job that puts food on the table and a roof over their head. That's not saying that the US should be that way, but how much is enough?

Unions have their purpose and in alot of cases those purposes are not as relevant today as they were 100 or even 50 years ago. My uncle worked for a big Aluminum plant and his union struck over an insurance issue when he was 58. He never went back to work. The company brought in replacement workers and then a few years later shut the plant down. Now they operate a really big facility in South America.

Ag workers who make it possible to put food on the table make 750 a month in Moffat county, vegetable pickers are paid on their productivity in California, those working in the garment industry in the South make 10 bucks an hour. Is one job more important than the other? We tolerate low wages when we want something cheap, but when it hits us in our own back yard we make a stink. Think about that the next time you buy a gallon of milk or a shirt at your local store and complain about pricing.


lonelyone 7 years, 3 months ago

Again, you make some very good points, Cindylou. I've had talks with my husband that sound something like that. Yes many of us in this country want to buy American made or Union made, but we don't want to pay the price for those items! Which makes this issue a double edged sword for me and many people. I still would worry about my husbands job and those of many other people if they didn't have a union to help protect them or to stand behind them when certain issues happen where ever they work. That is one reason I will vote no on Amendment 47. Because without the union, many jobs have the potential to become dangerous in one way or another and without a union, if your employer tells you to do a job and you refuse because you think it's to dangerous or you've already worked 16 hours, then your out on your behind looking for work someplace else!! The union will stand behind you in something like that and help keep your job safe and you employeed.


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