Ruth White: Don't vote for Obama


To the editor:

Here is my opinion: I don't think Sen. Barack Obama should be president of the United States.

When the Wall Street crisis was announced to the world, he was more concerned about his debate with Sen. John McCain. He is not for the people, only for himself. Maybe he has his money in a mattress somewhere?

He finally went to Washington. Maybe Sen. Joe Biden and Obama's wife, Michelle, suggested he go. (The media) reported right away what McCain was doing, but it took several days to say what Obama did, and he is running for president of the United States?

He is going to "change things." The Democrats have control in Congress, and they blame the problems on the Republicans. Congress gives the president what they want him to have.

In 1999, former President Bill Clinton signed legislation greatly reducing regulatory safeguards. So the Democrats are not without blame. The president, Congress and the people were lied to about the war by the FBI, CIA and any other security agency involved. Maybe the Democrats wanted to get back at the Republicans for winning the last election - but the Democrats have only themselves to blame. They naturalized thousands of people and were sure they voted for Democrats - but they forgot to teach them how to punch the ballot to vote.

If they don't get it right this time, we may be counting votes until 2010.

I have never known any president who did everything right - nor everything wrong.

Be sure to vote.

Thank you.

Ruth White



taxslave 8 years, 6 months ago

btw....the bailout backage, if it was so critical, why did mccain sign it after 150 Billion of pork was added? Why did they add other issues in the first place if this was an emergency? America has been fleeced.

Didn't he say "no pork, I'll make their names famous".

What a hypocrite.


Really 8 years, 6 months ago

Vote the protest vote! You have to be kidding! That is what got W. elected in 2000 - too many people voted for the third party and pulled Democrat votes.


misterkindbuds 8 years, 6 months ago

Wapitipoker (I hope you poke them with an arrow) - very well put.


als362 8 years, 6 months ago

I have to agree. I believe that if he is elected we will be taxed to death. He has already stated he wants to disarm America, and cut the military, leaving us all open to any attack from any enemy.


taxslave 8 years, 6 months ago

I'm a NO vote for either one of them. You better believe Obama is going to raise taxes. He continually hags about the "Bush Tax Cuts". Those aren't Bush's tax cuts....they are the people's tax cut.....small business and corporation. Many of us here in Craig benefit from these cuts.....don't be fooled.

Obama doesn't have any money. Him and McCain can only spend what they take from us. Governments have no money.

It doesn't really matter anymore....the leading pension and 401K funds are stone broke with no recovery in sight. Unless Obama or McCane has trillions and trillions of dollars in their back pocket there is nothing they can do but RAISE OUR TAXES....both of them will. Politicians don't have money! They take it from the people.

McCane said he will tax your health and medical benefits provided by your the tune of over 12K a year. He's offering up a 5K medical tax break (per family), not individual. How does 5K compare to the 12K? If it's taken from one place it has to be replaced from someplace else.

They are both deceiving the least trying. Wake up craigites! You have four weeks left to see the light.

Vote the protest third party. We already have voter fraud confirmed in 12 states...Colorado is one of them.


denniallen 8 years, 6 months ago

Dear Ruth, You poor darling you just dont get it do you? When McCain went running back to Washington do you honestly think he was doing it to save the world from the worst financial crisis in history? He was grandstanding! Trying to make himself look important and relevant in a presidential race where he is looking less and less like an american hero and more and more like a spoiled brat who cant get his own way. He is resorting to one of the dirtiest campaigns since - well - since the last two Bush campaigns actually - and it is making him look like a nasty little old man. Ruth, when you go to bed tonight think about the type of America you want young american children to grow up in. Do you want an America that is admired and not ridiculed by the rest of the world - because thats what has happened under the last eight years of GOPS, do you want a peace -loving country or more war-mongering - because after all Palin wants to attack Russia - when she's not shootin' moose with her pal Joe SixPack, do you want a leader who can inspire, excite and produce new innovative ideas or a tired old man and a barbie doll who thinks a foreign country is Canada? Think about it carefully Ruth because the thought of a McCain/Palin administration is far more frightening than this financial crisis - and thats saying something.


denniallen 8 years, 6 months ago

And Als362 - what a lot of rot. Obama will not tax you to death, he will not "disarm" America - and he certainly wont leave America open to attack by your so called enemies. He will create a foreign policy that will bring peace. For heavens sake - Palin wants to attack Russia!!!!! Now if thats not starting WW3 I dont know what is. If you are able - read the fact sheets on comments and policies and you will see that the McCain camp twists, misleads and tells downright lies about Obama's comments and policies - once you have read them - then you might not make such stupid comments as you just did on this blog.


misterkindbuds 8 years, 6 months ago


This is 2008, not 1908.

Have you read Obama's economic plan? Any of you?

Do you see how green and natural power production applied to vehicles will be similar to the rise of the automobile in the 20th Century?

Unfortunately, John McCain doesn't. He is living in the past and is becoming quite demented.

He refuses to learn how to use a computer (in 2008) and speaks of change.

Obama is not going to raise any of your taxes - aside from the more wealthy people in the valley.

As an independent, I have found one of the major differences between the two parties.

Republicans want to know how legislation will help them. Democrats want to know how legislation will help their neighbor.

So for all of you "Republicans" who vote with your religion, you may want to read your Bible and absorb what it says about honoring thy neighbor.


DorothyMorris 8 years, 6 months ago

I refuse to vote for a Muslim. His first speech interrupting McCain, reminded me of O.J. Now with all the cheating getting voters to register over and over, what will the people believe if he is in office. It scares me. I'm afraid the other countries will run over us. DM


lonelyone 8 years, 6 months ago

denniallen, last I looked Canada IS a foreign country!! ;o) You all make some very good points and that is what makes it so hard to decide on whom to vote for. Both these guys scare me and both make points that make me think, "IF that is true then that is what I want", but neither one of them will be able to do much unless they have a congress that votes and agrees with them!


bigrred1576 8 years, 6 months ago

There is no serious third party candidate or I would likely support him, So I am voting AGAINST Obama. He's the one that scares me the most. Look at his stance on OUR Flag and the National Anthem, If he Doesn't Respect our Flag, (which I served and fought for) he isn't fit to be Commander of our Military Forces.


cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

You bet Obama is going to raise taxes!!! Taxes on Big Oil Companies that were given huge tax breaks......for what reason?? It's the "BUDDY SYSTEM"...THAT'S WHY!! Tax cuts that benefited the ultra wealthy and big contributors for Dufus Bush and Darth Vader Cheney...these are the ones that will see taxes raised. And besides...who in the hell is gonna pay for Bush and Cheney's wars? You know...the wars that were supposedly waged on the unilateral grounds of self defense? So McBush supporters...who's suppose to pay for all the money the current corrupt administrations reckless money grab for defense contractors that raped the U.S. Treasury with the blessings of the GOP??!!

Remember....the GOP held power not only at the executive branch...but the legislative branch as well!! for 6 of the last eight years mind you which said GOP WERE THE PRIMARY CULPRITS THAT are mostly to blame for this bogus war in Iraq!! NOT THE DEMOCRATES...UNDERSTAND??! Or is it that you Righties couldn't give a damn about the consequences we will have to suffer because of this current administration with the full support of John McBush?! HUH!!! You're so damned afraid to admit that the Republicans screwed up horribly and entirely for which most of you Righties bought into the BIG LIE as did some Democrates!!

Get off the moronic concept that Barack Obama is a're really listening far too much to that fat assed drug addict Rush Limbaugh and watching Rupert Murdoch's FAKE NEWS and all the host of said Fake News such as Shawn Hannity..Brit Hume...Bill O'Reilly....Neil Cavuto...and the rest of the Nazi Right propaganda ministers for the Right Wing!! They are full of lies and mis-information that is so far loopsided to the Right...Adolf Hitler would have envied Fake News and Companies tactics. AND SOME OF YOU PEOPLE BUY INTO THESE FABRICATIONS???!! OH that's just brilliant.....just wonderful!!

You can thank Dufus Bush and his puppet masters for destroying the GOP....McBush knows it's over....and these GOP Masterminds (???!!!!) sucked in this Sara Palin to wooo the votes of women!! Palin is a unknowledgable uniformed bobble head that all she's good for is a cheer leading job at some local high school. She's pathetic and a liar to boot, all the while claiming she's a fine Christian...of that she is not!!!!!

Remember this simple fact...those that screamed the loadest that Dufus Bush was the answer for this countries ills back in 2000...and voted for Dufus again in 2004...are the same die hards that are screaming the McBush is now the answer!! The last eight years is proof enough that another 4 cannot be allowed to occur....PERIOD!!!!


misterkindbuds 8 years, 6 months ago

Dorothy, I am afraid you are a bigot and a racist.

Let me prove my point: He is not Muslim. His father was from Kenya, his mother Kansas.

Growing up in Hawaii, he was known as Barry. Had he elected as a child to take his mother's maiden name, his name would be Barry Dunham.

Barry Dunham and Barack Obama are the same person.

Please explain what O.J. has to do with Obama?

O.J. Simpson is a convicted felon. Barry Dunham helps those around him.

Like I said, it's 2008, not 1908, and you need to move beyond your ignorance and racial bigotry.


Wapitipoker 8 years, 6 months ago

I can't believe you couldn't recognize McCain's campaign stunt for what it was! He didn't do anything to help with the bailout bill. It was a transparent attempt to make it appear that he cared or could actually do something. He didn't "hurry" to Washington. He took his time, had a CBS interview and showed up at the 11th hour to confuse things. Then he posed for photographs on the phone - Obama suggested earlier that he could take care of things by phone without going to Washington.

I think anyone with an open mind can see that one campaign is in the gutter and the other is actually talking about issues. Why would you chose the gutter?


Wapitipoker 8 years, 6 months ago

I just read Dorothy Morris' comments. This is an example of closed-minded bigotry that is hurting our attempts to grow as a nation. What does Barack have to do with O.J. - other than both have dark skin? Also, when you are debating someone and they lie about you, you are justified in interrupting them.

Barack is a Muslim? Come on people. Just because your brother forwards an email to you, doesn't make it true. I hope there are enough people out there with common sense and who aren't afraid to elect a noble, intelligent man because of his skin color or name. It's all about having some human decency and not passing judgement. You should have learned that in Sunday school.


Ray Cartwright 8 years, 6 months ago

I pulled up the sample ballot on the County Web Page the other day and I think my vote isleaning towards the Boston Tea Party!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

And besides....these last eight years does prove it's time to throw these GOP bums out right on their asses!! Are the Democrats without fault?? HELL NO!! Plenty of blame to go around regarding the "Royalty Minded Folks" residing in D.C!! But...there is a factor that must be figured into the future.

Now....this country is broke financially. Let's say this again...THIS COUNTRY IS FINANCIALLY BUSTED!! So...what to do? If this country survives into a new administration.....this administration will be facing very high transparency. And the massive issues WILL be addressed with full detail. Such as you may ask? Simple.

1) Energy. Solar, wind, bio fuels that will not overlap food for you or I. It's already proven. It just needs the support of government without the interference from Big Oil buying up patents and burying these proven bio-fuel developments. Yes...this is occurring!! This energy revolution will provide hundreds of thousands of jobs that create other new jobs that create other new jobs...see the connection?

2) Companies that want to employ Chinese workers over American workers will not like a Obama Administration. We have no choice!! WE must bring back American jobs for not only the tax base...but to balance the trade defiet. The huge federal defiet ties directly to 70% of our economy!!! SO STOP BUYING CHINESE CRAP!! OH...BY THE WAY!! With energy independence comes hundreds of billions of dollars NOT leaving this country and staying here to help create hundreds of thousands of jobs for AMERICANS!! NOT INDIANS OR CHINESE OR VEITNAMESE!! AMERICANS!!

There are other reasons this change will occur.....but let it be know....change is coming for our very existence as a United States depends on a massive swing towards a United country...or we will fall into another third world status.

McBush is too old and too attached to the real bosses of the GOP Right. He brings nothing to the table but a prolonged Iraqi war that has cost this country nearly ONE TRIILION DOLLARS!! And by the way...if a Democrat had caused this IRAQ WAR BLUNDER...YOU RIGHTIES WOULD BE SCREAMING FOR A FIRING SQUAD!! You know that's how you think and believe. So get off your stubborn high horse and tell McBush and Palin to shove it!!


freeman 8 years, 6 months ago

mcCain is not well enough to make the term,leaving palin to do the job,,,,,,i sure hope not..........the other night on late night it was showing a segment on osama bin laden with a muslim who they indentified as obama bin laden,,,,what a story


denniallen 8 years, 6 months ago

Having read Dorothy Morris's insane, racist, ignorant, ill-informed comments I cannot believe this is America 2008. For all Americans who profess to be religious and followers of the Bible - you would know that if Jesus was alive today he would be socialist for God's sake. He certainly wouldn't be a warmongering, greedy republican. And to that stupid man supporting McCain who dared to criticize Democrats for enrolling the homeless - for crying out loud - the homeless are citizins too!! They are entitled to vote!!!!!!! Just because they are homeless doesn't deny them their democratic right to vote of they want to! But then I guess Republicans think anyone who doesnt have money shouldnt be entitled to vote. Are Republicans really that ignorant?????? (Well...yes...I guess they are)


cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

To be sure..Jesus was the Ultimate were his Apostles and the followers of the Apostles Doctrine. That's right...the Apostles doctrine! Of course...they were taught things by Jesus they did not understand until the Feast of First Fruits....better known as the Day of Pentecost.

O.K.....this isn't a bible lesson. But to be sure...the hatred that so many so-called Christians vomit out of their mouths....."THESE" are not the disciples of the Apostles Doctrine!! But by God....we need to kill them thar terrorists!!! That's what Jesus would do according to the Late Jerry Falwell. OH REALLY MR. FALWELL??!!! Those McBush paid campaign workers attending rallys featuring Sara Palin screaming preach it and kill Obama or screaming Obama is a terrorist....yes...paid campaign workers for the McBush people to let their hatred flow out!! And of course...these are Faithful Evangelicals of followers of Jesus!! Like hell they are!!

So....spew your hate faithful Republicans....just as many Democrats express their hatred for Dufus Bush and the crap these criminals have committed. You bet I hate Bush!! I am still amazed that people believed such an idiot!! But they did by spreading fear with a heavy dose of fear!! Has the GOP game plan changed this election year? NOT ONE OUNCE!! The GOP has nothing but corruption as a result of it's tactics these last almost 8 years. So.....LET'S SPREAD MIS-INFORMATION...EXAGGERATIONS OF FACTS....LIES...HATE....DIVISION...IT'S THEM AGIN US'N'S!!!

And thank God there are those that are speaking out against this hideous and hypocritical attitude and doctrine of the deceived!! Right here in Craig!!

Ruth White.....get use to it!!! McBush is toast and Sara Palin has just been legally implicated in her abuse of powers in her wonderful TROOPERGATE!! Yeah...she's ready alright! Ready for her removal as governor of Alaska! And ready to slither her way back home to Wasilla!! Gez Ruth White....Palin claims "Country First"! But did know that her husband Todd belonged to the Alaka Independence Party? And Sara Palin herself addressed a convention of these United States haters...say..."KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK"! Yes..this is true. You have a up this info and read the mountains of reports and articles on this subject. Howbeit Sara Palin never actually belonged to the AIP....her open support for this movement is in itself grounds to brand her as a traitor against the U.S.A! And Obama isn't fit to be president??!!!



an3378 8 years, 6 months ago

Please don't believe everything that the media spurts out for they are only trying to get your attention be it truthful or not. If you do some research you will see that Obama wants to face the issues head on and not hide as John McCain does and will. I chose someone who will actually fix problems for the long term like Obama will do. McCain is about temporary fixes like Bush and that has not gotten us anywhere as can be seen as of right now.


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