Mychal Beauchamp and Megan Knez react after being crowned Moffat County High School's 2008 homecoming king and queen Thursday.

Photo by Hans Hallgren

Mychal Beauchamp and Megan Knez react after being crowned Moffat County High School's 2008 homecoming king and queen Thursday.

MCHS names 2008 Bulldogs homecoming royalty


If their newly crowned royalty status doesn't come with a personal assistant, Moffat County High School's 2008 homecoming honorees might need to look into hiring one to keep track of their appearances the rest of the week.

First, it was the bonfire on Thursday night; today, it will be the parade; and tonight, it will be the football game.

And don't forget Saturday's appearance at the dance.

Of course, being royalty does come with some perks.

"It was cool to have the crowd chanting my name," King Mychal Beauchamp said. "I was more nervous before I went on stage than when we were up there."

Queen Megan Knez said she just wanted to stay graceful.

"My focus was to make sure I didn't trip," she said.

Both agreed that being crowned was a surprising honor.

"It's nice to know you have the support of your class," Beauchamp said.

The royalty was crowned Thursday morning at the coronation in front of the MCHS student body. The festivities were organized by Student Council, which is in charge of the homecoming week.

Student Body President Becky Meek said the week has been a bit hectic but that the coronation was a definite highlight so far.

"We weren't able to get some of the things done during lunch that we had hoped, but it has been good other than that," she said.

Meek said she was looking forward to today's pep rally when the class sponsor of the grade that turns in the most pennies gets to pucker up to a pig.

"It's a pretty competitive race with the pennies," she said. "I don't think any of the teachers particularly want to kiss a pig."

Other homecoming honorees were: senior attendants, Dani Kawcak and Sam Leonard; junior attendants, Jasen Kettle and Jasmine Higgins; sophomore attendants, Karissa Maneotis and CJ Walt; freshmen attendants, Colby Haddan and Kelly Ciesco; honored alumni, Nancy Bohrer and Mike Anson; honored faculty, Robin Weible and James Neton; and honorary alumnus, Todd Reece, who was in Iraq.

Homecoming nominees were: seniors Andrew Field and Allie Liljedahl; juniors Matt Linsacum, Brodie Schulze, Kailee Greenwood and Lindsey Yoast; sophomores Nathan Chapman, Michael Miller, Mary Penner and Lauren Roberts; and freshmen Skyler Leonard, Jordan Field, Ryan Zehner and Jodi Hoeland.


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