Carol Valera Jacobson: I'm ready for change


To the editor:

About this time every four years, I get a bit baffled and bewildered by the onslaught of information, misinformation and biased attack ads leaking through television, radio, print media and the Internet about political candidates, amendments, initiatives and referendums.

There is so much out there to absorb that I no longer know what to believe about the presidential candidates, Obama and McCain.

I think about the questions a friend asked me: How is my life better under the last eight years of Republican rule? And what am I afraid of if Obama is elected? If McCain is elected?

I think about my life in Craig in 2008, as a businesswoman, landowner and citizen.

I am opposed to the war in Iraq and the one in Afghanistan; too many young men and women are dying for ... oil? world peace? revenge? world destruction?

The worldview of the U.S. is not so good; it seems that we are seen as a bully.

U.S. currency is so devalued that Americans cannot afford to travel abroad.

China, a rapidly developing economy, is sucking up lots of the U.S. supply of concrete and is buying U.S. firms/farms/technologies at record rates.

I pay way too much money for gas (although, until I'm paying what the world average is, I'm not sure I can complain).

I am very concerned about ice: ANWAR, the shifting north pole, the melting sea ice around Antarctica.

I, regrettably, under Republican rule, have had to learn what waterboarding is, where Guantanamo is, and have taken a hard look at what passes for our justice system.

So, is my life better?


Food and fuel prices are increasing. The wars go on, and we are facing an historically catastrophic financial crisis.

Do I think one man (and a V.P.) will make a difference? Yes, but only if he surrounds himself with the best and the brightest. McCain's choice of a running mate has me wondering if he can do that.

I don't think Obama is a wonder-worker, but he seems reasonable, smart and even courteous. And, though courteous may not be the first quality we want in a president, it seems like a good first step back toward civility.

I think I'm ready for something different.

Carol Valera Jacobson



Tencman 8 years, 6 months ago

What is sad it that this presidential election has become like the voting process on American Idol. That is how it has been packaged for sale if you watch the news, read the papers or look around the internet. "Cast your vote for the Song and Dance Man that can talk pretty or vote for the Wise Old Story Teller with a chip on his shoulder." These are our finalist to pick from according to the Media. I don't see Obama / Biden running the country should they get elected. I see Obama and Pelosi running our country and it scares me. Back to fighting for gun ownership and Political Correctness running amuck again. Being pushed to be in step with Europe's thinking instead of them being in step with us. I know it's been 8 years since we had to deal with those items much but I don't want to return to that era again. There has to be a balance of power without any single political party running our government. We've seen what occurs when that happens. When the campaign promises fade and the feel good speeches fall to reality, that's when you see who we elected.


cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

I am gonna bet that Pelosi isn't around much longer people. There's gonna be many changes coming after the November elections....if elections are held by the way. Never ever discount the possibility of shenanigans happening before November 4th. Oh?! You say that won't happen?! There's still many unanswered questions regarding 9/11...but that isn't the topic of this opinion comments.

Ask yourself a question. McBush having health issues...and he has plenty of them....Do you really want a Air Head running this country? There is a Air Head sitting gin the Oval Office as I comment. His name is George "ALFRED E. NEWMAN" Bush. Palin is the ultimate bobble head. She claims to be a Christian but beats the drums of hatred at rally's and seems to condone screams of...KILL OBAMA or GET A ROPE....and so on. Palin a Christian?! I think not!!!! Palin seems to endorse the Alaska Independence Party...and the completely despise the U.S.A!! And she trumps the slogan...COUNTRY FIRST?! What country? The country of Alaska???!!!!

Guns aren't gonna disappear under a Obama administration. What I find disturbing is the watering down of our 4th Amendment rights....which a large majority of Republicans voted for by the way! This government can ow claim you're a terrorist and can search your house for weapons and take your guns without any justification...just a accusation that you're a home grown terrorist and you're toast!!!

Examine how Big Oil gobbles up renewable energy inventions and/or techniques.....and many say we need to turn them loose off shore...with no returns of oil reserves for a minimum of 10 years???!! In ten years...this country will be foreign energy free...but the Grand Old Party Old Guard cannot allow this to them...oil is freedom!!! would be if we had hundreds of billions of oil...cheaply had that is...and we were exporting millions of barrels of oil daily. You know...just as Russia is doing these days??!

Yup!!! It's time to kick out the Bush's and Cheney's and the Gramm's and Rumfelds and Abrams...and on and on and on.....

Vote for change this year. And McBush isn't gonna do that for us.


lonelyone 8 years, 6 months ago

Can'tstand, the only thing I can say against your comments is that if you remember your history, At one point in time there were many Christians who use to scream get a rope when they delt with Blacks who wanted equal rights and long before that when they thought someone was a Witch. All those people concidered themselves Christians. Remember the KKK? I'd bet all those people concidered themselves Christains! Just because Sarah Palin may say those things or tolerate them being said at her rallies, doesn't make her a non Christain, it just makes her someone we may or may not want to have in the White House in any just depends on who you are and what party your for!!!


CindyLou 8 years, 6 months ago

Change for the sake of change is stupid. Vote for Obama because you believe all the stuff he says he can do he will. Or vote for McCain because you believe he will do what he says. The fact is, both men will tell you what ever you want so they can get ellected. When day one of their term starts both will back peddle and make excuses as to why they aren't able to do what they said they would. So forget about what they say and vote on character. If you vote on character, there is a clear choice in the matter and his name isn't Barry Soetoro (the name Obama had before he changed it to Barack). While McCain isn't the perfect choice, it beats the alternative.


lonelyone 8 years, 6 months ago

Cindy, you make good points. I've always felt, as I'm sure many others do, that they will say almost anything to get your vote. I just hope that some day we actually see one elected that will do just that! Keep his word, practice what he preaches and all that. But as I said once before, they are only as good as their cabinet allows them to be. They can make all kinds of promises and have the best intentions to keep them, but if their cabinet bucks them at every turn, there isn't alot they can do about it.


cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

Sara Palin is a hypocrite...plain and simple. She claims to be am Apostolic Pentecostal type believer. But uh...I've known many of these condone the behavior of people at rallies for gain sake is hypocrisy to the hilt!! Besides that...she has no substance but that of a high school cheer leader.

Now...I could go on to say that anyone that buys into Palin's B.S....because that's exactly what she spews out is B.S.....I 'd have to say that I have some ocean front property in Arizona for sale...CHEAP....if you believe Palin's ridiculous rhetoric.

As lonelyone pointed out....a president has to surround himself/herself with honest advisers. What McBush as done is turn his campaign over to the Old Guard of the GOP. Insider Republicans acknowledge this and they know that McBush has just about played out. He has flipped and flopped and flopped and flipped backwards and forwards...mostly backwards all through this current election campaign.

After this last eight years and trillions of dollars gone...let alone over 4,000 U.S. soldiers and tens of thousands injured or crippled for life in a bogus war that McBush wholeheartedly supports with rigorous enthusiasm, claiming this war just for reasons of national security. The Iraq war was a unilateral war of greed and because of the doctrine of "The Project of the New American Century" If you don't understand what that doctrine is and the implications this fascists belief wi rain down on this country...why are you commenting for support of McBush? Do you really believe that the Iraq war was a war of necessity??!!! You need to stop listening to Right wing propaganda if you do and start digging into the truth from non-biased information. It's out have the internet...USE IT!!!



cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago you understand that to be energy independent would stop this massive financial hemorrhaging of our country plus cut off huge amounts of money from terrorist supporting countries such as Iran...Lybia...Saudi Arabia..and of course...Russia? And why pray tel CindyLou...did John McBush vote against renewable energy time and time again? Why would any honest person...believe that Big Oil companies deserve huge tax breaks? WHY??!!!! Because they are having difficult times and the Republicans feel sorry for them?...???..!!! WELL??!!

Hell no Obama is no Messiah. I've have no doubt that Obama never ever even eluded to such a ridiculous perspective of himself. But he is cool headed..level headed...INTELLIGENT...and he does see issues as you and I see them. Now if you think a crusty over the hill person with a grumpy attitude and a air headed lady that has no idea what the hell she's doing plus she believes in a independent country of know...COUNTRY FIRST!!!! Then by all for McBush. You probably voted for Dufus Bush the last two presidential itself should tell you that it's time to examine you're political upbringing and indoctrination. And besides all this....Obama has enough electoral votes with states the bean counters know Obama will take...state by state by state after state and more states going for Obama.



cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

However Patrick...there was plans within the Third Reich that had the U.S. craved up into districts. There was plans on the table for the overthrow of this country by military means. And Japan was simply part of this plan.

Of course you know....the U.S. was already fighting Germany with it's "Lend/Lease program agreement with Great Britain. And supplying England with food....weapons....OIL...planes/trains/ships....this country was at war with Germany. And...if Germany had developed the A would have been delivered somewheres on the east coast. U Boats were sinking many merchant ships loaded with military hardware headed to England. Make no mistake....Germany had to be destroyed....unfortunate for many German's that really understood they were under a fascist regime and were pretty much powerless against such a powerful brainwashed SS and the German military, plus the Hitler Youth. Very disturbing!!

But what needs to be this unilateral attitude of the current administration. Google up this. The Project of the New American Century. This doctrine was written by Paul Wolfowitz and the belief of a invincible national of superiority. That the U.S. would dominate the world thru military power and total control of space around the earth...outer space military know...satellite and military delivery vehicles by...for a lack of a better word....Star War type weapons. Intimidation and controlling the Mesopotamia area...OIL!!!! And where is the U.S. military now stationed? Iraq...Afghanistan...Saudi Arabia (sort of)...and Iran right in between!! Where does most of the earths oil come from? You got it!!

So....I see McBush as a total continuation of this's frightening in many ways. Remember this statement..."You're either with us, or your against us"!...George W. Bush. Was for a time, if you spoke out against this idiot, you were branded a Muslim supporter....I tell you this....I kicked the ass of a couple of the modern Hitler Youth!! I mean kicked their asses good!!! I don't have to defend my patriotism....I totally believe in the Constitution and a free America. But I WILL fight fascism...even to the death.


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