A year, plus 99, in the making


Craig memorabilia

Craig Centennial merchandise, such as hats, T-shirts, mugs and coins are available at varying prices at the following locations:

• Craig City Hall, 300 W. Fourth St., 824-8151

• Museum of Northwest Colorado, 590 Yampa Ave., 824-6360

• Craig Chamber of Commerce, 360 E. Victory Way, 824-5689

Residents should call ahead to make sure of availability.

The Centennial Committee plans to make a small run of limited edition prints of Deanna Messing's watercolor painting featured on the Centennial event poster. The prints would be signed by the artist and numbered, and available for pre-order only. Ordering details will follow.

About 100 years after the Gerber family first settled near Craig, Arloa Gerber found herself attending one of the final meetings of the Craig Centennial Committee.

The Centennial Committee has spent the past year planning for Craig's 100th birthday this year, including a community barbecue that Gerber helped organize.

It was one of a series of events that have stretched throughout the year.

How did it all go?

"It was great," Gerber said.

Her favorite event?

"Probably the Brothers of the Brush," she said, which had men around town grow out their facial hair for several months without shaving, though complaining was optional.

All together, the Centennial Celebration was a success, said Dave Pike, city Parks and Recreation Department director.

Despite the event's total cost being about $18,000 more than its $95,000 budget, community interest brought up revenues $36,000 higher than anticipated.

"I think the whole event, the whole feeling showed the community was more into this than we ever dreamed," committee member Beth Gilchrist said.

The meeting wasn't only about the past, however, as committee members planned for a new time capsule to open in another 50 years.

Expected items to store inside include a Moffat County High School yearbook, written predictions for what life will be like in 2058 and a series of "day in the life" photos that show Craig as it is now.

The committee plans to put so much stuff in the next time capsule that members said they'll need to seal everything in a beer keg to fit it all.

The committee will meet at least one more time at 7:30 p.m. Nov. 12 at City Hall for a time capsule update. Plans are to have everything ready for burial by Nov. 18.


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