Ray Cartwright: Amend. 47 hurts us all


To the editor:

In support of Mr. Wilson's letter, here are some facts from the "Bureau of Labor Statistics":

1. Statutes prohibit employers and unions from voluntarily negotiating a union security agreement.

2. Federal law requires unions to represent nonmembers so dues-paying members are forced to subsidize union services as stated in the National Labor Relations Act, formerly the Wagner Act.

3. An average worker in a right-to-work state earns about $4,830 a year less than a non- right-to-work state.

4. Hispanic union workers earn, on average, $207 more per week and African-American union workers earn $175 more per week than nonunion members.

5. Union women earn $144 per week more than nonunion women.

6. Right-to-work states have a higher poverty rate and infant mortality rate. Schools also get, on average, $1,680 less per pupil. Average teachers' salaries are $6,943 lower, and ACT scores are 3.55 percent lower.

7. Workman's compensation benefits are less in right-to-work states, and workplace deaths and injuries are 41 percent higher.

8. When workers earn higher wages, consumers have more money to spend, leading to more jobs and less unemployment. This data is published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Businesses like Cook Chevrolet have a "Love to Hate Union" relationship, but without the higher wage scale in the valley because of the union at Trapper Mine, Tri-State, Hayden Station, Safeway, and other unions in the valley, their sales of vehicles would be much lower.

As you can see, Amendment 47 doesn't hurt just the unions, but it also hurts the schools, health system, small businesses, city, county and every individual in the state in one way or the other.

Ray Cartwright



als362 8 years, 5 months ago

Congratulations Patrick. I was hoping you would see the light. Thanks


Ray Cartwright 8 years, 5 months ago

Patrick, I thought that you were just another one of those people that once you get something in your head there is no changing it by the way that you dropped off the face of the earth for a short time. Now I would like to see an editorial from Bryce recinding his support for Amendment 47. I do know that Tri-State has agreed not to support it along with several business' throughout the state. But of course Jake Jabs and most of the Coors family will never agree to do that. I say most because there is ONE member of Coors that is against 47. Something to remember when you are ready for your next purchase

That offer for coffee still stands by the way.


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