Valerie Rohrich: Clean up your garbage


To the editor:

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in highway cleanup with an organization in the community. Many such organizations devote time to help keep the city of Craig and entrances to the community cleaner. Much time and energy goes into this project several times a year.

My complaint is not with the project but the fact that much of the garbage comes from members of the community. Although I realize that some can be attributed to those passing through the area, I was surprised and disappointed to find many items with names of Craig residents.

This is our home, and we should take pride in keeping it as nice as possible.

Please take the time to put a bag in your car to hold your trash. And before you through something out the window of your car, please remember that this is our home.

Thank You.


Valerie Rohrich,



als362 8 years, 5 months ago

Several years ago a county wide junk and trash law was attempted. It was thrown out by the commissioner in office at that time. Perhaps now is the time to try to get it going again.


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