Dave Pressley: Purely coincidental


To the editor:

After reading the front page article in Thursday's paper, "Pumping the Economy Dry," I found it very interesting that by lunchtime, gas prices in Craig had dropped 8 to 10 cents a gallon from the day before. That same afternoon, my wife and I went to Steamboat and lo and behold, for the first time I can ever remember, Craig's gas prices were lower than Steamboat's.

Hmm ... purely coincidental, I'm sure.

Dave Pressley



whispering_rain 8 years, 6 months ago

I had the same thought when I read the article and went to town to find gas had dropped, alot. Not just a penny like normal, but ten cents! Coincidental....Ummm Maybe....but I think not


cantstandtexans 8 years, 6 months ago

Let's look at it from another angle. Does it cost more or less money to deliver gasoline to Grand Junction ( Or Steam Boat Springs!!) than it does to Craig...or Meeker...or Rangely?! Gas in Grand Junction can now be had for at the lowest price....about $3.49 per gallon of 85 octane. That's..as of Saturday...30 cents per gallon less than in Craig. Let's pull some math here.

5,000 gallons of 85 octane delivered = and extra $1,500 dollars for delivery to Craig verses Grand Junction?! I don't think so...for I know gas cost less in Steam Boat Springs than here in Craig. Unless there's some secret pipeline delivering gas to Steam Boat Springs via pipe line...bypassing Craig altogether...instead of having to truck the commodity in. Again...I'm screaming....FOUL!

You know...there's no restrictions by law, that forbids any of us from making our own ethanol and combining this ethanol to gasoline and thereby telling oil companies and the distribution hogs to shove it!! Oh sure...we would still need 15% of the gas we now currently use for blending with ethanol......or...you can run 100% ethanol. Internal combustion engines do last considerably longer by running 100% alcohol than gasoline. Engines run cooler and cleaner by burning ethanol you see.

There is a revolution coming people. A energy revolution. Big Oil and their minions know this......and by God!! They know they cannot stop this from happening. With electric cars coming on line...quickly by the way...let the revolution begin! G.M.'s new "Volt", which promises 150 M.P.G. after the batteries run out of stored power....just hang on people....gas will get really really cheap! But for the Oil Barons across the world? So Sorry Charlie!!! Your days are numbered!

As for the owners of Craigs gas stations...whether convinence stores or the few gas only stations...I'm not accusing these of price fixing....well....on the other hand....maybe I am. Someone or some group of people knows these answers. COME ON ENERGY REVOLUTION!!!


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