Our view: No excuses accepted


Our view

We must honor our veterans and show our gratitude to them all year.

At a Veterans Day event held at Moffat County High School, turnout was down.

Sure, it was raining. Sure, we all lead busy lives. Sure, we may have other ways of honoring veterans.

But we on the Daily Press Editorial Board are hopeful that everyone who did not attend did find their own way to remember the men and women who give so much to our country.

Veterans can be adults of any age. Whether they served in a war, other military operation or during peacetime, their service should be celebrated all 365 or 366 days of the year, not only on Veterans Day, or at a formal ceremony.

There are so many ways of showing our respect and gratitude, from the big and involved to the small and ordinary.

One board member makes sure to shake hands with veterans she meets. That's a very simple thing to do. She also buys veterans a drink on Veterans Day.

Another simple thing is buying a Buddy Poppy, which supports disabled veterans. The cloth flowers are made at VA hospitals by the veterans who benefit from their sale.

A little bit harder thing to do, especially in tough economic times, may be donating money to the VFW or American Legion. However, both organizations hold bingo fundraisers. Simply participating helps these veterans groups out.

The hardest thing to do may be donating our time to attend events or just to spend time with veterans - but it can mean so much to them.

And although we encourage honoring veterans throughout the year, the board also likes seeing that they do have a special day set aside.

We do wonder a couple of things about Veterans Day, though.

We wonder if this holiday should include a paid day off from work, but only for veterans; or if there should be school on Veterans Day. Why it is not one of the holidays that warrant a day off? How about a Veterans Day parade?

A majority of the board does not think that Veterans Day events should be mandatory for schoolchildren; it should be voluntary, as for adults. However, the purpose of attending such an event - civic responsibility - must be instilled in children at home.

Honoring veterans is one of our duties as citizens. We may not always agree with the decisions made by those commanding them - as is our right, which they defend - but we always must agree with their service and show our appreciation for their sacrifice. No excuses will be accepted.

Happy to see county follow city's lead

The Moffat County commissioners followed the Craig City Council's lead. They publicly commented earlier this week at their meeting that they would be open to the possibility of government incentives for new companies that would create primary jobs and foster growth in the county.

In our Wednesday editorial, we applauded the City Council for their willingness to consider this option, which would enable smart, controlled growth.

We extend the same kudos to the commissioners. Thank you for showing open-mindedness on this issue.


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