Debbie Knez: Daily Press coverage disrespected President-elect Barack Obama


To the editor:

Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2008, was a day of American history in the making. It was a major historical event that our children will no doubt be required to learn about in school.

The Steamboat Today shows his picture as front-page news. The first paragraph states, "Barack Obama swept to victory as the nation's first black president Tuesday night in an electoral college landslide that overcame racial barriers as old as America itself."

The Craig Daily Press shows some voters clapping, and the first paragraph states, "Moffat County bucked the national and statewide outcome of Tuesday's presidential election, supporting the Republican candidate for president by more than 70 percent."

How totally disrespectful can you get? To place our future president's picture on the back page of our town's one and only newspaper was, in my opinion, not only totally rude, but also discriminatory. With Moffat County being "70 percent" Republican, does anyone seriously think that John McCain's picture would have been placed on the last page if he had won this election?

I heard that the reason President-elect Barack Obama only rated the back page was because the editor of the Craig Daily Press had a rule that only events that pertained directly to Moffat County were rated as front-page news. Well, I'm pretty sure that the Democrats, 30 percent of Moffat County, who voted in this election also are members of Moffat County.

This election not only will affect all Moffat County residents, but also our state and our nation, as a whole. I think it is shameful and truly unprofessional that the Craig Daily Press chose to be so disrespectful to our nation's future leader.

And just for the record, I did not vote for Barack Obama.

Debbie Knez



lonelyone 8 years, 5 months ago

nik, I don't get how "they" get their figures. No where that I can remember does it ask what race I am on a ballot? Not saying your wrong with your post, I just wonder how they come up with their figures?


mfbbf 8 years, 5 months ago

What's disturbing is that people actually think this election "overcame racial barriers". Racial divisions were never more evident than November 4th. Just ask the millions that "voted their color".


rhammel 8 years, 5 months ago

If ya got it, flaunt it. We may only be 30%, but we will be growing.


nikobesti 8 years, 5 months ago

Please note two things, mfbbf. First, not many more black Americans voted for Obama than usually vote for the Democratic candidate.

Percentage of black vote for Democratic presidential candidate:

1984: 90% 1988: 86% 1992: 83% 1996: 84% 2000: 90% 2004: 88% 2008: 95%

Secondly, more white Americans voted for Obama than we did for Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton (in 2000), Gore, or Kerry.

Percentage of white vote for Democratic presidential candidate:

1984: 36% 1988: 35% 1992: 40% 1996: 43% 2000: 42% 2004: 41% 2008: 43%

(I'm getting this info from here:

Obama won predominantly white states like Iowa, Colorado and Nevada (as well as the usual states that go Democrat that are predominantly white like Oregon and Maine). If you ask me, that's a pretty good example of "overcoming racial barriers".


serenity9701 8 years, 5 months ago

It does seem that, in this case, the Daily Press is pandering to the "majority of the county's population" (or, more likely, the paper's advertising customers) than presenting this historical news...which has huge global an objective and impartial manner. Good or bad, news is news; whether the publisher or editor like the outcome. Let's go ahead and prove to the world that Craig is the last outpost for the narrow-minded.


2KG 8 years, 5 months ago

I'm really surprised that no one has made a comment about the pictures that did make the front page of the press today! We must feel very comfortable with the drug problem in and around Craig.


nikobesti 8 years, 5 months ago

lonelyone: These data are not from ballots. They're from exit polls, where people give all kinds of personal information. Google it. They've been around forever and are pretty accurate. Follow that link I posted. This is not a conspiracy. ;-)


cantstandtexans 8 years, 5 months ago Republicans sure are terrible losers!!!! In all my years and after a let's many presidential elections? A few....I've never heard such belly aching and moaning and groaning and some being desponded...even depressed. those that voted for Bush or even're not up in arms about these last eight years...which by the way...because of the criminals in the White House. Need I point to the bleak economic disaster looming right in our faces or the loss of our 4th Amendment rights and the Patriot Act? And you're not screaming mad about that?!!! The 2nd Amendment isn't going away but what's the 2nd Amendment without the 4th Amendment??.....!!!!! NOT MUCH!

You know it and I know it....the Daily News editors/publishers are sorely upset about this why is it that you Reeeeeeepublicans are so stink'n ticked off????!!!!! Address that issue first. This country is in dire straights buddy...and you can blame anyone that voted for Dufus Bush and Company.

Amazing isn't it? Moffat County voted a majority for McBush. Routt Country voted a majority for Obama.....wheres most of the money at between these two counties? So the people with lots more money voted for Obama.....doesn't that say something? Hell yes!! Because they're afraid of losing all that money and they understood that McBush and Bobble Head Palin were another disaster waiting to happen!!

From what I hear.....most people that voted for Obama aren't out there with their thumbs on their noses waving their fingers at the same time. Most just saw the way the Daily News decided to address the president elect as a very obvious slander towards against our supposedly Democratic system of choosing a president. Where do you suppose the picture of McBush and Dumby Palin would have been if they had won that election? You know where you would have seen it......PAGE #1 BABY!!!


emery bear 8 years, 5 months ago

oh yea i forgot to remind your insufficient memory (cantstandtexans) I am not a Republican...


emery bear 8 years, 5 months ago

and since the daily press, unlike the main stream media, has decided not to be in the obama tank it will print what it wants, since it still believes in freedom of the press...


maverick 8 years, 5 months ago

Well, when he earns the front page by actually doing something, he will deserve it. It's no worse than how the press treated Bush all these years. For example, Barack just appointed Hillary. That's like the blond leading the blind.


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