An end and a beginning

Moffat County 4-H Achievement Night marks end of 2008 season


2008 Moffat County 4-H Achievement Night results

The following lists partial results of the 2008 Moffat County 4-H Achievement Night held Nov. 7. The remaining results will be published in Monday's Craig Daily Press.

Outstanding 4-H leader: Joanne Roberson

Best photo awards:

• Mikayla Quinn, junior

• Will Pilgrim, intermediate

Supreme Market Swine: Andrea Maneotis

Supreme Market Goat: Whitney Wilde

Supreme Market Beef: Angelo Raftopoulos

Member Year Pins

Five years:

• Brooklyn Barber

• Casey Barnes

• Garrett Buckley

• Nick Cammer

• Brianna Combs

• Allie Dilldine

• Erica Dilldine

• Taylor Duzik

• Kayla Hall

• Ciara Hickman

• Tyler Hildebrandt

• Ashley King

• Darren McLaughlin

• Cheyenne Ossen

• Tiarra Schroeder

• Kendal Snyder

• Brook Trail

• Curtis Tuck

• Mark Tuck

• Brice White

Eight years:

• Call Camblin

• Cody Coupe

• Daniel Green

• Angelo Raftopoulos

• Terra Rieser

• Bryanne Runnion

• Taelor Stagner

• Ashley Summers

Nine years:

• Austin Blomquist

• Chelsee Camblin

• Makayla Goodnow

• Justin Hogue

• Karissa Maneotis

• Nate Moon

• Katryna Snowden

• Stetson White

• Jessica Wiseman

10 years:

• Jessica Hogue

• Krista Shaffer

• Brad Summers

12 years:

• Kaycee Stagner

13 years:

• Lyndi Wellman

Report forms: Lyndi Wellman, champion senior

Leader recognition

One year:

• Deborah Behringer

• Tammy Burch

• Julie Demptster

• Ashley Engelke

• Sonda Etheridge

• Wade Gerber

• Hans Hallgren

• Bill Harding

• Teal Jones

• Pamela Lathrop

• Richard Oberwitte

• Jon Ossen

• Shawn Springer

• Amanda St. Martin

• Gwendelyn Wooden

Five years:

• Cherie Blomquist

• Kacey Green

• Janet Pearcey

Junior leader pins:

• Austin Blomquist

• Makayla Goodnow

• Kayla Hall

• Imelda Hernandez

• Jessica Hogue

• Lyndi Wellman

• Emily Wellman

• Jessica Wiseman

Fashion Revue

• Junior Decorate Your Duds Champion: Katelyn Peroulis

• Senior Sewing Champion: Teren Wilkey

• Junior Sewing Champion: Hannah Walker

• Intermediate Knitting Champion: Abigail Gonzales

• Senior Crochet Champion: Teren Wilkey

Outstanding General Projects

Natural resources

• Junior champion: Riley Allen

• Junior Reserve Champion: John T. Peroulis

• Intermediate champion: Wyatt Oberwitte

• Intermediate reserve champion: Natasha Sloan

• Senior champion: Miranda Blomquist

• Senior reserve champion: Ciara Hickman

Consumer science

• Junior champion: Katelyn Peroulis

• Intermediate champion: Emily Wellman

• Junior reserve champion: Allie Dilldine

Communication, arts and

leisure sciences:

• Junior champion: Mikayla Quinn

• Intermediate Champion: Garrett Buckley

• Senior champion: Rachael Jones

Mechanical sciences:

• Intermediate reserve champion: Colten Yoast

Shooting Sports


• Senior grand champion: Miranda Blomquist

• Senior reserve champion: Mark Tuck

• Junior grand champion: Curtis Tuck

• Junior reserve champion: Natasha Sloan


• Senior grand champion: Ciara Hickman

• Senior reserve champion: Chelsea Mead

• Junior Grand Champion: Justin Hogue

• Junior reserve champion: Cutter Polly


• Grand champion: Wyatt Oberwitte

• Reserve champion: Dario Georgiou

Outstanding Dog Exhibitor: Colton Hall

Outstanding Poultry Exhibitor: Eli Dixon

Outstanding Rabbit Exhibitor: Riley Hoth

Outstanding Horseman Award: Terra Rieser

Producer's Choice Award, sponsored by northwest Colorado sheep producers

Award #2, based on rate of gain, carcass, test score, oral presentation and record book score

• Stetson White, senior

• Kayla Hall, intermediate

Award #3, given to top individual overall with the best pen of two lambs who rated the highest overall in the carcass and rate-of-gain contest

• Brice White, intermediate

Breeding program award

• Emily Wellman, intermediate

2008 Producer's Choice Oral Presentation Winners:

• Senior: Lyndi Wellman (market)

• Intermediate: Trey Norton (market) and Emily Wellman (breeding)

Breeding Goat: Andrea Maneotis

Breeding Beef: Call Camblin

Breeding Sheep: Karissa Maneotis

Best Kept Dog Records (first place only)

• First-year dog records: Colton Hall

• Advanced dog records: Kayla Hall

— Katia Voloshin, 10, waited for one word on the night of Nov. 7.


She was one of an about 300 people who attended the 2008 Moffat County 4-H Achievement Night on Nov. 7 at the Moffat County Fairgrounds Pavilion.

As Voloshin waited for the program to begin, she looked back on her second year in 4-H.

This year, she competed in the market beef division in 4-H. She won fifth place in the carcass contest, which judges the quality of an animal's meat after it has been slaughtered, and earned fifth place in showmanship.

However, it wasn't just the past that kept Voloshin's attention that night. The prospect of becoming a 2009 Moffat County Fair royalty member also was on her mind.

She tried out to become the fair's next junior queen. And, on Nov. 7, she was going to find out whether she had been chosen.

The annual achievement night signals the end of another year for local 4-H members. The event recognizes members, which range in age from 8 to 18, for their participation in livestock programs, general projects and a fashion show in which they display clothes they've made or decorated. They also receive recognition for record books chronicling their projects.

Cloverbuds, a group open to children ages 5 to 7 years old, also are eligible for awards.

Although the Moffat County Fair took place in August, the achievement night was scheduled in November because calculations for various awards, especially those in livestock events, required additional time.

Alisa Comstock, Moffat County 4-H extension agent, believes the awards that members won were well deserved.

"The kids have worked hard all year," she said.

Minutes before the event kicked off, Comstock reflected on the 4-H season that had just ended.

"We had a great 4-H council," she said, referring to a governing body made up of representatives from county 4-H clubs.

Council members were "perfect kids to work with," she said, adding that this year's fair queens were "outstanding."

Joanne Roberson, former fair board member and Purple Circle Swine leader, noticed another trend this year. She's seen a new group of young 4-H members are joining the ranks.

"There's a lot of new faces," Roberson said. "Some of them I don't know."

Still, the end of the 4-H year brought conflicting emotions for Julie Hall, who also was at the achievement night.

Hall leads K-9 Kids, a local 4-H group. Her two children, Kayla, 13, and Colton, 9, both participated in 4-H this year.

Seeing the year end was "kind of a relief," she said, "but yet, I'm kind of bummed that it's over. It's a lot of fun. I enjoy doing this with my kids.

"And, I love my 4-H group."

But, even as one 4-H season was ending, the next one isn't too far around the corner.

Registration for the 2009 4-H season begins in December and continues in January.

Hall said she is looking forward to next year - specifically to introducing her 4-H group members to more dog agility exercises.

And, as for Voloshin, she also is excited about her third year in 4-H - especially because she won the title she was hoping for.

At the 4-H Achievement Night, Voloshin was named the junior queen for the 2009 Moffat County Fair.

"I bet it will be a lot of fun," she said.


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