Daily Press no longer printing TV listings


Daily Press readers may have noticed a change on the Entertainment page in the past week.

After today, the Daily Press no longer will print television schedules, including the four-page pullout section on Thursdays.

Instead, readers will find book reviews on Wednesdays, Diane Prather's recipe column on Fridays and a variety of entertainment-related news - in addition to the Annie's Mailbox column and the daily horoscope.

Television viewers have many new, improved ways of knowing when shows are on and planning what they will watch, and when they will watch it. These include built-in, on-screen guides available to digital cable and satellite customers, the TV Guide Channel (channel 60 on Bresnan expanded basic cable service) and online listings. Bresnan provides a printed list of the channels to subscribers; this also can be obtained by calling the company, or it can be downloaded from the Bresnan Web site.

With all of the options available to television viewers for finding out what is on, these listings are no longer relevant to the majority of Daily Press readers.

However, there is an easy option for readers who want a printed version of these listings.

A home-delivery subscription to the Daily Press includes The Sunday Denver Post, and subscribers may request a book of the coming week's TV listings be inserted inside the Sunday paper.

For more information about this TV listings book, call Daily Press Circulation Manager Amy Fontenot at 824-2600.


lonelyone 8 years, 4 months ago

HHMMM! Many times I get the Thursday paper just so I can have the weekly guide. For the most part I read the paper on line and don't need to have a hard copy. I'm kind of disappointed by your decision.


lostyermarbles 8 years, 4 months ago

Well now, if we can have a spanish page for english speaking people 9or people that should be) why not the t.v guide for those who need it like the seniors???? Where's our priority's??


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