Patrick Germond: Light at end of tunnel


— (Editor's note: This is the second part of a letter to the editor recently submitted by Mr. Germond.)

To the Editor:

There is some sweet justice on the way. The light at the end of the tunnel may be coming from the U.S. Air Force. It's going to start mixing a 50/50 blend of oil based fuel with natural gas and/or coal based fuel just such as the Germans did in World War II. There is no drop in performance from the 100 percent oil based gas. It's a good bet that soon afterward, civilian versions will start showing up. Since the environmentalists don't like the little holes punched in the ground by a drilling rig, and they have been trying to convince us the U.S. is out of oil, we can now start open-pit mining for coal across America. What rubs me wrong is that thanks to these people, who barely rank higher on the intelligence chart than a carrot, America may become energy independent. The hilarious irony of this is that the people who love the Earth so much may now have a valid point for open-pit mining. It may embarrass them more than the whole biofuel debacle.

As far as Gov. Ritter stopping oil production and exploration because of the spotted prairie chicken, he is as deluded as the environmentalists who want to shut down Alaska.

Please, no one tell him about the polar prairie dog that lives in the mountains here. The reason is, if he found out about them, he would try to stop further oil exploration in Northwest Colorado. I say we ask him if we can drill for oil when gas gets to $7 a gallon. My brother-in-law drilled a well in Walden this winter, and the thing went nuts. They had to bulldoze into it all winter on a daily basis so the trucks could get to it, it was producing so much.

Nothing so far has been shown to limit the size of the lake of oil we are sitting on here in Northwest Colorado or in Alaska. I would drill through a polar bear to get to the dragons in the ground. So next time one of these people come up to you and they are wearing a save the cows T-shirt or a chicken foot peace symbol, just smile politely and refer them to a good rehab center where they can get some help.

Then tell them life is about dealing with their problems, not checking out with marijuana.

If they say "the debate is over," ask them how that worked out with the whole "the world is flat" debate. Tell them the debate will be over when they shut up.

They are self delusional because of the THC intake, and this may last for sometime before their head clears up after they quit. We must vote against and fight Big Weed. "Fight the Haze," I say. I'll give up my SUV when potters quit lighting up and go to work. Hey, hippies, stop global warming. Put your bong out.

Patrick Germond


grannyrett 8 years, 11 months ago

I don't know. Maybe I need to read it again and again, but it doesn't make any more sense than the first part.


nikobesti 8 years, 11 months ago

I love it! I'm especially fond of the line about how liberal socialist environmentalists "barely rank higher on the intelligence chart than a carrot." This coming from a man who thinks marijuana is the root off all problems in the US, the polar bear is "thriving," and we can solve our energy woes by drilling Alaska. Go get 'em, Patrick!


50cal 8 years, 11 months ago

other than merihoochi the polar bear has went from 5000 to 22000 since 1974 and the price of oil would drop if we even talked about drilling in alaska don't dismiss every thing. Pat just needs to put down the pipe


Sage_Sam 8 years, 11 months ago

Wow. Just wow. Not a SINGLE thing in either part of these letters made any sense whatsoever. Granted I am just a liberal environmental fascist, but I had no idea that Ritter did anything to save an imaginary animal here in NW Colorado ("spotted prairie chicken?"). I hope the Governor moves on to saving the Unicorns of Vermillion Basin, the Giant-Backstrapped Mule Deer of Great Divide (Odocoileus scrumptous) and especially the leprechaun's that obviously inhabit Mr. Germond's mind.

Oops, I better go, I'm once again drooling all over myelf due to my lack of intelligence and my obvious love of "Big Weed." Keep up the good work Patrick!


cantstandtexans 8 years, 10 months ago

And you wonder why this nation is on the verge of social and economic collapse! It's us against them...them against us...Right verses Left...Left verses Right and on and on. Fact is...we "ARE" using up our oil reserves. It does appear that there is a price manipulation scheme the Big Oil companies placed into action. Before someone accuses another of being "ENVIRONMENTAL FASCIST" and pretty much states that those that would like to see a sustainable..."CLEAN" energy world are stupid..I would like for all of you to google up what is referred to as the "Bakkan Formation". This formation is located under the soil surface of Montana, North Dakota and Southeastrn Saskatchewan. It's been known for decades that this oil was just lying there, but with the technology available now...this oil is accessible. Oil manipulation? It sure looks as if it is...because theres only a potencial of a meager 400 BILLION BARRELS OF OIL sitting there. Theres at the very least 10 times the amount of oil that was present under the North Slopes of Alaska before it was tapped!!! This Makes Saudi Arabia's oil supply look puny...but Mr. Germond must relay on "The Fake News Channel" for his total comtempt for anyone who would question the notion that we all must succumb to the arrogance and total contempt towards an energy that is kind to the environment and sustainable, by oil companies in general!! Hatred is found across America, and MR GERMOND'S gaulding, clearly seen bias against people who see the destruction of not only Western Colorado but the world as non acceptable, his tongue lashes opponets of change with his hatred. Well...things are going to change. We can either rally around all of the Mr. Germond's of the world...or we can stand up and say.....if we don't change...we're going to fall. THIS COUNTRY IS GOING BROKE MR. GERMOND!!! AND WE CAN'T TRUST CORPORATE AMERICA LET ALONE BIG OIL TO SOLVE OUR MASSIVE PROBLEMS!! So..get off your hate some intelligent informed information. We are all AMERICAN'S!!! As if anyone who would challenge his views are "UNAMERICAN"!! There's fascism for you right ther!! Sure I have issues with others but I understand how critical the situation of this countries economic problems are that is driving America backwards towards third world country living styles. Now...if you like the fact that you and I are losiing our standard of all means...side with the Mr. Geromd's of the world. To you Mr. Germond....most AMERICAN'S are fed up with your style of hatred!!


cforevereyez 8 years, 10 months ago

The correct spelling is Bakken, cantstandtexans, but you are absolutely right about its importance to energy development in this country.

Some oil analysts are calling North Dakota the next Saudi Arabia of North America, with a value of 9 trillion (yes trillion) dollars in recoverable oil in the Bakken. This is a huge oil reserve, the largest ever discovered under land in the lower 48.

Recent wells drilled into the Bakken are producing up to 2000 barrels a day of light sweet crude, the preferred oil for making gasoline. Payoff for some wells is as short as 6 months, so a lot of players are trying to get in on the action. Oil executives are moving into the Minot/Williston area and one of them was quoted as saying that the Bakken gives them a 100 year extension on oil exploration. It is estimated that North Dakota will eventually surpass TEXAS in oil production in the next twenty years. Now there's something to smile about cantstandtexans.

North and South Dakota are both considering building new oil refineries as is one of the Indian Reservations in western ND. It will be a few years before all of this development affects the oil markets, but it will help make the US much less energy dependent on Nigeria, Venezuela and the middle East.

One of the reports I read said there is a large unexplored region of Saskachewan that is likely to contain huge reserves of crude oil also. Right now, they don't have the oil rigs necessary to explore for oil, they're too busy getting at the proven reserves in the Bakken.

This is great news for the US. When politicians like Mark Udall state that "we can't drill our way out of high oil prices," I have to laugh. The Bakken can and will make us less dependent on others. Will it lower the price of oil? Maybe. But at the very least, we have to do SOMETHING!

Try a Google search for Bakken Shale Oil. Read the reports. We do have oil in this country. Now put that in your pipe Mr. Germond, and smoke it.


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