Bill Snare: Don't waste tax money


— To the Editor:

Anger, frustration and disappointment caused me to take up a pen and write what I feel.

You see, our elected City Council have determined that you and I, the voting citizens, are stupid and that they are smart.

They feel we voted down the recreation center issue in 2003 because we didn't know what we were doing, and now have taken $20,000 of our hard-earned tax monies to better educate you and I, along with some brainwashing, to get us to reconsider what we already have said "no" to.

How stupid can they be? We said "no" because there were and still are other more pressing and needed issues.

I said "no" because I would never use it and wouldn't have the funds to pay the membership fees required. These fees were to be above the increase in sales taxes.

For many of us voters, the recreation center would do us no good. Those of us who live outside city limits and are trying to pay our already overburdened taxes would not use the facility, especially if we had to pay an additional few hundred bucks to do so. Others who are disabled and couldn't afford transportation or the additional fees would not use it, either. People on over taxed and underpaid fixed incomes would lose, also.

My friends, every time we have been educated on a voting issue, we have been lied to. If you don't believe this, take a look at your real estate taxes and compare them to a few years ago, before all this brainwashing started.

I was always taught to pay the most pressing and needed items first and then go to the show if anything was left.

Today, we have a huge need in expanding our justice system because it was downsized initially. It is crowded beyond what it should be and is only going to get worse as time goes on.

We have issues with our fairground facilities. The fair has outgrown the barn area. 4-H kids have to put up with electrical breakers popping when they are trying to groom their animals. Many animals had to be put in temporary pens outside the barn because there was no space inside for them.

The building is too small and needs to be rebuilt.

We still have major issues with the hospital and future developments above what already has been approved. Will there need to be more allocations later?

The college will certainly have to have help financially in the future and we may once again be asked to dip into our pockets.

The wave pool situation needs attention, which will take more tax money.

The list goes on, my friends, and the question is do we go to the show first, or do we take care of our more pressing issues first?

Thank you, Mr. Herod, of the council, for demonstrating common sense when the others did not. We, the voters, will remember.

In closing, I resent being referred to as an uneducated voter. I did my homework and so did the majority of voters in 2003, and we will do so again.

Bill Snare



taxslave 8 years, 11 months ago

How is it that the city council can OVERRIDE the vote of the people? If we don't recall the six we sure as heck shouldn't re-elect them.


50cal 8 years, 11 months ago

see what you did, now they took it out of the conservation fund from the money that was given to them from lottery funds. now we can't complain because its not tax dollars. that will come when they get the results and it says go for it. someone wants this BAD.


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