Udall to visit Craig


— Precisely because Craig is off the beaten path.

For that reason, Democratic candidate for Colorado U.S. Senate Mark Udall plans to come to the Center of Craig at 3 p.m. Tuesday.

Udall is running against Republican Bob Schaffer for Sen. Wayne Allard's seat. Allard is retiring.

"He wants to be there so that he has a chance to meet people and introduce himself to people he hopes to represent," Udall Communications Director Taylor West said.

And, she said, some of Craig's issues are the universal issues of the state.

"It's one of those impacted communities that's dealing with a lot of the issues that a lot of Colorado is dealing with," West said.

Namely, she said, balancing energy development and possible economic gains with preserving the natural resources that have historically made Colorado a U.S. destination: attractive landscapes, native animals and a good quality of life.

"It's a big priority for us to get that (balance) right," West said.

Udall is concerned about America's dependence on foreign energy resources, she added, and wants Colorado to help the country break that habit.

As part of that, Udall wants to diversify the country's energy portfolio and have the government invest renewable resources - such as wind and solar power - as well as clean technologies for traditional fossil-based fuels, such as coal and natural gas.

As a U.S. congressman representing Colorado since 1998, he has pushed for tax incentives to establish working renewable resource sites across the state.

West said that does not mean he wants to limit or otherwise threaten other energy industries, or the jobs they create in places like Moffat County.

"We need a very balanced approach to our energy policy and that does include a reliance on some of the traditional fuels in Colorado," she said. "It's not a zero-sum game. What we're really looking at is Colorado's ability to contribute to the country's energy independence."

Which takes an approach that establishes and protects all industries, West said, adding that increasing renewable resource sites ultimately creates more jobs for local workers, also.

Craig City Councilor Terry Carwile plans to give Udall's introduction Tuesday. The two first met on a personal level in 2001 when they climbed to the summit of James Peak during the drive to create a wilderness area there.

Udall had supported the grassroots effort of making the mountains there at the corner of Gilpen, Clear Creak and Boulder counties into a wilderness area, Carwile said. Udall's support of local voices is one of the things Carwile has liked about the man.

"I think he's a good consensus builder, and I think he will defer to citizen groups," Carwile said. "I like that."


50cal 8 years, 11 months ago

shows up at 3:00 in the afternoon so people with jobs can't see him. well at least he will be talking to his base. about as liberal as they come. saw my first ad for the state politics, for some guy named pulis(close?) scary its like hes Barak Obamas hand puppet. same platform. I thought colorado had more sense. Taxpayer is there still a chance for western colorado?


jeff corriveau 8 years, 11 months ago

Why don't we go and visit with Mr. Udall and let him know what we think? Let's tell him to break the lockstep of the Democratic party and truely represent the interests of our state and Moffat County. Let's tell him, in no uncertain terms, how we feel about him and Ritter attempting to shut down the oil and gas industry. Oh, they say that's not what they're doing, but examine what they have done and you will find it is. IF Mr. Udall was truely interested in cutting our dependance on foreign oil, he would vote FOR opening up more drilling in those oil rich reserves we have right here. But, he won't do that, because he is elite among the elite who can pretty much do what he wants and pay for what he wants, no matter the cost. So my challenge is show up, speak and be heard and see if Udall REALLY wants to help us "Get it right"!!!!


50cal 8 years, 11 months ago

thats why hes here at 3:00 in the afternoon how many people who work for a living are off by 3:00? not many plus it gives him time to take his elite butt out of here and get some place civilized before dark and us heathens come out in force. I would still like to see a state of western colorado but the population centers in the eastern part of the state will never let that happen. Day before yesterday the oil execs were on capitol hill testifing and the shell oil president told the members that it was because of the restrictions that congress had put on them that the prices of oil were so high. one demoncrate spoke up (I can't remember her name) and told the ceo of shell that her plan was to socialize the oil industry. No b.s. she caught herself at the very end but she said it. Tax slave I can't believe you didn't catch that one. that is blatent comunism at work. they complain when Chavez in ven. did it but its plain to see where this is headed


taxslave 8 years, 11 months ago

I watched the hearing. There were 6 or more of the CEO's, they didn't all agree on everything. They did make one thing clear though....that they were OIL MEN....they supplied oil and couldn't wait to get their hands on North America....They weren't producers of renewable fuels. They also made it clear that congress can change the rules with a stroke of a pen so no one is putting investments into technology to clean the coal.

What do you think happened when the Federal Reserve bailed out Bear Sterns? TOTAL SOCIALIZATION.

btw, when Mr. Allard was here last Fall he showed up at 7:30am at City Hall and told us we had an hour of his time and that there will be no questions regarding the war....."I stand with the President"...period.


50cal 8 years, 11 months ago

I will leave the war alone for now we could open another thread on that. they all show up at the wrong times unless they want a campain contribution. Taxslave oilmen are supposed to get oil. thats how they make their money. they are not responsable for everyone elses problems. Did you know that 81% of exxon mobil is owned by 401k and mutual fund investers, that only about 2% is owned by the big oil execs. tax the hell out of them and it hurts middle class retirement funds. doesn't matter maybe I will leave work early and see what has to be said.


Taylor 8 years, 11 months ago

I must have missed that comment from Allard. I heard him say he supported our President, but I thought he did pretty well with answering questions across the board, even the ridiculous ones. I also think he has done a pretty good job as Senator. Most likely because he is a veterinarian, not a politician.

Got a flyer on my door this weekend from Ken Brenner. I think he would be more dangerous than Salazar. He didn't even do a good job as a City Councilman. Disappointed I missed the person distibuting the flyers.

Maybe we should pump up a local for the job. I can think of a few very qualified people right off the top of my head. Unless we get some decent candidates, we'll continue to spiral downward. Pretty sad when we have the ability and right to pick our government and still can't come up with a decent person to fit the bill.


50cal 8 years, 11 months ago

I could think of a few as well. wish we could get someone on the ticket willing to stand up for their beleafs seems like the liberals can but the republicans are on a wave of appeasment. it will be sad to see Allard go sadder if a liberal get the job.


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