Cassie Mack: Division of Wildlife criticism not fair


I would like to change some of your minds about the Division of Wildlife for the better.

To start with, these are the kindest individuals I have ever met. I went to the Craig Daily Press Web site to skim through the letters to the editor, and I only found one individual who said something positive about the DOW. Thank you for noticing the efforts of the DOW.

Just like you and I, they have bosses who they have to answer to, laws they have to abide by, budgets, and approvals have to be made.

Without the DOW, we really would not have that wide variety of hunting that many of us love to participate in.

Before you sit there and point the finger at the DOW maybe you should go to work with some of them to see how it really is, or live with them for a week; guaranteed your opinions would change.

There is not one DOW employee I know who works a normal 40 hour week. During all the hunting seasons and this last winter it is/was twice that amount or more. Oh, and the kicker to it all; none of them get paid overtime.

I do not know very many people who would work 20 or even 10 hours a week in overtime if they were not getting paid.

The issue with starving animals, this is just Mother Nature at work, and we have to except this part of nature. There is only so much we humans can do. The wildlife around here have been through harsher winters, we have just been spoiled lately with mild ones.

I do believe this year was more noticeable with dead animals, hay matters and suffering. Part of the reasoning for this is the hunting seasons were not as successful, so populations went up and the harsher winter. Keep in mind that our population has gone up too, therefore more traffic and more wildlife getting pushed out of their habitat.

The money that you think they are hording goes toward research, hatcheries, public DOW lands, events for youths and more things for the public. About the money going toward new trucks, some probably does, but they do not get new trucks just because.

Just like any state or county jobs (Cops, State Patrol, Forest Service and BLM, just to name a couple) they all get vehicles provided, so why is it different for the DOW? As far as all the dead animals along the roads that everyone thinks the DOW should be cleaning up. This is the responsibility of the people who manage our Highways and not the DOW's.

Instead of complaining about the very thing that makes your community thrive, why not enjoy it and be thankful that you live somewhere that is full of wildlife. Also be thankful to have such dedicated DOW employees in your area.

Take it from someone who knows.

Cassie Mack


notmpoppins 8 years, 11 months ago

Cassie, Bravo to you! Thank you for stating some very important facts. These officers don't make the laws they enforce them to the best of their ability. They answer to someone else just like most of us do. They truly do care about our wildlife and the area we live in. Thanks again


hunter 8 years, 11 months ago

Good Points all around. I mustr agree taht he DOW officers are very hard working honest individuals. Like most law enforcment, they tend to be understaffed and over worked. Like all jobs they have basic requirements they must meet.

The thing that really bothers me is people seems to forget that they are incharge of managing mother nature. They can do thier best, but mither nature always has teh ultimate say. They offered plenty of tags this past fall to lower numbers. Guess what late snow kept the harvest rates down. They try teh best to monitor herd numbers in teh area, but they do not havethe ability to count every animals. They realize the importance of teh private landowner and try to help mitigate issues, but they too have a lmited supply of money.

Overall The state of Colorado is realatively fortunate to ahve the wildlife we do. We can still get over the counter lic. for elk. There are ample hunting opprotuniites for all and the prices areasonable.

Try hunting other states.


50cal 8 years, 11 months ago

I agree, the unfortunate part is that our local officers don't make the policy they enforce it the policy makers in denver make their determinations from a varity of inputs and try to set goals. if people want their voices heard then they should go to the web site and tell the policy makers, go to the public meetings and voice their concerns, or how about buying a habitat stamp or hunting fishing lisence to help support the dow since this is where their budget comes from.


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