Chris Jurney: Management essential in prairie dog debate


— To the editor,

Well, now that we have lots of opinions, lets get some facts straight.

1. Whitetail Prairie dogs are not threatened or endangered or close to it in any way, shape or form.

2. Wildlife management is not based on emotions, but on fact, truth and research data.

3. Hunting and shooting animals is not murder; it is management. People murder other people, not animals.

4. Animals are not people. They may exhibit some characteristics that would resemble them to some of your relatives, but they are animals.

5. There is no research or data in Colorado from shooting prairie dogs to support that lead fragments cause secondary poisoning to predators of range rodents.

6. Prairie dogs are pests and are destructive to agriculture, rangeland and cemeteries, too.

7. Sod Poodles - aka prarie dogs - carry diseases that are known to affect humans and other wildlife.

8. Ferrets are the only species that primarily dines upon prairie dogs, other predators may eat them but there are a host of other food sources available to them.

So, when we look at wildlife management, we have to have all of the data and facts that present a case for or against. The problem comes when well-intentioned people get emotional about wildlife management and lie or exaggerate to win others over.

For all of you who believe in God, He created animals and humans on the sixth day and told us to have dominion over them (Genesis 1:25-26).

Dominion in the Hebrew means to tread or subjugate, reign, rule or take. Now, since animals, animal rights activists, lawyers and politicians don't rationalize like most educated people, wildlife management usually involves killing.

Management is an essential thing for livestock, wildlife, disease, personal and property control. One might think that by adding another law against managing animals that animals would be happy and healthy, but rather the opposite is true.

Disease now can occur and food for them becomes scarce, animals become weaker and compete more for food and mass die-offs occur.

We have an example of this when Amendment 14 was passed - which took away the use of leg hold traps, snares and connibears - and wildlife populations exploded. Now, the animals that we use to manage as free trappers and utilize get killed and wasted by the hundreds of thousands and now cost people hundreds of thousands of dollars to control each year.

So, keeping animals in balance is an essential job that we were given to do. To quote the late President Theodore Roosevelt: To protest against all hunting of game is a sign of softness of head, not of soundness of heart. And for those of you who think that you evolved from range rodents, may the Lord help you.

Chris Jurney


grannyrett 8 years, 11 months ago

Well said Chris! It is not an emotional thing. It is a factual thing.


mk1cheetah 8 years, 11 months ago

Good job Chris, to bad the DOW ignores the sportsman except when there is a ticket to write.


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