Our view: What the puck?


— Recently, the Craig Daily Press has run stories involving the Craig Women's Hockey team.

The team has, by all accounts, been very successful on the ice and has represented Craig in an outstanding way, especially considering that Craig is not normally thought of as winter sports Mecca or hockey powerhouse.

Most of the team's members are mothers.

They go to church.

And they work as educators, law enforcement officials, business owners and a variety of other important positions in the community.

To some readers, the name of the team, the Puck Ewes, is offensive.

Some readers feel that the name means more than just representing sheep, which are a big part of Craig's history along with hockey. Some feel that the Daily Press should discontinue coverage of the team or not mention the name.

It brings to light the following: What connotations can be read into certain words and should there be concern about someone's fun?

The national media, television shows and movies have all made the use of connotations reflecting words or pictures that cannot or should not be said or shown, to allow the public to understand what was really meant.

What has happened to our flipping society these days?

Should we even friggen care? Does it freeking matter?

Who are you to think that the F-word is not an appropriate adjective to be used at least twice in every sentence?

What the puck is the difference?

One of Craig's toughest rivalries was against the Mother Puckers of Steamboat Springs (haven't seen them lately). The games were always intense but enjoyable with a lot of pucking around by both teams.

One game on the pond at Loudy-Simpson Park saw a duck get struck by a puck, the game was halted until the pucked duck came to his senses gathered the other ducks and got the flock out of there. Great possibility for a story huh?

Is this fun or even cute?

Will a student get in trouble if he acknowledges at school that his teacher is a Puck Ewe? What if the same student tells another that his mother is a Puck Ewe, are those fighting words? (At one time, problems could happen if one said that another's mother wore combat boots).

Will the Church leader be able to acknowledge his church member's accomplishments on the ice as a Puck Ewe? Can you get pucked and be arrested for saying that a law enforcement official is a Puck Ewe?

If you are offended by some of the words or connotations in this opinion you are not alone.

We get what is really meant by them. The question is why is this appropriate in our area? Could it be because we are so "with it" in today's world?

Are we desensitized because we are constantly bombarded with these messages, could it be that we are a bunch of rednecks just having fun?

We hope you are offended because of what our society feels is appropriate today not only for adults but also for children?

Are we allowing our world to redefine our morals and values? Should we buy into the degradation, or is respect and dignity still something we can aspire to?

Because the world thinks it is alright, is it too much for us as individuals and a community to say enough is enough. Or is everything just fine.

You decide.


rhammel 9 years, 1 month ago

Sometimes we take ourselves far to seriously. A lot members of the community would be far happier if they would lighten up and look at the humor within our populace. The Daily Press has taken a huge step, with this editorial, to illustrate community humor. The Puck Ewes are a good example of seeing humor within one's self. Bravo, to the Daily Press and the Puck Ewes.

Rick Hammel


bearscout 9 years, 1 month ago

It takes all kinds to make the world go around...people with a sense of humor and those without! Our society has so many ills, none of which can be attributed to having a sense of humor. People that are overly concerned with the name of our women's hockey team need to spend a little more time and energy on something more productive. I know most of the members of the 'Puck Ewes' and they are wonderful people that work hard, raise good kids, and contribute greatly to our community. The team name was coined at a time when the league was being formed, the members more youthful and struggling to gain interest. They've been told straight out that the name is offensive and may discourage potential members. Times change and so maybe the 'Puck Ewes' will have to change their name and be more politically correct if they want to continue to grow and dominate western slope women's hockey. They can change their name, but hopefully won't change who they are because they are all wonderful ladies!


wolfshadoww 9 years ago

As a member of the Puck Ewes, I can see both views of this. I in fact, never think of it negatively- so I guess that makes me one heck of a hick and sure proud to be a Ewe!

I would be glad to change my logo and name though, if someone wants to put forth a huge donation to have all of our jerseys remade and redone. It's not a cheap task. Hockey is not a cheap sport-- I pay for my gas to make practices (I drive from Rangely at least once a week), we pay for our own hotels/lodging/meals on trips, fees for tournaments, ice time, referees, equipment, etc. Worrying if the name Puck Ewe is offending anyone is not the highest issue on my priority list. I want to get in there and win and make Craig, CO proud.

Should changing our name be an issue? Does it really keep players away? Why has our world become so politically correct and sensitive? Why can't we just have fun?

Oh and to clear something up, the Motherpuckers are actually from Aspen, not Steamboat. And in case you have ever wondered what is on their jerseys, it's a picture of pink lips.


grannyrett 9 years ago

I think it is cute! Really fitting for a hockey team. If it offends someone, then they don't have to read the articles or watch the games. If you have a problem with this, you must lead a very sheltered life. Go to a restaurant, movie, or walk down the street of any town. You will hear a lot worse than this. This country has gone overboard trying to be politically correct. Glad to see someone having fun. If I were younger, could skate, and thought I might be able to play hockey, I would love to be right out there with you.


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