A challenger emerges

Local woman files for Commission candidacy in District 1


— It's not about winning. It's about choice.

That is the message of Lois Wymore, 57, who is the Democratic candidate for Moffat County Commission District 1. She will oppose incumbent Republican Tom Gray in the November general election.

Wymore, who works at local accounting firm Bonaker and Associates, won her party's nomination by a 35 to 0 vote at its county assembly March 1. She officially filed two days later.

"It's not nearly as important to me that I win," Wymore said, "as much as I offer a choice, so Mr. Gray will have to tell the public what he's accomplished and what he will accomplish."

Wymore's criticism of Gray and the Commission is minor. She complimented the Commission for its proactive stance on water rights and its fiscal approach.

"I'm not running because I'm upset," Wymore said. "A lot of what they've done makes good sense to me, like what they've done with the budget."

She does oppose the Commission's decision to cease funding the Craig/Moffat Economic Development Partnership.

"I really did think they should support EDP," Wymore said. "It needs to be really strong in Craig and it needs to keep moving forward.

"You've got to have enough money to keep moving forward. Kudos to the EDP because it kept moving forward."

It's early in the campaign to present her whole platform, Wymore said, but there is one other issue she wants to discuss.

"I'm not concerned about natural resources, I'm concerned about infrastructure," she said.

"We have obvious issues with roads, and it's pretty obvious that from where I sit, the state is not going to do something fast. I've been here 30 years, I'm not waiting for new roads."

Local leaders should start looking at road problems and solutions, she added.

Wymore said the Moffat County Democratic Party is stronger than in previous years, but not because of its own actions, she said.

"I don't know if it's really because of the Democratic Party," Wymore said. "I think it's because people are looking for something. They want something."

And the best way for people to identify what might be missing is to have a discussion with different points of view, Wymore said.

Maybe in the past, she added, local liberals didn't think there was a point to running for office or expressing their opinion because they felt outnumbered.

If the caucuses proved anything, Wymore said, it's that there are more liberals than people thought.

"It's important people know it's out there," she said. "That there are a few democrats in Moffat County."

Gray said he was not surprised to learn of a challenger.

"Moffat County likes to have choices," he said, "and I kind of figured it would be highly unlikely that no one oppose us."


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