Education briefs: Electronic devices prohibited at MCHS


Moffat County High School students are reminded that beginning Monday all electronic devices, including cell phones and iPods, will be prohibited from use during the academic day.

Electronic device use will be allowed before the first bell at 8:05 a.m. and after the last bell at 3:15 p.m.

Additionally, students may use electronic devices during their own lunchtime on the first floor commons.

No use will be allowed on the second floor commons or hallways during the school day. Failure to follow these procedures will result in confiscation.


jjcarver 9 years, 1 month ago

In your article about electronic devices being restricted during the academic day. My quetion is: Does this ban also include calculators. These are electronic devices and your article states all devices to include cellphones and ipods. This wording says ALL devices not just cellphones and ipods. If this the case are the teachers going back to teaching math with paper and pencil and not calculators. It is my personal belief that calculators should be banned and the students should be able to preform calculations on paper with a pencil. If you are content or chose to use a calculator will you be going back to the slide rule? It seems to me that the young people of today do not have the basic math skills to function in todays world without a calculator. This has been observed in stors when people do not know how to make correct change without the cash register teiilng them how much change the individual should receive. Thank you.


kitzhopper 9 years, 1 month ago

Where we live in Texas, cell phones and IPods have been banned during class time for several years. If a student's phone rings in class, it is confiscated immediately. Phones are supposed to be turned off, not just on silent mode. I'm suprised it has taken this long for Moffat County to implement this rule. As distracting as cell phones are in the rest of our lives, I can't imagine having 25-30 of them ringing in class all the time! Classrooms should be places to concentrate on learning. That can't happen if everyone is on a cell phone or blasting their ears out with an IPod!


Taylor 9 years, 1 month ago

I agree about the calculators. When I was in school, calculators were banned and considered a method of cheating. Lucky for me...not only can I figure math with pencil and paper, I can also figure it in my head. Are they using books on tape know, so they don't have to learn to read...and of course keyboards so they don't have to learn to write? The dumbing down of America.

Oh and by the way...I agree that cellphones, ipods, MP3's etc should not be permitted in class.


CindyLou 9 years, 1 month ago

Not only should phones be turned off in schools they should be stored in lockers and confinscatted if shown in public and not returned until the end of the week. I also love to see kids these days walking around with one ear piece in - they look so rediculous. If they only knew how stupid they look when they are "rocking out" to their ipod.

That is closely followed by the person who has the ear piece in and talking to someone on the phone. They walk around with the ear piece in like they are secret service and are waiting important instructions from the president. Give me a break - you look stupid. Use a phone like a normal person. I also like how people over emphasize their lap top or other technology so as to impress others. Hint - no one cares.


Taylor 9 years, 1 month ago

I recently saw a woman with 2 phone earpieces (bluetooth) on each ear...and each one for a different phone. Now THAT was silly.


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