Soon-to-be former Moffat County chief deputy district attorney Brett Barkey

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Soon-to-be former Moffat County chief deputy district attorney Brett Barkey

Marine Corps calling

Moffat County chief deputy DA steps down to renew military service


Story at a glance

• Moffat County felony prosecutor's last day today.

• Leaving Craig to become a Marine Corps prosecutor in New Orleans.

• Move puts him closer to two sons, 8 and 10 years old, in Arkansas.

• Brett Barkey: Moffat County "blessed with dedicated law enforcement."

— Ask Brett Barkey - the soon-to-be former Moffat County chief deputy district attorney - what he'll remember most about his short tenure in the 14th Judicial District, and his response is simple.

His colleagues and a "dedicated law enforcement community."

"Moffat County is blessed with a highly professional and talented law enforcement community, and we are privileged to work alongside them in addressing some of our community's most pressing problems," he said.

"The people here are just phenomenal."

After 10 months on the job, Barkey is leaving the District Attorney's Office to become a Marine Corps prosecutor in New Orleans. Today is his last day at work.

Barkey, a lieutenant colonel, has served 19 years in the Marine Corps, including two stints in Iraq. The New Orleans move puts him closer to his two sons, ages 8 and 10, who live in Arkansas.

He was sitting second chair in the Terry Hankins murder case handling eight of the nine charges against the accused gold miner. Assistant District Attorney Kerry St. James, who is handling the murder charge, will now take over the whole case, Barkey said.

He said he considered running for district attorney, but the need to be closer to his sons was too great. He said he fully supports candidate Elizabeth Oldham, the Grand County chief deputy district attorney.

Barkey said he was proud to be a part of an office that helped "restore frayed relationships with law enforcement," specifically the Moffat County Sheriff's Office and Craig Police Department, "by focusing on professionalism, respect and humility."

If he has one overriding concern about the future of the Judicial District and the local community, it's substance abuse, he said. A majority of the cases that end up in court, Barkey said, are "connected to some kind of substance abuse."

Drug and alcohol use is a community-wide problem, he said, and it will take a community-wide effort to address it, preferably, in the case of youths, at the earliest possible ages.

Barkey said he enjoyed his time in Moffat County, and that it gave him a chance to serve a worthy cause.

"It is a privilege to have (had) a job like mine because I believe there is no higher calling than serving our community," he said.

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