Global warming comes home to Northwest Colorado


Poll results

The Daily Press' recent poll of Moffat County residents' acceptance of the science of global warming produced these numbers:

• 40 percent accepted the science

• 34 percent thought it was propaganda

• 26 percent were uncertain

The news of climate change is now frequent. The changes result from pollutant gases that over-concentrate in the earth's atmosphere, remain caught and less dispersible, and capture the sun's heat, interfering with the sun's various ray components and their dispersal. In some surface areas, concentrated sun heat increases water evaporation, dries soil and foliage, and may release the congested evaporation far away from typical rainfall/snowfall areas. The increased evaporation can be pulled by atmospheric stronger, longer winds - such as those forming and moving the North American Jet Stream - to different-than-usual global zones, abandoning some to drought and others to over-precipitation.

The Pacific Ocean's currents also receive evaporation plus recently melted cold glacier waters that, in colder and greater amounts, sink to ocean bottoms and are carried by current toward the equator where they gradually warm and thus rise toward the surface to become part - but a cooler part - of the Gulf Stream that slants northeast from the Gulf across the Atlantic to eastern Canada, Greenland, and Europe, bringing colder winters.

Or, as recent studies at Steamboat's Mount Werner Storm Peak Lab show, evaporation from longer heat seasons, where the elevated CO2 levels also carry sulphur and nitrate particles from both coal-burning and natural or stronger forest fires, will decrease annual rain and snow totals. The particles attract and hold cloud moisture and scatter it, rather than allowing large enough moisture drops to attract each other into clouds that, when moisture-filled, release rain or snow to the ground. Polluted clouds are shown to "yield at least 15 percent less precipitation than clouds formed in clean air" (Daily Press & Steamboat Pilot, Mike Lawrence, June 14, 2007, Power Play: Ski Area's Face Warm Wind of Change).

In the midst of such changed temperatures and wet/dry cycles and areas, available forage and growth and even the bird and bee carriers of seeds or pollen may have to relocate for reproductive assurance. Bill Stanley of the Nature Conservancy Global Climate Change Initiative has said we may have to "design new nature reserves to accommodate the movement of whole ecosystems - fungi, centipedes, anonymous species and known species."

Thus, news reports appear of armadillos in northeast Arkansas, 50-million acre fires in Siberia, a hundred gigatons of ice melted from Greenland's glaciers and a manatee seen swimming past Chelsea Pier in New York City.

(Part I of III: Authored by Rick Hammel, David Morris, Monty Robertson, Jane Yazzie Ann Wagner and Pastor Bob Woods. The Daily Press will publish parts II and III Tuesday and Wednesday.)


taxslave 9 years, 1 month ago

May I suggest everyone read "Weather Wars". Google it. Does anyone realize we have 20 active volcanos around the world heating up the atmosphere? How does one cap a volcano? Also, there is a hugh lava flow erupting on the ocean floor....heating up the ocean.

Global warming is put forth to tax carbon use. When "they" can control the volcanos I'll take this all seriously.


oldsage 9 years, 1 month ago

Yea, All you have to do is look around you to see the decreased precipitation all around us. How much extra has the city and county spent on snow removal? I have a suggestion for those of you with the carbon footprints like Al Gore who are cring about this so they, (The socialists) can get a tax to support the United Nations. Call Jack Kavorkian, and do the right thing for the rest of us and Mother Earth. That's right make the sacrifice for the earth and we will remember you on earth day. Just remember it was the same "rear ends" who were telling us 25 to 30 years ago that the next ice age was coming.

Please take the Kovorkian Option, if not for the Earth, do it for the children! lol


calvinhobbs 9 years, 1 month ago

active volcanoes plus all of Iceland which is part of the 12,000 mile long volcanic mountain range under water known as the Mid Ocean Ridge, All of the worlds geothermal sources. And here is a list of scientist not supporting the current THEORY of global warming


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