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MCTA outlines new position's parameters


— A successful Moffat County Tourism Association needs resources, tools and an industrious hand, board members said at the group's Wednesday workshop.

Board members currently plan for a part-time hire to play the part of the hand. MCTA currently has $36,000 budgeted for staffing, but line item numbers can change if need emerges for other priorities, board president Tammie Thompson-Booker said.

There are no set rules for salary or hours, but the board wants to see results.

Any new deal signed by a part-time contract employee is planned to be for 90 days. At the end of every 90 days, the board would evaluate which tasks the person completed and which he or she didn't, and in the latter case find out why.

Each 90-day contract would have different tasks written out.

"Hopefully, they'll go down the list," Thompson-Booker said. "We can sit here and have all sorts of pipedreams. We don't need someone out there doing pipedreaming for us."

The board sketched a list of what that person can do to start:

• Develop the organization's tools.

That means the Web site, brochures and other tangible outreach projects. The Web site is first and foremost on board members' minds, since it has the potential to include more information and reach more people than other mediums.

• Create useful resources.

Such as a database for all the people formerly contacted by MCTA or event organizers, people that attended events and left their names, vendors who appeared at events and tourists that come to the Moffat County Visitor Center, MCTA board member Patricia McCaffrey said.

The two functions are not mutually exclusive, Thompson-Booker said.

"We need tools to use that (database)," she said, "because you can't just send out things to people in the database if you have nothing to send them."

Board members said they hope to have someone in the new position by June, but without finalizing what the position will look like - in terms of salary, hours and scope of work - the group will not start taking applications now.

Moffat County Commissioner Saed Tayyara, who serves as the MCTA's ex officio, said he likes the group's idea.

"It's great," he said. "It's for the betterment of the community as a whole."

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