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MCHS football team back from summer camp


The Moffat County High School football team returned from summer camp in Wyoming on Saturday a "much improved unit," head coach Kip Hafey said.

Before the team left for Laramie on Tuesday, Hafey said he wasn't sure of a lot of things regarding this year's Bulldog team, but the camp will "help us sort a lot out. That's what camp is all about," he said.

The time spent at the University of Wyoming proved to accomplish just that.

"The camp went really well," Hafey said. "We got a lot better. We are definitely improving, that's for sure."

Hafey said there wasn't any specific player who jumped out at him during the workouts, drills and live scrimmages.

It was the entire team that impressed him most.

"We had a lot of kids that got a lot better," Hafey said. "That's what we wanted. We didn't really have that one guy that stood out."

Hafey said the offense is set.

The playbook has been established, as has the starting unit.

For now.

"Honestly, right now they have the position until somebody beats them out of it," Hafey said. "There are still some positions that we're just not sure about, but everything is pretty much set personnel-wise."

Hafey said the Bulldogs will be a young team this season - only three returning players are seniors - but he's proud of what he's seen thus far from the MCHS underclassmen.

"I'll tell you what, we have some sophomores on the line this year that should make an impact," Hafey said. "We know what we have, and we are going to play to our strengths. It is what it is."

The sophomores will start on the offensive line in Hafey's "Wing T" formation.

Because of inexperience and lack of size - Hafey said no offensive lineman is more than 200 pounds - the team will use various fakes and misdirection out of the offensive set.

"Our motto this year is that a good fake is better than two good blocks," Hafey said. "We aren't going to wow anybody with our size or speed, so we are going to keep them guessing."

The strategy was effective at camp, as Hafey said the offense moved the ball well in its scrimmages, utilizing the misdirection and fakes to their fullest extent.

"We were running all over a team from Alaska," Hafey said. "The kids are picking everything up well. By the third day, they were really clicking, and it was cool to see."

The No. 2 quarterback position still is up in the air, and Hafey said he wants to see how dedicated the team will be.

Morning workouts have been scheduled for 5 a.m.

"It's a good time," Hafey said. "They can go back to bed after if they want. If they really want it, and want to be part of a winning program, they'll all be there.

If they fully commit, that could be the difference on if we go to the playoffs or not."


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