Gabriel Daigle: God bless America


— To the editor:

God bless America.

Yes, we want God to bless America, but we as Americans want God out of our schools, colleges, courtrooms, government and all public places. We as Americans think we don't need God except when we in America are in a disaster such as tornadoes, floods, fires, hurricanes and terrorist attacks.

Then, and only then, we as Americans fall to our knees and cry out, "oh my God, help us."

I believe there is something very wrong with the way we think and the way we as Americans want to keep God in a closet except when we are in a crisis and in desperate need.

If we as Americans want the blessing of our God, we must turn back to God in good times as well as in troubled times and put God first in our lives and in this great country of ours called America.

If we as Americans call upon the Lord God and humble ourselves and turn away from our stubborn ways, God will bless America and heal our land.

Yes, God bless America again.

Gabriel Daigle


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