Debbie Zimmerman: Sgt. Dusty Schulze is appreciated, missed


— To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a huge public thank you to Sgt. Dusty Schulze of the Craig Police Department for his 15 years of public service as a law enforcement officer. Sgt. Schulze recently made the difficult decision to retire from law enforcement to pursue other ventures, which in turn will allow him more time with his family. Although his family certainly is appreciative of his choice, Sgt. Schulze's professionalism, experience and dedication to his community will sorely be missed by many.

Sgt. Schulze has exhibited tremendous leadership during the course of his career, earning numerous letters of commendation from a variety of agencies, as well as the distinction of being nominated Officer of the Year for the Moffat County Sheriff's Department in 1996 and Officer of the Year for the Craig Police Department in 2003. Sgt. Schulze also was the Commander of the GRAMNET Drug Task Force for two years and, along with his team, secured a 100 percent conviction rate on felony drug distribution cases.

Law enforcement, by its very nature, often invites criticism, scrutiny and even contempt for the system in general from the public it serves. I commend Sgt. Schulze for maintaining such a high level of professionalism, and I appreciate his integrity, work ethic and deep sense of humor in the face of such adversity.

Heroes are among us, and oftentimes they wear a badge.

Dusty, you may have decided to turn your badge in, but you always will be a hero in my eyes and one of the best officers I've had the privilege of knowing. Enjoy your time with your family, and remember that those who know you, know you well.

Debbie Zimmerman


oldsage 8 years, 9 months ago

Yea, now that you are no longer an official member of the club you are one of them in the US vs. Them culture that is the "Enforcement" community! (If you can call it a community) It does not matter how many years you carried a badge you are now looked upon as the threat, you know, one of those "criminal civilians" as Rex used to say. Be careful out there, one objectionable statement from you now or one misinterpreted move and you will be Tazed. Even if you don't have any health issues (That you know about) and somehow in the course of being Tazed you don't survive don't worry, it will be some other natural cause of death that kills you not the guy with the Tazer. (The corporation that makes those wonderful devices will sue anyone who says that the cool little gizmo caused your death including your family.) It won't happen over night but eventually you will realize you have become one of the great unwashed masses.

And with that said, welcome Dusty, you are now one of us!


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