Casey Eddy: Meth problem reducing in Craig


— To the Editor:

This is referring to the question in the Craig Daily Press, "What is the opinion of the meth problem in Craig?"

My opinion about the meth problem is that the problem is reducing. I used to be a large part of the meth problem in Craig.

It used to be that late at night after the bars closed there was all sorts of different people still out wandering the streets of Craig. The majority of them were high on meth or looking to get high on meth.

Now, you can sit outside at night, listening to the noise. Watching the traffic.

A lot has slowed way down. There is not as much noise or people out and about searching for the drugs.

I am an addict recovering from not only meth, but many other drugs, as well. My opinion is that Ken Johnson - amongst the rest of ACET and the community - is definitely doing a great job at stopping the flow of meth and AOD abuse.

As well as helping us addicts to get the help we need.

Casey Eddy

C/O Correctional Alternative Placement Services


redneckgirl 8 years, 9 months ago

good for you for finding your way back and having the courage to speak publicly about it.


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