Potential income from DOLA


Funding priorities

Committee members met Tuesday to determine the priorities for Department of Local Affairs funding:

First tier:

The Memorial Hospital's Emergency Medical Services - New ambulance and new hydraulic lifting medical cots

Craig Fire/Rescue - New self-contained breathing apparatuses

Second tier:

City of Craig - Road and Bridge Department Equipment Replacement

Moffat County School District - Renovate auditorium and gymnasium located at the Craig Middle School

Colorado Northwestern Community College - Career technical training center

Moffat County - Road and Bridge Department Equipment replacement

— The Memorial Hospital's emergency medical services received priority at Tuesday's committee meeting to discuss funding requests for the Department of Local Affairs. DOLA is a state-funded program that provides grants for local governments and outlaying organizations within the respective communities.

Among the applicants were Gene Bilodeau, representing Colorado Northwestern Community College, Moffat County commissioners Saed Tayyara and Tom Mathers, and Mark Rydberg, Moffat County School District financial director.

Rydberg and district facilities manager Mike Taylor brought up the school district's plans for renovating the auditorium and gymnasium located at the Craig Middle School, each of which are expected to cost about $400,000.

Another concern for the school district is replacing the roof of Ridgeview Elementary, although Rydberg said the issue could be brought to DOLA's attention within the next cycle of applications because the grant necessary for roof repair will be lower than the cost of building the new structures.

The school district's financial needs were considered a second tier issue, while the first tier includes EMS.

Tom Soos, EMS director, said the hospital department needs a new ambulance and three new hydraulic lifting medical cots, one of which will come complete with the ambulance.

"The ambulance will cost between $130,000 and $140,000," Soos said. "We're still getting the quotes on it."

Soos said the new ambulance is the top priority for EMS.

The lifting cots used by EMS need replaced, as well. Soos said buying hydraulic cots at $10,000 apiece will keep the EMS crews and patients safe.

"Manual cots alone are $7,000," he said. "They can only support so much weight, and we only have two workers on each crew. If they get injured on the job, the workman's compensation will be more than we can handle."

Craig Fire/Rescue, represented by Chief Bill Johnston and City Councilor Byron Willems, also is a first tier issue. The department needs $250,000 for replacement of their self-contained breathing apparatuses.

"I think we've all done as much as we can to leverage DOLA funds," Johnston said. "We want to keep from using taxpayer money as much as possible."


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