Our view: Merging departments


Craig Editorial Board

  • Bryce Jacobson, newspaper representative
  • Jennifer L. Grubbs, newspaper representative
  • Bridget Manley, newspaper representative
  • Allan Reishus, community representative
  • Chris Runyan, community representative
  • Ken Wergin, community representative

— When times are good, we as a community tend to not pay as much attention to potential government efficiencies.

At this time, the Parks and Recreation departments of the city of Craig and Moffat County operate separate from each other. This board thinks that there could be efficiencies in creating just one department.

Loudy-Simpson Park, although it is currently the county's property, sits adjacent to the city of Craig, the county seat of Moffat County.

The county has a group of employees, a set of shovels, a set of equipment and has a set of ongoing expenses to manage that property.

The city of Craig also has its group of employees, a set of shovels, a set of equipment and expenses, as well.

The board would like to encourage the Moffat County Commission to begin talks with the city about the possibilities of them managing and operating the Loudy-Simpson complex. It would not make much sense for the county to manage the city's parks and recreation department because the city's department is so much larger.

We can see benefits to the taxpayers in many ways, but namely savings.

One administrator.

One payables department affected by the many expenses needed to manage parks and recreation effectively.

One set of elected officials with a keener knowledge of the needs and desires of the community, who can coordinate activities all across the city.

Cut the bureaucracy, we say.

Now, we can see that the county's elected officials are going to possibly see this as turf war, and that is not our intent.

We want to encourage government efficiency.

As times appear to be getting tougher, we encourage you to make the right decision, start the conversation, look at the pros and the cons and move forward.


50cal 8 years, 9 months ago

no,no,no I do not want the city involved in anything that is county. what next we merge city and county governments and then the residents who live outside of the city have no voice just like denver compared to the rest of colorado? no thanks I like fewer taxes and living in the country. if the city wants a rec center they will probably push it through and the city will probably do it on a sales tax. I would like the option to opt out now thank you.


ejmm0659 8 years, 9 months ago

Not a bad idea... Let's take it a step further and instead of the City taking it on, let's form a separate Recreation District, that would be an entity unto itself.


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