Three Craig residents' views on meaning behind Fourth of July


— James Blevins is a longtime Craig resident whose birth came months after the official end of the Second World War.

"The gun barrels were hardly cooled when I was born," he said.

Bodie and Jordan Gray, 12 and 14, respectively, are siblings who recently moved to Craig.

This year, they are three out of 304 million people living in the U.S. this Fourth of July, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

All three have their opinions on what the Fourth of July means to them.

Blevins' perception of the country was partially shaped by repercussion of a conflict that ended before his life began.

"Several of my classmates did not have fathers because they were killed in the war," he said.

"That had a big impact," Blevins said. "Some of them were growing up without their fathers because (their fathers) died trying to defend this country."

Tears came to his eyes as he spoke.

Independence Day evokes strong emotions for Blevins, and not all of them are positive ones.

"Mostly, I get very angry because of how different the U.S. is from what it should be," he said.

Blevins said he disagrees with the opinion that the Iraq war was a liberating operation.

"We didn't liberate Iraq," he said. "We subjugated it to our own occupation."

Blevins said that as a child, he used to observe the holiday with his family, through picnics and watching fireworks displays.

However, he doesn't plan to continue that childhood tradition this year.

"I'm not much into the holidays at all," he said.

Blevins doesn't plan to use the holiday as a reason for taking a respite today.

"I'll probably stay open," he said. "I don't know if I'll have any customers, but I'll probably stay open."

Bodie and Jordan, however, have a different perception of the holiday.

Their family has followed their father as he's traveled across the country, taking jobs as a construction worker, they said.

The duo, who have lived in Craig a total of six days, said they've celebrated past Independence Days in five states - South Carolina, Vermont, Texas, Utah and New Mexico.

Colorado makes number six.

When asked what the Fourth of July means to him, Bodie paused.

"I don't know," he said. "Never thought about it."

His older sister came to his aid.

"I think Fourth of July is when we celebrate our independence from England," she said in a smooth Texas drawl - a throwback to their last state of residence.

"Fourth of July is when you can celebrate being" an American, she said.

The title of being an American isn't limited to one type of person, Jordan said.

"Lots of people have come over here from different countries," she said. "And, (being) American is not just because you're born and raised in this place."

Jordan said the Iraq war hasn't dampened the pride she has in her country.

"I'm proud that America would step up for everybody," she said. "I really don't know what's going on in the war, but I know everybody wants their troops home."


50cal 7 years, 10 months ago

I must have missed the part about someone having reletives over there


oldsage 7 years, 11 months ago

Well now, we have a free thinker and a Great American who sees things exactly as they are and what is being done in the middle east. I love all this country stands for, or should I say what it used to stand for just like Mr. James Blevins. You Sir, Mr. Blevins, are that Great American of whom I speak! Have a great Day!


50cal 7 years, 11 months ago

oldsage, I would ask you to listen to me for a moment.

In 1791 after america was her own country she started paying tribute to the barbary states so the barbary pirates would allow her passage for trade in the region. In 1801 Thomas Jefferson was our president and the barbary states once again were asking for tribute. We had already paid two million over ten years for the right to do shipping in the region. the president wanted to go to war after our ships were stopped, our merchantmen and sailors held for ransom or killed. The congress was against him and wanted to continue pay the pirates off. In 1801 the tripoli states declared war on U.S. shipping. The U.S. blockaded the port of Tripoli and were at war with them this did not amount to much except we gained standing in the world and got a line for one of the most inspiring songs ever written. Thomas Jefferson was the first president to declare that we would not fall pray to "muslim extremists" his words not mine. I wish we were not in a war with them now but we are. When the First Marine Division went into Iraq this last time at the start of the war they ran into terrorist training camps. That was in the first days of the war not months or years after. So there were terrorists in Iraq when we went in. In the almost eight years since 9/11 the United States has not been hit once nor any of our outside interests for that matter. Before 9/11 I can easily count seven terrorist attacks on our country or interests. We have appeased the muslim extremists long enough. I think George Bush has not held the faith with the american people like he should have but that does not diminish the fact that we are doing what needs to be done.


oldsage 7 years, 10 months ago

Nice that you are aware of the history of the "Pirates of the Mediterranean" and how they were attacking American Shipping on the high seas and holding American crews hostage more than 200 years ago. However, I don't recall anything in the news about Saddam Hussein or Iraqis attacking any American Ships or holding Americans hostage.

Now I do remember the facts that the middle east was carved up by drawing lines on the map by the Brits, and that when they drew those lines they did so with the specific intent to keep factions within those lines in conflict with each other so that those countries would always be easy to manipulate, and that prior to the Gulf war Saddam asked the representative of the United States in Iraq (April Gillespie) if it was alright with the interests of the United States if Iraq were to re acquire the territory now known as Kuwait. And guess what? The United States representative gave him the green light to do what he asked instigating the entire conflict of the Gulf War. (Check it out it's all true)

Now, I don't recall that there were any "Pirates of Iraq" attacking American Ships or anybody else's ships on the high seas or holding any American crews hostage and if I am incorrect maybe you could give me the dates and names of the ships and individuals who were held hostage. So then, did the United States attack Iraq because the people who live there are Muslim and maybe radical or because the people there hate and don't trust the United States? Or was it really for oil company profits?

The United States is spending 12 Billion Dollars per Day in Iraq, who the hell is getting all that money? It sure as hell ain't the troops! I've got relatives who have served there and in Afghanistan.


taxslave 7 years, 10 months ago

It costs approximately 1/2 million dollars a day to feed the crew of an aircraft carrier three meals a day.

I read the men in Afghanistan were only receiving one MRE, military meal, a day.

I think most of that money is changing hands between leaders. The rescue in south america, big ransom paid.......mcinsane was there that day.

Has anyone noticed there has been no trace of cheney since friday the 13th. The day Russert died.


50cal 7 years, 10 months ago

I can't deny what the brits did. I won't even try. The facts of their empire building are there for everyone to see if they chose. I don't believe many countries turned out for the better after england got done with them. That being said I was not trying to draw a line with pirates then to now. I was trying to show that vertally since the founding of our country we have had to deal with muslim extremists. Clinton Appeased them all through the 90s carter and reagan during their admins. before that. I say thats after 9/11 we have appeased them enough. I couldn't give a crap about saddam and Iraq. What I do care about is the fact that when we invaded Iraq there was a vacuum and a bunch of terrorists flooded into the region and the fight was on now we have killed a bunch of them and they have killed alot of our good men. But they have not attacted the U.S. or intrestes have they? There is massive amounts of corruption over there we all know that most crap hole countries run on corruption. If this was all about oil its sure helped hasn't it? Or is george bush waiting for Barack Obamanation to become president before opening the pipelines. Tax, have you ever carried an Alice pack loaded down with your food water feild kit and ammo? compromises must be made in the amount of weight you carry. I would have rather had extra water and ammo when I packed my happy butt around over in the land of fun and sun.


oldsage 7 years, 10 months ago

England had an empire and now the United States has one. We have all seen the results of the local control by certain interests of stories in the local Moffat County print media and here on the forum. I mentioned it in another thread today how the forum was suspended until after the election two elections ago because the favorite candidate of the press had been exposed for previous misconduct and then a family member confirmed the misdeeds.

What happens at the national level is the same and we have to dig for the truth later because it is covered up. for example NBC is owned by GE, Ge makes lots of cool gadgets like aircraft engines that are used when the US goes to war. Do you think NBC would cover any story that would hurt sales of engines or other toys that the military uses. Not a chance. And there are interlocking boards of directors on all the corporate boards of these corporations so when it is time to approve a compensation package for the executives of corporation A, it is approved so that the president of that corporation who is on the board of corp B will approve the package for the guy who approved his raise in pay on his board of directors. And you wondered why the president of a company gets 35 million dollars a year while the people who actually produce the product sold by the company only get 50 thousand dollars a year. There is nothing that pres. does except sit on the boards of other companies that have executives who sit on his board. That's it! And they are making a killing in the business of killing. I hope you don't think that is in America's interest. Because all it does is make people everywhere hate Americans and want to kill people like you and me..

It is not that I don't know what needs to be done to a group of people who have decided that I need to convert to their religion or they will kill me.

But before we go any further on the subject go to U-TUB and find all the information about WTC-7 you can. Watch the videos of that building that was not hit by an airplane falling. See the video of the BBC reporter announcing that the building has collapsed 30 minutes before it was imploded. Watch her report as it still stands behind her. There is all kinds of disinformation out there about who knew what when and how it all happened. Check it out, it is hard to believe but the unspeakable happened, but it did and there is no other conclusion that can be made. It is simply impossible for her to report it had collapsed prior unless it was planned!


grannyrett 7 years, 10 months ago

I will never, ever believe that this government had anything to do with 9/11 or that it knew before hand that it was going to happen. This is a BBC reporter. Not an American who is familiar with New York.


50cal 7 years, 10 months ago

don't believe every thing you see on u-tube I had a brother in law there when 9/11 happened he was less than ablock away. i think i will listen to him before a reporter with the bbc who if you have watched hates america. i know what was demolished by the us so they didn't have to worry about it collapsing while they were working under it. ge also pushes for the greenies so they hate oil, explain that.


taxslave 7 years, 10 months ago


Anyone who doesn't realize 911 was an inside job took the blue pill.


wildlifelover 7 years, 10 months ago

taxslave - I USUALLY agree with you but this time I have to think you are out of your mind. I do not for one second think that 9/11 was an inside job. NO WAY!


oldsage 7 years, 10 months ago

First of all I was of the mind set that no one could be so psychotic to do the inside job. The fact of the matter is that I like you granny told people who kept telling me it was an inside job that they were full of it. Then I looked at the evidence, the selling short of stock of American Airlines and United Airlines securities five times the normal level on September 10th 2001, the clear implosion of the WTC-7 building, with the use of explosives which can be clearly heard on the video tapes. The fact that the tower had serious maintenance issues requiring the facade to be replaced on each at a cost of billions of dollars.

Granny, it is not the government, it is specific individuals inside the government who get their orders from corporate interests. Most Government employees are good conscientious individuals who would never think of hurting anyone. The others are Psychopaths, a condition I only previously associated with nutcase criminals like Ted Bundy. He was an unsuccessful psychopath! How could Bill Clinton lie, lie, lie? The same way GWB does it, that's how!

People knew, stock traders knew, individuals in government knew, and at the highest levels and did nothing to stop it. And so far they got away with it! SO FAR, but not forever.


oldsage 7 years, 10 months ago

This is an example of the draconian laws and regulations that the rulers or should I say the Decider can now impose on you.

Article from World Net Daily states,

"An official with the Department of Homeland Security says the U.S. should consider having airline passengers wear electronic bracelets that could track their movements, hold personal information and be triggered like a Taser to stun them into immobility.

Paul S. Ruwaldt of the DHS Science and Technology Directorate wrote the inventor of "the immobilizing security bracelet," a Canadian company, saying he looked forward to receiving a written proposal..."

Nice to be tracked everywhere you go and tazered if they don't like the places or stores you visit. Paul S. Ruwaldt and his bosses are a clear and present danger to your freedom. And what government does he work for? Check out the article at!


50cal 7 years, 10 months ago

oldsage, this is one that we will just have to disagree on I know buildings were imploded. WTC. 5 was imploded to prevent colapse misconception about 7. But that being said this government has made the largest grab of power and stole the freedoms of americans using 9/11 as an excuse and done nothing to actually secure the country. Thats why I don't agree with the way this has been handled. I know what your saying about the forces working to enslave the american people are true but 9/11 was an excuse not a plot.


mississippisaint 7 years, 10 months ago

Wow, seems people with relatives whom have fought over "there" ahem are suddenly experts, no offense intended, but you cannot rely on the news for true information, you need to see the people who have to live the war on a day to day baises, you need to hear from them, you fail to realize how bad saddam was and how bad the people need us. Iraq was sadly underestimated as a post-war situation. On the WTC, this American Country and government was able to raise an army to invade itself and put its cities to the torch, so theres not much that they could do to suprise me, but 9/11 was not a spawn of our governments planning.


50cal 7 years, 10 months ago

ok i see it , miss your right on with your post.


mississippisaint 7 years, 10 months ago

thank you 50, i kinda typed a bit fast and sent it more out of emotion, and kinda felt like it was maybe too harsh, or irrational. but thank you for understanding


50cal 7 years, 10 months ago

well i have been over there, didn't think it was relivent to the dicussion though. had a nephew over there as well. i can find places on the net that claim elvis, curt cobain and papa smurf are living on a island off burma if i want but i prefer to filter through the news and make up my own mind. someone who tells me that they have relitives over there is like some when they find out i'm a veteran saying:oh i was going to join once. woop t sh!t. I had a fresh recruit once apon a time who I was giving some extra training to and we started talking about what to do in a war situation (samalia was just starting to heat up) he told me that he wouldn't fight in a war he had only come in for the collage fund. so I know that there are people who go both ways on the subject of wars, even in the military.


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