Patrick Wayne Germond: On the Oil and Gas Commission


I would like to take a moment and explain the injustice of the Oil and Gas Commission takeover of Northwest Colorado. The Commission wants to use environmentalism as a battle cry to subjugate our community and economy. If the environmentalists cared about the sage grouse, they would loosen restrictive rules on predator control in the area.

Environmentalists repeatedly say oil companies can adapt. Oil companies shutting down for three months out of the year is called "unemployment," not adapting. Al Gore forbids we should try to change our environment.

When a derrick man climbs his tower, it's an open ladder. He snaps into a winch line that pulls him up as he concentrates on keeping contact after contact with steps on the ladder. Once in his perch, he straps a small safety line to his waist very carefully. Next, this Dragon fighter leans out into an open space looking down at the spot he will land if he makes a mistake. Like the song "The Roughest Neck Around" says, "He's got a real long reach in the derrick when he leans." A derrick man makes a difference in his life and all of ours by grasping true courage and embracing hardship. It reminds me of a scene I once saw in my youth, as I looked up, morning tower broke over the derrick and the man in it, just then an Eagle soared by and tipped its wings and as it circled past, it screamed at the derrick man as if acknowledging an equal.

This is the life of real men. Heros, actually doing the work to save our economy and country. They leave their families for weeks at a time and work in weather that normal people would not brave. Not the kind of cowards in Denver's Capitol building who ride in safe elevators to the offices above.

Politicians and appointees who look out over the landscape of people and buildings seeking to rule over others. The power hungry who wouldn't survive if it wasn't for their power of manipulation. Now they seek to grasp western Colorado. These people hold no honor or earned pride that comes from providing for a family from hard work. These are the kind of people who own a dog instead of raising children. We need to tell them no more restrictions and regulations on our community; we are busy trying to feed our families and save this country.

Call these numbers when you fuel up, and pass them along. Gov. Ritter 303-866-2471, State House of Representatives 303-866-3055. This is working. People have been calling in.

Patrick Wayne Germond


cantstandtexans 8 years, 8 months ago

Most of the oil/gas exploration companies here in Colorado need regulations! The very reasons there are new regulations being pressed on gas/oil drilling, is because of the mis-conduct involving drilling operations!! What Mr. Germond! A person works on a rig, howbeit you get paid for this work by the way, so just leave us the hell alone without regulatory oversight or interference"??!! That is how you come across Mr. Germond!! There are other factors involved here besides the environment. And the entire world isn't open for the purpose total perforation of the earth...INCLUDING CERTAIN AREAS OF WESTERN COLORADO!! With all the attention lately on the subject of off shore drilling, brought on by John McBush and the puppet masters that control Bush's brain and mouth, Mr. Germond must not be aware of breakthroughs in the auto manufacturing business. Examples. V.W. has developed a diesel powered car/hybrid that has already been proven to get a verified fuel consumption of over 235 miles per gallon! 235 MILES PER GALLON!!'s a two seater vehicle, but uh...235 MPG!!! This means that if you wanted to go to Denver and back home, at "CURRENT" gasoline costs, it would cost you about $15 in gas for this trip. G.M. is getting much closer to start mass production of its "Volt" vehicle. Production is targeted for the 2010 model year. 12 gallon tank of gas will get you 640 miles. Or around 54 MPG. But GM is stating actual gas milage will probably be in the triple digit figures on MPG!!! TRIPLE DIGIT!!! But that's if you drive on a long trip. If like most people you drive less than 28 miles per day, this car will simply plug in. A good figure to go by on the costs of charging this vehilce per wear? $300. Imagaine if all you did was go to work, back home, run to the store, back home, take kids to sholl, back home and never went on a extended trip, it would cost you $300 per year...or less than a dollar a day to run this car. Price tag on the Volt? Probably in the mid to upper $20,000!!! Thatnks much in part to G.M.'s infamous EV1 Car that looking back on, G.M. admits to have made a terrible mistake on killing this car off. But there again, they also admit that if it had not been for the EV1... the Volt would not have been possible so soon. All this being said, regulations are being stiffened because it's a progression towards a cleaner and safer environment. Just as GM's EV1 has brought America and the world a short step towards telling the Big Oil companies and OPEC to shove will new regulations be viewed a few years from now as having been a sound step forward. Mr. Germond, no one is trying to screw over the gas/oil exploration companies. But it's our world as well. Gas/oil company workers do in fact work hard, No one is going to deny they don't. There are "thousands" of acres of federal land gas/oil companies have leased on the western slope. If an area is to be left idle for 3 months, there is other areas open!


grannyrett 8 years, 8 months ago

cantstand--The mileage is all wonderful, but how many of us will be able to afford these cars? We will be dependent on oil for at least the next 30 years. At Least! Some of us just can't run out and buy a new hybrid.


cantstandtexans 8 years, 8 months ago

Yeah...I know. But on the other hand...the current vehicles we now own will wear out. I'm gonna guess that these new vehicles being developed for production...hopefully within 2 years...will be like compact florescent light bulbs. We canned "all" of the incandescent bulbs in our house about a year ago. Looking at the current electric bill and comparing bills from the same period last year...we're saving about 40% on our power consumption. And yes...we are spending less on electrical power than a year ago. Point is...the new vehicles may cost a little more than conventional cars...but even if gas stays at $4.40+ per gallon and doesn't increase anymore(Fat chance of that happening!!)...let's say you get 20MPG and you drive 60 miles a day. $15 per day X 5 = $75 per week X 52 = $3,900 per year and that's if you drive 15,600 miles a year! I can double that figure for myself so I'd spend $7,800+ dollars a year just for gas!! Ridiculous!!! Using this GM'd spent for gas and electric about $1,700 per year or about 22% of what gas would cost. That...makes a car payment and after the car is paid least we can go somewheres besides to and work and back home! 30 more years of current consumption of crude oil? As of right now...this country doesn't have 30 more years to wait for viable alternatives. The point to my comment was that Mr. Germond seems to believe that government is out to destroy gas &oil. That is a mind with too much imagination and fantasy!! Most people want the environment to be protected. GM's new vehicles and others will help to restore a sense of order back in our lifes.


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