City officials originally planned to turn the parking lot south of the Lincoln Street and Victory Way intersection into a city park last year. Parks and Recreation Department staff expect to complete the project this fall.

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City officials originally planned to turn the parking lot south of the Lincoln Street and Victory Way intersection into a city park last year. Parks and Recreation Department staff expect to complete the project this fall.

Lincoln Street park slated for fall completion


— With Craig's condensed building season, any construction projects have a finite window to get done.

The beautification park project on Lincoln Street south of Victory Way is one example of construction on hold.

Originally, Craig Parks and Recreation Department officials planned to have the park built before winter last year.

Unfortunately, said Dave Pike, Parks and Recreation director, city crews couldn't install water lines until November, and by then snow was on the ground and crews wouldn't have been able to lay sod before heavier snows came.

The park will be a boon for Craig when it's built, Pike said.

"That's one of the main entrances to town and has always been an eyesore for years and years," he said. "It's been a weed patch and had junk cars on it for years and years."

Craig resident Emilyn Young gave the .63-acre lot to the city in 1986 with the intention it be used for Parks and Recreation services.

Craig City Councilor Joe Herod said he considers the project a top priority for Pike's department, as well as a hike and bike trail from Sunset Elementary to the Ridgeview subdivision on the west side of town.

"My priorities right now are we need to finish our walking trail and that park right now, that's first," he said. "My thing is I'm getting flak from the citizens about why the walking trail hasn't been done and the park, either."

Herod added he doesn't understand why the Council approved $20,000 to hire consultants for a proposed recreation center campaign when the park and trail are not finished.

"The rec center, to me right now, isn't a priority," he said.

Parks and Recreation staff are intent on finishing the park this year but have other priorities for the summer, Pike said.

"We ordered all the irrigation, but we've had other projects take priority over those," he said. "Consequently, we are not going to tackle that project until after Centennial stuff is done."

A mix of high-profile Craig Centennial Celebration projects, the annual Whittle the Wood Rendezvous and city sports leagues have taken hold of the summer, Pike said.

Mayor Don Jones said that's as it should be.

"All our major crowd-pleasers are going to take precedence over the park," Jones said. "We need to make sure those are done right for everyone who comes out, and then we'll get the park completed right in line.

"Good things take time."

Pike said he plans to have department personnel start on the park later this month. Crews will put in sidewalks, with a walking path through the park, sod grass and move some woodcarvings there from City Park.

Parks and Recreation has fewer programs in the fall compared to the summer, and the department should have the project completed before winter since utilities are not a problem.

The hike and bike trail should be completed this year, as well, Jones said. Crews have a stretch about two city blocks long behind the Golden Arms Apartments that needs to be laid before the trail is completely done.

The city had to install and cover a storm drain pipe before laying the trail on top.

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redneckgirl 8 years, 10 months ago

I'm glad one of the city council members admits to not understanding it. I agree with them that this is an eyesore for people coming into town but what about the eyesores for the people that LIVE in this town. Are we not as important as visitors, after all I think year after year we spend more money in this town than one family of 5 passing through would? The eyesore I'm talking about it Sherwood Forrest, over by the city park. Kenny Burch wrote a letter a while back about that and what a trash hole it is. I noticed the fire department was in there last night. What about fixing that up?


redneckgirl 8 years, 10 months ago

The city of Craig owns it, it's supposedly part of the city park. ....yeah, ridiculous huh!


Marvin 8 years, 10 months ago

This park is a terrific idea and will finally 'class up' craig a bit. We will still pale in comparison to steamboats beautiful down town and well maintained side walks. But this IS and SHOULD be a main priority to the City Council, and should NOT take a back burner to New proposals. I also would like to be able to walk down the city side walks without tripping over cracked curbs and missing sidewalks which are quite intimidating to wheel chair bound citizens. Fixing those can also be affordable, in bigger cities they used enviromentally repurposed ruber sidewalks that are much easier on people's knees and greatly reduce the cost of sidewalk renovation. Someone should research that and propose it to the council.


grannyrett 8 years, 10 months ago

If Joe doesn't understand it, maybe he needs to ask Dave Pike. I'm with you on Sherwood . Has been an eyesore for at least 50 years. About time to do something with it. Who owns it anyway? Does any body know?


grannyrett 8 years, 10 months ago

Teens in town need recreation? Send them to Sherwood and tell them to clean it up. Make walking trails, bike trails and build benches to rest on.


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