Senior Spotlight for July 1


July brings to mind watermelon juice all over my chin. When I was a child, I would get a piece of watermelon - regardless of size or shape - and bite into the center. Ah, wonderful delight. It is still my favorite to eat. Although I'm more manner trained, once in a while I go for it.

Another thing to do was to see who could make the seeds go farthest. Get 'em just right in your mouth and let 'em fly. If I did that now, I'd probably lose my teeth along with the seeds.

But, I still can have birthdays. Happy birthday to Marion Kagie, Lisa Dimick, Ruby Gaskill, Frances Chisholm.

Get well/speedy recovery: No names this week. (You all get well. I wish you all the best.)

No potluck on Friday at Sunset Meadows 1 because of the Fourth of July holiday.

No meal and no bus service July 4 at Sunset Meadows 1.

Enjoy the fireworks, and have a happy watermelon Fourth of July.

- Mary Jo Brown


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