John Thompson: Children at bus stop easy target for predator


Letter to the Editor,

To my astonishment, I witnessed a cow elk being pursued by a large black wolf on my property, three miles north of Craig.

This is nature's way.

It occurred to me, we protect our young animals on the farm from predators and the weather. The same care should be taken when we send our children out to the school bus stop in the early morning.

Be aware and observe that these children are safe. They are easy targets for a large predator in a harsh winter weather environment.

Thank you for your extra precautions.

John Thompson


rhammel 9 years, 2 months ago

This is one of the myths about wolves. They don't attack cheldren. There has been only one death, ever, attributed to a wolf. It was in Saskatuan(sp) Canada about 3 years ago. And there is skeptics about that one. Some think it was a black bear. Consider all of the children waiting for school buses in wolf country and not one of them bothered. Now if there were a dog present, that would be a reason for concern; for the dog. The children would probably be ok.

For verification, go to:


jdsd00 9 years, 2 months ago

Don't kid yourself any large predator will attack anything if it is hungry enough. While I agree it is nowhere near common, it is possible.


jdsd00 9 years, 2 months ago

Rick here an example that is real close to home. The link at the bottom is the rest of the story, but this one is interesting due to the location. By the way your link is an e-mail address.

George Bird Grinnell investigated several reported wolf attacks on humans. He dismissed many reports for lack of evidence. Grinnell did verify one attack.

This occurrence was in northwestern Colorado. An eighteen-year-old girl went out at dusk to bring in some milk cows. She saw a gray wolf on a hill as she went out for the cows. She shouted at the wolf to scare it away and it did not move. She then threw a stone at it to frighten it away. The animal snarled at her shouting and attacked her when she threw the stone at it. The wolf grabbed the girl by the shoulder, threw her to the ground and bit her severely on the arms and legs. She screamed and her brother, who was nearby and armed with a gun, responded to the scene of the attack and killed the wolf. The wolf was a healthy young animal, barely full grown. Grinnell met this girl and examined her. She carried several scars from the attack. This attack occurred in summer about 1881. (Grinnell, G.B.; Trail and Campfire - Wolves and Wolf Nature, New York, 1897)


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