An illustration of Craig's planned Sonic Drive-In Restaurant. Final plans will differ slightly, said Dave Costa, Craig community development director.

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An illustration of Craig's planned Sonic Drive-In Restaurant. Final plans will differ slightly, said Dave Costa, Craig community development director.

Thumbs up to Sonic

Zoning Commission recommends plans for restaurant, Candlewood Suites


— The Craig Planning and Zoning Commission voted Monday to recommend the Craig City Council approve site plans for two projects, which Chairman Jim Meineke said were good for the city.

The Commission unanimously voted in favor of plans for a Sonic Drive-In restaurant on a lot in front of the Wal-Mart SuperCenter, and plans for a Candlewood Suites Motel just east of First Street and Colorado Highway 13.

Meineke cited the increases in sales tax revenue from these two businesses as an example of progressive growth for the city.

Community Development Director Dave Costa told the Zoning Commission as much during its work session before the official meeting. There seemed to be no reasons for denial, he said.

"These are going to be good-looking buildings," Costa said. "Both of them have exceeded all of our requirements."

Mayor Don Jones had the only remaining concern about Sonic.

Although the city requires parking spaces to be 9 1/2 feet wide, that might not be big enough, he said.

"Everyone in Craig drives Dooley trucks," Jones said. "Is that going to give people enough room to park side-by-side?"

Probably not in cases where two wide trucks have their side mirrors all the way out, Costa answered.

"But until we increase our width requirements for parking spaces, there's not much we can do," he said.

The Sonic site plans call for 24 carhop stations, a drive-thru line and a patio with picnic tables.

There will not be any inside seating.

Zoning Commission members Randy Kloos and Chris Nichols excused themselves from participating in the discussion surrounding Sonic.

Kloos owns the land parcels surrounding Wal-Mart, where Sonic will be built, and Nichols owns the McDonald's franchise in Craig. Although both said they would have voted to approve the project based on its merits, they did not want to proceed when the possibility of a conflict existed.

Candlewood Suites will be tailored for extended-stay guests. Each room includes a kitchen, and there will be a Laundromat on the property.

The council will review both projects at its meeting Feb. 12. If the council approves them, developers can pay for building permits at any time, Costa said.

Both projects most likely will begin construction this spring, after harsh winter weather conditions have passed, Zoning Commission members and project representatives said.

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redneckgirl 9 years, 3 months ago

Not all of us drive big "dually trucks" --which by the way was spelled incorrectly by the Daily Press. I do have a big truck (not a dually) and I have had it in a sonic before with no problems. It's a tight squeeze but I pull my passenger side in as close as I can so that I can get out and order that way. The rear end of the truck is not where the tight fit is at-it's the front where the ordering boards are at. There's always the center ordering area and a drive up window as well. At least at all the sonic's I have been too there are. Dually's can't fit in most drive-up's around here anyhow and the owners of them never gripe about having to get out and go inside to order; even if it is "to go". I think I see more cars, SUV's and regular pick-up trucks around here than dually's. I'm all for a sonic!!


bigrred1576 9 years, 3 months ago

Sonic will be okay, if we needed another burger joint. As the poll last week shows, We need another Good family resturant, or maybe a Steak place. Craig did NOT need anothe Mexican food place, at least one resturant ago, maybe two.


whoareyou 9 years, 3 months ago

Kinda new to Craig, Do know this. Backwoods Diner one refill of coffee in 45 minutes , 10 minutes after asked for. Pizza Hut...HA...HA..HA.. lucky if they have advertised specials or otherwise. Had driver from Ocean Pearl walk in my house..... Mather's is cool. depending who takes order and who's cooking. AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, Craig needs a good drive-up , park , order, eat................... Bring in a good ol' classic diner.........Too bad not A&W....???<<<...<<^^%%4

I have eaten everywhere in town, if your name not there then...Then so sorry.....

J.W. Snacks kicks it, O.P.s as well......Mather's once in a while....

Bring in Sonic along with a nice sitdown family place,


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